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  1. Don't know if this is something that should have been very obvious to me. But I can say that this bug only showed up when having both Kerbalism AND "CommNet_Visualisation-1.0.2" mod installed at the same time. So they clearly didn't like eachother. After removing CommNet_Visualisation this mod works fine
  2. I copied over the Kerbalism folder and started up game. Loaded my newly started game earlier today. Clicked on launchpad and selected to launch a craft. Clicked on recover and once into overview all buildings seems to be lvl 3 and non-functional. KSP.log and output_log.txt EDIT: After making the log files the bug persisted after removing the Kerbalism folder, restarting the game and loading the save game. After making a new career again afterwards it worked fine. Then tried adding Kerbalism folder again to check and same problem.
  3. On installing this mod the entire KSC is upgraded to max level 3 on all buildings after returning to KSC overview. However I can't enter the buildings or says it's closed\disabled. After removing the installation of Kerbalism this bug disappears.
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