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  1. Hi again. I'm sort of back in the mix after a forced Hiatus. My old computer died a horrible death, and I got a new one which is more than able to handle KSP (Thank God!) So, useless lead-up aside, I had a question for both Raptor and anyone else. Has anyone tried their hands at a Canidarm (1 or 2) model with the new robotics?
  2. @Raptor9, I myself am looking at some designs, but I do feel that the new parts and designs lend themselves towards a proton clone or cousin, espeically with the 5m shell, though you would have to play with the engine count. As for rocket names, I've always found natural event names appropiate. "Thunderhead", "Tidal blast", "Sizemic event".. Just a thought.
  3. @Raptor9, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for publishing and maintaining your catalogue. I'm a 4-year KSP player, and unapologetic addict to the game. While I have built more rockets than I care to count, I have to admit, it's nice to have access to a set of thoroughly tested, well document lift platforms lift platforms that let me concentrate on my own orbital designs. Your Thunder and Titan line of rockets are current the backbone of my building projects, including an assemble-in-orbit, reusable, ship for Mun, Minmus, and asteroid exploration. With any luck, I'll be able to expand on my design and go the big hop out of Duna. But I digress. Your work here, and your willingness to share it with the larger world is most welcome, and I look forward to following future developments with your ambitious designs. Cisco Cividanes