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  1. https://imgur.com/a/wKAXJiJ I have managed to make another breakthrough, usually the locked heaviest part autostrut would prevent bendy tech gears but with the help of a KLAW on free pivot that can be tricked to work anyways. Click the link above for an animated verison.
  2. Hey @katateochi, KerbalX doesn't yet recognize the new drain valve:
  3. Update form my side of the F-111 project, looking good!
  4. So apparently if you press load at just the wrong time this happens, it tries to load crafts in the comment window (the load button actually works)
  5. very cool design, I like it! Quite simple and still looking good.
  6. awesome, glad to see some life back into this!
  7. Update from my side of the project, pure stock all moving claw grabber tech elevons are now in place, possibly a pure stock custom gear will also be made to fit in there. up
  8. @Night_Ranger428 Swing wings are very well possible without DLCs, the DLC is allowed though I want to encourage anyone to try it pure stock.
  9. hey @katateochi, kerbalX seems to have some problems, this is what I see: but I also noticed the URL says Error 530 Also spoke with others, seems to work for some
  10. Guys we got a this thread is old note on here, time to revive this! https://kerbalx.com/HB_Stratos/C-29D-Starclimber gonna throw this one in here for the reboot, enjoy
  11. I'll make that jet car, blasting off like a rocket with burners lit
  12. I came up with this unconventinal design and it has quite some power. Build in 1.7.3, untested in 1.8.1. Requires timewarp at 0.25 with better timewarp. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/398148589660143618/642104618003988480/Speeder_MkX.craft download. after burnout stage and activate brakes, you'll barely have enough room.
  13. time to make my own, I am still in 1.7.3 but 250 sepatrons should be plenty of boost