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  1. Technically yes, but it is kinda on break as both servo and I are busy with irl stuff and taking a break from KSP. You're welcome to design a plane though, always cool to see more builders in KSP!
  2. Very cool update, it's definitely looking good. But I have a few concerns still - Will we be able to control the rotation docking ports via action groups? That would be very useful to have. - Why the black/yellow striped line on the SR docking port? It makes it so much less versatile to use the port and really doesn't fit the look combined with the more modern looking parts. It also makes the docking port look way smaller than it should. The shielded docking port has a similar issue with it's yellow line, though it's not as bad here. - How is it looking with bug fixes? Decouplers are still broken and let decoupled things simply freeze in place. Something that has broken many contraptions for me, or forced me to switch to the worse looking radial decouplers. - I also fear the ground attachment will lead to a lot of bugs and spazzing out when used. How will this be dealt with? I'd love to hear some replies on this, thanks!
  3. Correct. is there some way to prevent this? Or is there a way to mix multiple textures into one distortion shader?
  4. https://imgur.com/a/7T1W37k Is it possible that two distortion FX cannot be overlayed? In the video here the top effect adds rough distortion while the lower one adds very fine distortion. However, when I enable the very fine distortion the original rough distortion gets overriden and is no longer visible.
  5. yes, the bug appears to be fixed in the most recent version Is it currently possible to set up controllers that listen to ModuleAnimate... ? This would for example be useful for vtol engines or in my case for reverse thrust and engine heat.
  6. I think I found a bug too, when multiple lights are in the same module it is not possible to set different colors for both. Well technically you can, but if you edit the first color, then the second, and then go back to the first the color from the second is copied to the first and vice-versa.
  7. The editor is now visible again. And I fixed the engine Plume too, though the issue was different. Only the Module generated by Waterfall itself as an entire Module didn't work because the generated Module was missing the moduleID parameter. Edit: The Generated Module also appears to be missing the gimbalX/Y controllers I had set up. Some Modifiers are in the wrong order too. Edit2: The current version of Waterfall appears to generate the module correctly while the last version didn't
  8. I'm stuck with a bit of an issue. I just installed the new version of waterfall after having done some edits to my patches and now the afterburning part of my panther effect refuses to work. Also, the Waterfall Icon to open the editor on the toolbar doesn't show up either. As far as I can tell there are no syntax isssues with my patch, you can download it here if anyone wants to have a look over it. Any help would be apprechiated!
  9. I'd certainly be in for that, my goal was to make configs for all jets, though I am unsure what I should do for the non-afterburning ones. I also prefer my rapier as it looks much smoother, I'll have to disect the effect to find out how it works. I have also made patches to make them RealPlume compatible so one can have the better smoke plumes together with the beautiful waterfall FX.
  10. I must disect this mod for how the effects are done. I've been working on some FX myself and must learn how you did these, especially the shock diamonds. Perhaps we could collaborate too and provide a pack for all engines in stock KSP? Here are some of my FX so far: https://imgur.com/a/iGgZWIX https://imgur.com/a/nG7SNQ1 https://imgur.com/a/iZ9Czl9 https://imgur.com/a/DyXuSyE
  11. I've come back to this thread after quite some time, and all I can really say is that I'm absolutely baffled by the quality you guys here have produced. Especially @Knight of St John with the stock patches, I'm just amazed how good they look. Speaking of them, could I perhaps get access to them? I would really like to learn more about how you managed to make them look so volumetric and just generally beatiful. Perhaps we should work together on some things as I have worked on stock engine FX for the jets and recently started work on some stock rocket engines.
  12. The site is often down for some time, which is okay as it recovers. But annoyingly, the KerbalX/Craft Manager mod appears to lock me out of KSP completely with a broken error box. I can't click anything. The first time that I loaded up the game today it worked, but locked me out once I tried to open a craft, the same error appeared.
  13. Here's an excerpt of my log, something seriously went wrong with this. It used to work and I have made no changes ot the effect since. The above is an excerpt of the log when I open the waterfall effect editor windo. In game no effect is visible, too. Issue has been identified to have been a wrong MM patch, I used :NEEDS[ReStock] instead of :NEEDS[!ReStock]. I'm curious why this caused the entire UI to break and to throw a wave of errors though.
  14. I don't know what you mean by this, exactly, but rotation is a vector direction now. It could be an euler rotation if that is preferred, maybe that's what you think it is? I was indeed expecting euler angles as this is what the normal Offsets also use. A direction does also not allow rotation of the plume around it's axis, so I would prefer eulers here. They should show different things because of a randomization effect so that no two plumes on different engines are identical, or are you describing something else? I have never observed this feature anywhere else, and in fact I would prefer it to not automatically exist, but for the randomisation to be user controlled. Perhaps a toggle that allows the user to switch this on or off for each effect. All the mach diamonds in my recent FX work by utilizing a noise texure that has a tiling of zero in one direction. and I wanted to use it for a few other things as well. Both UV modifiers should be removed, I don't see their utility anymore. I do, and use them in almost every single Effect. It allows a few tricks with a smooth fallof that I wouldn't want to loose. it's honestly super useful and removing it would break many of my FX with no real available fix. It would be nice if they were accessible to modifiers, too. No, that is the intended behaviour. I can add speed as a control as well. Please add a speed control. The perlin noise is pretty much useless without it.
  15. public float PerlinNoise() { return Mathf.PerlinNoise(seed+Time.time*scale, seed + Time.time*scale); } If I'm right changing the code in the perlin controller to this should fix the scale
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