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  1. Batteries form Unoversal Storage II works fine in planner, but not in flight. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Same with solar panels form Near future solar.
  2. TAC LS is actually LS. Only. Kerbalism is something more, more complex and interesting. Read description in first post.
  3. SSPX part still fails to rotate and habitation enabled in undeployed state and disabled in deployed.
  4. Nvm, i see signal message switch again. oO Is there any way to disable all messages on all ships by default?
  5. Its not bug actually. HG antennas cant relay signal. Its intended behavior. But to establish a connection, both sides must have sufficient range, and so HG antenna in the moon's orbit can not establish a connection with the LG antenna in the LKO. Previously, this system worked well. But now, when we have these awesome ground stations - no longer. The range is sufficient only for KSC. I have made simple test - modified configs so all antennas become LG, in these case signal network works just fine.
  6. Hmm. How? I'm feeling like missing something important tbh. I see that high-gain antenna can only connect to ground stations IF both sides have sufficient range.
  7. It doesn't help, high-gain antenna cannot connect with high-gain antenna.
  8. Cannot understand how to use communications with 1.4 Kerbalism update. >.< High-gain antennas can connect only with KSC, and cannot relay signal. But all other ground stations have very low range. So, how i can relay signal form Mun then KSC is beyond the horizon?
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