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  1. Good evening. I was messing with some VTOL concepts and would like to have some help with the OPT-E M.A.R.G.E. Engine. Such a nice design with the integrated rotating part. It says in the description it can work in vacuum too and requires EC and atmosphere. But sorry for my noobness but how can I bring atmosphere to space?
  2. Here's a link to my attempt at a Vtol Heavy gunship. WIP. Video
  3. @JadeOfMaar Yes well I'm getting old and never was very tech savvy. I must have forgotten to reinstall FAR during the whole resetup process of my KSP installation. But I knew I could count on you Jade and this fine community. Everything is back to normal and I can finally experiment with those sick 'inverted wing' and all the new parts available. I may post a picture of my fighter in the Gallery when completed. Many thanks for you help and for keeping this must have mod alive.
  4. Hi. Just came back to KSP after a break and I was wondering if there is still a known issue with wings/pylons/control surfaces not providing any lift ? I went through the comments and saw someone had issues in conjunction with FAR but I never installed FAR. All the updates are done (CKAN) I have all the dependencies...Well it was working A1 approx 2 months ago.
  5. Hi, this mod rocks. In conjunction with BD armory I can't stop making cool crafts that handle the way I imagined it not the way my skills allow without help. If I had a decent budget I would totally be a patreon of yours. Maybe after Covid if it ever ends. Keep up the good work mate.
  6. I have a simple question. Can you give me hints on how to configure the mole tracks in a 4 piece configuration. A pair in front and one in the back of an elongated tank. I get the forward thrust and reverse but turning is nearly impossible. I have tried many combination of config included the half-track one but still can barely turn. Thanks for your time.
  7. Thank you for your quick reply SpannerMonkey. Issue is resolved. I suspected a conflicting mod since boosters also were reporting no solid fuel in game so.. I don't know which one mod was faulty but just got a few updates done on ckan and everything is fine again. I only kept the top radar, the two others were for testing. Now I let the ship sits near KSP and I try to sink it with different planes. This mod is a lot of fun. ! Thank you
  8. Hey all. 1st of all what a great mod. Countless hours of fun I had with it. I recently stumbled upon a problem and did not find answer. The radars install on my battleship don't get EC. I have plenty and the parts should cross feed resources like EC. It saddens me as I wanted to test it's defense in defend mode. https://ibb.co/cgWSxSm https://ibb.co/Gcw9sbf
  9. Still there to answer in the nick of time JadeOfMaar. Much appreciated you still give days time or work to this 5 stars mod. I'm being serious, Do you have a patreon or something I could support. ? I'm gonna try your recommendations right away and tell CKAN I'm the boss!
  10. I was wondering if there are plans to make OPT available for KSP version
  11. First thank you for this awesome mod. I have made some crazy creations in combination with bda armory. ! I was wondering if there was a problem with the Lynx Truck Cockpit. It does not seem to support remote control. I have added a relay antenna and another remote guidance unit to it and it won't get remote control ....?
  12. Thanks for the quick reply JadeOfMaar, Another question, I'm not implying it is opt's fault because I have a few mods installed but has it happened to some of you that when you click launch from the hangar the vessel spawn 1000m in the air and not on the tarmac ?
  13. https://ibb.co/f9hODT https://ibb.co/k0b5So https://ibb.co/dyJKno It's a fast atmosphere skipping scientific research plane. Very heavy but handles well.
  14. I should have add that the heating happens before I can reach speed over 300m/s or high altitude.
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