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  1. Still there to answer in the nick of time JadeOfMaar. Much appreciated you still give days time or work to this 5 stars mod. I'm being serious, Do you have a patreon or something I could support. ? I'm gonna try your recommendations right away and tell CKAN I'm the boss!
  2. I was wondering if there are plans to make OPT available for KSP version
  3. First thank you for this awesome mod. I have made some crazy creations in combination with bda armory. ! I was wondering if there was a problem with the Lynx Truck Cockpit. It does not seem to support remote control. I have added a relay antenna and another remote guidance unit to it and it won't get remote control ....?
  4. Thanks for the quick reply JadeOfMaar, Another question, I'm not implying it is opt's fault because I have a few mods installed but has it happened to some of you that when you click launch from the hangar the vessel spawn 1000m in the air and not on the tarmac ?
  5. https://ibb.co/f9hODT https://ibb.co/k0b5So https://ibb.co/dyJKno It's a fast atmosphere skipping scientific research plane. Very heavy but handles well.
  6. I should have add that the heating happens before I can reach speed over 300m/s or high altitude.
  7. Am I the only one who experience overheating of the nebula atmospheric engine after only 2-3 minutes of full throttle flight ? I have tried coupling them with a precooler or use radiators but they always end up blowing because of the heat. It might be a conflict with another mod though I only use 6-7 mods and non should interfere with physics like friction or heat.
  8. Well that is a quick answer and even though you are not the owner/creator of this mod I take your words for being true and helpful....Many thanks for helping me JadeOfMaar! My English is average I mainly speak French putain de merde. My point was even after trying all the mk2 parts I have in my library with KSP I could not find one that would fit perfectly the upright curve the OPT KH TAIL CARGO RAMP has on both side. There are still areas that stick out or some others that are overlapping the inside of the cargo bay. I could revert my design to the other similar cargo ramp module from OPT with fuel tanks on both side but but I was really interested in putting engine/propeller there. SO I guess I will download MK2 stock-alike Expansion unless I misunderstood something and these are parts already available in the vanilla game or with the OPT space plane mod.
  9. I really appreciate your parts. It is a great work and I was dreaming of building a cargo SSTO with that much space. A question. What pieces can I use to complete the OPT KH TAIL CARGO RAMP two MK2 emplacement on both side. I want to mount engine there but I can't find the pieces that would fit nicely on both sides mk2 anchor points. !
  10. Thank you both for your answers! Awesome community here. Update: I let the game run for a while as my satellite has only some RCS and a single ion engine. It was already in an eliptic orbit around Kerbin when I decided to try mechjeb2 fonctionalities. I set the altitude for geostationary orbit around Kerbin in the ascent guidance and I left uncheck the box " skip circularization" and.... After 30 minures or so it is perfectly geostationary and has a perfect round orbit. I don't write this to prove any of you wrong as I and have just built my first cargo ssto and there are so much things I do not know about space manoeuvres. I was focusing a lot on atmospheric plane in sandbox mode. I'll have to try the other fonctions of mechjeb and to put the 2 other satellites at equal distance. I'm on my phone right now. I'll post pic in this topic later maybe.
  11. Hi all. I was wondering two things about MechJeb 2. If you engage autopilot, let's say in orbit for your comm satellite to reach a certain altitude ( ascent guidance I think it is called ) does mechjeb continue to autopilot your craft once you switch to another one or if you go back to KSC ? And second, the circularization option in the ascent guidance...does it try to make your orbit circular ? Oh and maybe a third quick question. My comm sat now in orbit, commnet is pointing green lines at random sites on Kerbin that are not KSC or other antenna or relay I have placed. What sorcery is this ?
  12. OK" thank you very much. I did not know you had to insert the engine into a precooler, fuel tank or fuselage. It look nice. On a side note, I did not used symmetry because it produces this result: https://imgur.com/a/aMQol but if I place one without symmetry and aim its vectoring thrust downward, I then ALT-click it and place it back with symmetry I get the perfect result. The front engine were there to make it a VTOL with the help of Throttle Controlled Avionics 1.4.1 but even with most of it's fuel out and many more engine it is a design too heavy for that. Maybe with rocket engine. Many thanks for your time. I shall make a nice ( and lighter ) cargo vtol !
  13. @ linuxgurugamer Thanks there it is : http://www.filedropper.com/albatros