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  1. I think they move back and rotate a bit after separation probably for protecting it from engine blast: I can't make it with DLC part, there are too big and when i use tweakscale on them, all part attach to them are scale accordingly. Plus part attach to robotic has a tendency to bounce in all direction and lack power. I will try with infernal robotic. Prototype n°7 ready for test flight:
  2. Finally found a retractable rotor on the base of every propeller mod: firespitter I make some test look promising: Releasing of prototype Engine reveal: knes 0.9375 size fairing is perfect for the engine Approach of runaway and Touchdown Proof of concept. Only problem for now is: electric generation for the engine, probably solved by fuel cell. Aerodynamic: the craft is so short that it tends to fly crabbing and the canard at the back make lift center too offset from the center of mass Better hide the lander gear in flight Find where jeb crash the carrier plane when i pilot the prototype
  3. I try to make a engine with breaking ground part but i absolutely don'y understand how to make this things work, after 1 hour of work i finally make a functional retractable engine but it couldn't generate enough trust to lift the test payload. I will try with some KAX engine. The first adeline prototype is ready for some test:
  4. Still bored, i have many fun with knes: Time for a station Rotation: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who the hell are you? I am the one who come before you. I will be the one who will take France to space!! FIGHT!!!!!!! PS: by the way if someone know a mod with retractable propeller (adeline challenge)
  5. With the confinement in france, journey are a little long. I made some replica of cnes and esa space station concept:
  6. Installed through CKAN... Maybe a good idea to add color on ckan as optional mod.
  7. I remember seeing alternate color for part in page 51 and 52. Has this function been implemented?
  8. I scan some old booklet found in my father collection, some come from "le salon du bourget" on June 1987 ( final hermes model apparence), maybe that can give idea for future part especially station part. This one can probably be make with tantares mod:
  9. If you realy want a atv you can use one of this mods: the second one run on old rcs system ( graphics broken) but still playable if you deactivate rcs and add another. the size of the atv is more accurate with knes. it is visible on picture in some post above
  10. I found the same problem for: "_Knes_mrk_SM_Cargo.cfg" "_Knes_mrk_SM_Rescue.cfg"
  11. There seem to be typo error on file "_Knes_mrk_SM_Extended.cfg": "TechRequired = commandModule" should be "TechRequired = commandModules" Not a problem on sandbox mod but prevent usage of the module in science and career Mode
  12. Little mission for Ariane 5: ATV Cargo for my alternate ISS: Waiting Li-toff: Launch: Booster Separation: Payload Reveal: Circularisation: Solar Panel deployment: ISS Rendez-vous: Can see Hermes shuttle, and a little cameo of Fuji Manned Craft. On approach: Star watcher make a appearance A few meters... And Dock:
  13. Last One: Expanded Ariane Family, only Stock (DLC Include) and Knes part with help of tweakscale mod:
  14. Time to go Duna with a Ariane 5SH, difficult to design, engine a little low on thrust. Ready to take off: Mission Crew: "5,4,3,2,Unité,Allumage et Décollage" Thanks Mech jeb, very difficult to keep balance: Booster Separation: Trajectoire Nominale Unlimited Power, Approved by jeb. Jettison fairing; Main Stage Separation (Many "test" flight die by vulcain destruction No Kerbal Harmed, Jeb don't count): Circularisation and Duna transfert burn: Good bye Kerbin.. 240 Day until Arrival, a bit little but Kerbal are not hard to please: Hello Duna: First braking, our engineer are proud of our re-ignitable Vulcan. Thanks Ike for the Help!!! just a few 60m/s of deltaV for Duna entry: Transfert Stage Separation, end of Knes Part Use Brace for rentry!!! Bob, I tell you this heatshield have some problem!!!!!! Heat Shield Separation: First Burn: Parachute Deployment: Deployment Complete, prepare for final burn: Final Burn: Perfect Landing the new 1.8 ground look beautiful: Bob is happy to be the first Kerbin to walk on duna. Forgot the rover, next time probably: Mod Used: Knes by @Well, Duna Direct by @bcink