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  1. Hey all. A new backport for kerbalism for 1.3.1 has overwritten my 1.4 version and broken my mod currently. I have 1.3.1 set as a compatible version for some other mods, which is I guess why ckan allows this to happen? Is there any way to switch to a version of kerbalism that isn't the most current? Thanks for the awesome tool btw, it's really opened up mods to me without all the hassle of folders and rars.
  2. Hey, it looks like the backport for 1.3.1 somehow came up as the most recent version on ckan and overwrote the 1.4 version for my 1.4 game since I have 1.3 set to compatible for some other mods. Not sure if this is something to tell you guys or ckan but figured I'd let you both know. Thanks for the fantastic mod by the way Was playing my first serious campaign about a month ago and was reading a lot into apollo etc and was feeling the lack of malfunctions and radiation belts. Looked on the forums and ta-da, someone already did both, and more! This mod really is fantastic, and it seems to be
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