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  1. .... I honestly thought you managed to land it in there rather than taxi it in..
  2. Not exactly possible for me atm.
  3. I want to make a plane irl that does this now
  4. Normally just copy/pasting the image link gives you the image. Otherwise, when typing a response to smthng, go right above the submit button and press "insert other media" and click "insert image from URL" and copy/paste the IMAGE address there.
  5. tfw you have a plane that can do sub-orbital hops with jets alone but also has an aerospike for a near-orbital flight but forgot that its against the rules.
  6. TheTripleAce3

    Shower thoughts

    1.14 diff in apparent magnitude tho?
  7. The tow would have to be a drone if you release the cargo..
  8. Similar to what I'm doing with my 5 planned entries
  9. Time to go back to the drawing board then...
  10. Yeah, you're right. Higher = slower sound speed.
  11. I always use mach ASL for a reference that I can do in my head (I practice it a lot), but wouldn't sound be faster at higher alts?
  12. Hypersonic is mach 5 which is 1655m/s using the figure of 331m/s at sea level as opposed to the 1715m/s using the figure of 343m/s in dry air at STP.
  13. "Interactive mid-flight activities, YOU BECOME THE WING!"
  14. Ik, was trying to make a joke, but failed