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  1. Not the same mod the 1.2.2 mod work pretty well in 1.7.3, it's a little op on stock size kerbol sytem but fine on RO. I edited a little bit the .config for making it less op and easy burnable for my use in stock. I used the eagle mainly for Muun Crew rotation, cargo and mining. The engine are a little misaligned but manageable.
  2. It is possible to implement a parachute who act like a paraglider for the IXV? I remember seen a simulation of IXV landing with a paraglider type parachute (parafoil). The kerbal personnal parachute already act this way. Wonder if it possible to apply this on a vanilla parachute. I'm not familiar with KSP codding. Here old picture i get from esa website last year showing different design of IXV can give you idea for the rewamp:
  3. Can you share the craft file? i want to try your buffalo VTOL. Trying to make one for hours but it never finish very well for jeb.
  4. - CEV & IXV LiftingsBodies are now DEPRECATED Does this mean that the CEV and the IXV will be removed or moved/reworked to another mod? I use this craft for taxi Kerbal to my space station.
  5. is there are any way to fix little solid rocket escape thruster on the fairing pannel, I trying to make a soyous similar abort procedure: "Beginning with the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project, the Soyuz spacecraft also has a secondary set of four rocket motors at the top of the fairing that can propel the escape head section away from the rocket during the period between the jettisoning of the SAS at T+115s until fairing deployment at T+157s. In contrast to the SAS these rockets only move the escape head section a small distance away from the rocket, as at these altitudes there is enough time for the landing system to deploy." Wikipedia source: This system was use during the last October incident.
  6. Bluedog is one of my must have mod in my modlist, It will be perfect if it have IVA but well IVA are apparently complicate so prefer have beautiful texture than rushed IVA
  7. Wonder how kopernicus will handle new surface feature from DLC if they have any impact on how kopernicus work. Each ksp update, i really happy that ksp is not steam drm lock, so we can play with the old version and mod while waiting mod compatibility with new version. At the opposite we have fallout 4 who force update very often ( Creation Club bulsh****) who prevent modded games to play until f4se update. Have to get a cracked copy for playing quietly.... Please squad, never add steam DRM to KSP. kopernicus forum will becomes "99.9999%" of update reclamation. Remind me of the seagull of nemo film. We never enough thanks mod developer, KSP will be less godlike without you. Good luck for your development!
  8. Finally find the answer. When KJR installed, when i add robotic part to "old craft file", the parts not directly connected to robotic can't be moved but if I save the craft under a new name, it "update" and parts can move normaly . When KJR not installed, robotic part added on "old craft file" work normaly. I just have to rename all my craft save and end of problem. Strange bug but well, it's not game breaking so no problem. And give me a good excuse to make csome leaning and organisation on my craft file.
  9. seem to be incompatible with the new robotic part, all part who are not directly connected to the robotic part can not be moved: they act has fix object.
  10. seen that kerbal joint reinforcement mod can't work with robotic part. Expect patch for it later, never succeed to prevent my space station to go kraken without this mod.
  11. Don't know if it's a bug or not but now i can only choose between vanilla outfit and neon outfit. Russia style outfit is missing from selection.
  12. Did they are a IVA mod the the MK2 block orbiter Shuttle?
  13. Make ESA great again!!! Very good mod Hermes Shuttle was one of my favourite spacecraft, it's too bad that the project was canceled