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  1. Also a few bug reports: As soon as any scale/rotation/position modifier is used the offsets get locked out. So long as a modifier exists the associated offset gets locked out. using multiple modifiers set to multiply (or anything else) doesn't work properly, tested with scale on the instance, not the mesh: When using a scale modifier to modify the Z axis based on throttle it works, when adding another, seperate modifier that changes x and y axis with both set to multiply both modifiers show no effects when throttle is changed. the random controller doesn't appear to work properl
  2. https://imgur.com/a/QxB2N8A my current whiplash effect, I'm super happy with it. I want to distort a plume based on gimbal deflection, I know that parenting is possible and I already used it on my engines. Just needs a shader. I prototyped this years ago (a number of modders have over the years), it's not terribly difficult abd should be supported by this system quite well. I sadly don't know anything about how to code shaders so I'd need his help to get a heat distortion shader working with waterfall. Great thing to try to learn with!
  3. Also another idea, controllers for gimbal deflection would be nice. And the ability to make linear curves instead of the smoothed ones
  4. it would be awesome if you could provide us with a trail renderer that we can use as a seperate effect, I can already see some really useful applications. I'd love to help out with this project as I've been wanting realistic engine FX forever. I know how to write code for unity, but not how to integrate it with ksp (yet). I wanted to make a mod that adds a wingtip vortice generator as a part for ages now, but I lack the knowledge to do it. as for smoke, I really think that particles are not the way to go here as ksp just can't handle it, especially with laggy craft. Maybe a modifie
  5. Nice work! Are you talking about smoke? This method is not super well suited to that, I have some other ideas on how to accomplish it. yes, I'm speaking about smoke and various other trails like the vortices on wingtips... I'd be curious to hear what you have in mind for that. Though thinking about it... the current method may be suited for low pressure condensation above wings, aka this or propper mach effects like this
  6. https://imgur.com/a/yoCUgNH this is my favourite shot so far, I still need to fix a bunch of issues but it works!
  7. https://imgur.com/a/j4MQeE0 embeds aren't working but this is my afterburner so far, I'm pretty happy with it. Now this makes me think if it was possible to use the mesh method for trail particles as well since they are also notorious for getting ripped apart with laggy craft. It would probably be a fair bit of effort and require multiple meshes to form a trail but it would be super cool to have
  8. Repro steps would be nice, I didn't see any issues with this when I was working on things last night. Glad you're using the tools, at least. Feedback helps improvement. ok, create a new effect using the additive dynamic shader, then edit it's material by moving the slider for _ExpandLinear. Then try to enter a value into the field on the right to reset the slider. The slider will move, but it won't have an effect on the engine.
  9. This is my patch for the panther, but it doesn't appear to work. As in, it works and provides two different modules that can be used with the editor, but the throttle for both is linked to the non-afterburning throttle Regarding textures, for some reason it works now while it wasn't working earlier, or I just made a mistake earlier. Something I notice with all the fx though is that they look pretty bad when viewed from behind. They become static due to the way the simpleplume is set up (the waterfall_plane s become the only thing visible and they are not animated) and this gets far w
  10. disregard the textures not working with normal additive shader, however the UI completely breaks if the engine that is being edited gets destroyed, same error as in the above screenshot
  11. I also can't take a look at the poodle engine, I don't have restock and when I remove the dependency in the patch and load in the effect everything breaks once I try to click on the engine in the Editor
  12. Thanks for the response, I'm still struggling with some weird issues in the mod. Though my main problem currently is that textures don't seem to work with the non-dynamic shader and that I don't see a way to get a controller for throttle on an afterburning/mode switching engine. When using the normal throttle controller it just drops to zero when switching modes, no matter what moduleID is used. I also can't figure out how the meshes were shaped in the non-dynamic workflow as they are clearly a cone shape, but I was unable to recreate that from a premade plume.
  13. ok my MM issue from earlier still stands, but I've managed to bodge it together a little so I can at least try and create effects in KSP. However experimenting with the effects has shown a bunch of weird issues. For example when using the Additive dynamic shader premade plumes models only show up cut in half while a cylinder model works just fine. When using an additive shader the premade plume models work fine, but there are no controls for the shape of the cylinder mesh and textures/noise appear to be broken as well. Premade models also seem to be the only way to get the planes into the exth
  14. I'm trying to make a MM patch to generate effects for the panther engine, but that's making troubles as it is a engine that can switch between two modes. Could someone help me write a MM patch that allows me to make effects for both dry and wet mode of the engine?
  15. This is crazy! Will we also get integration for jet engines and their afterburners? This would be so damm cool, what an awesome mod!
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