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  1. Hello. Do you still have some work on Candaram 1 ? Could you lay out what you already have for using it with the shuttle ?
  2. Aww. I wanted to say that there is a special job that I have long wanted to do. Of course I'm not leaving here. I just doubt that I can do anything to help now because there is some work in which I can test myself and my skills. If you need my help, I'm always in touch.
  3. I don't think I need to do this anymore. I am sure that my help will not be required since @DylanSemrau has already done everything that could be done. I am glad that I will soon be able to fly this miracle. So I'll try to find a job for myself. I mean, I think I'll figure something out ...
  4. And Yes, if you are ahead of me, which is possible by 90 % (if of course everything is ready). Please note the comment in these videos. With respect !
  5. Aww. With the return. I love your mod so much that it has become an important addition for me. I'm so happy. Thank you for updating to 1.9.1
  6. Be careful with this. Now this branch is owned by Radar and the mod as a whole. In addition, I also plan to release some updates regarding RO soon.
  7. Hi, everybody. Thank you to the author for the work done, but unfortunately I have trouble. I hope it's a mistake on my part.
  8. For me, your craft file has earned. Thanks for the help.
  9. Hi. I have a problem. My Patriot Missile Launcher doesn't fire on a radar tip in guard mode. It just accompanies the target, but does not shoot. What might be the problem ?
  10. Hi. My program doesn't start. More precisely, it starts, but the program window itself does not appear. There is no antivirus installed on my computer. ----------------------------------------------------------------- End of alarm. After a while, the program started.
  11. The mod was made a long time ago. And Radar and I decided to restore it. In fact what you can download now is a fix for problems with boosters + now I've built in texture switching. Unfortunately, this can be done only until the firespitter. But in the future we will give it up.
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