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  1. TheTripleAce3

    Wolfhound vs Poodle

    Never thought I'd write a title like that... Nonetheless, Why use the Poodle when the Wolfhound exists? The Poodle just uses a bit less fuel/second, where the Wolfhound gets thrust, isp, the ability to be 1.875 or 2.5m, etc? My only other reason for the poodle is a vacuum lander..
  2. TheTripleAce3

    Auxiliary launch sites.

    I'll take that into counsel.
  3. TheTripleAce3

    Auxiliary launch sites.

    It was that the dlc hadn't *finished* installing when I thought it had XD I feel dumb now
  4. TheTripleAce3

    Auxiliary launch sites.

    Yeah I found the thing I needed to find. Thanks for the answer though!
  5. TheTripleAce3

    Auxiliary launch sites.

    The save was sandbox and difficulty didn't have the option afaik Nvm I figured it out.
  6. TheTripleAce3

    Auxiliary launch sites.

    Just bought Making History and created a new save, but can't select the extra runways. Ideas?
  7. Thank you. I'll place this in a word docx for later.
  8. I'd need access to the review template, etc. as well if I decided to do it.
  9. I'm tempted to do a review but idk what to review or what I would even say. I'm not much of a creative person
  10. I've always understood that but trim is for speed and going slow with a CL too far forward didn't work out for me XD
  11. Does the fuel drain so the CG goes forwards?
  12. I just make my stuff conventionally bc its easier to fly imo As for CoL in front... reaction wheels for days?
  13. I'd love to see where the CG and CL are on this
  14. Especially if the hybrid mode isn't used. I'd use the rapier bc it works at higher altitudes than Whiplash and gets to higher thrust in most of my designs