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  1. Maybe later, i just began modding and there are not a lot known about it. First part finished, the first p80 booster has been delivered for our kerbal engineer to qualify it.
  2. I think, i will go crazy with blender who won't generate the texture as i see it in render. On another note the model for vega C and old vega are finish, i just need to make the texture. Some test with part in game but i think i set the wrong axe. I will have to tweak the engine spec, i set real world value, but i think there are overpowered for Kerbin size.
  3. The vega in knes use stock part to make last stage and some booster, so i decide to do knes More pic for wip part, @scribstar has join me for making 3d model. I have begun to import part in ksp, there are some texture imperfection to correct but looking good so fare, the vega rocket should launch this week if no problem arise.
  4. I use this mod extensively, i don't plan (for now) to make part who are already present in knes. Thanks thar the model compliment Thanks for in info, i'm curently testing different configuration I almost finish all the vega part, and the main tank of ariane 6 if nearly completed and is use for part import testing: I currently struggle to understand how baking, texturing and shadering with the blender addon and for some reason my node are on the over side of the vab. Learing curve is stuck for now. And the game lag when i need to move the part, maybe a bad collider?
  5. After 4 years of KSP, i decided to try making a mod for my favorite game. I'm a complete noob from this field but i try to learn on the go. This mod will (hopefullyà consist of several rocket launcher from European space agency. The first rocket will be the first version of the vega light launcher: Here the first 3D model for the p80 first Stage: depending of learn progression with blender ( few friend actualy help me in modeling) and ksp coding, this launcher should not take many time, ariane 6 will take far longer. I have a few question for experimented modder, first one is: It is possible to have the retro rocket on the same part of the booster or should i make them separate? second one: Is it possible to have rcs on the same part of the booster or it should be better to make hem standalone. last one: if there a easy way to place node so two part snap perfectly. Thanks in advance for help. I"m look forward to see to add a liitle brick to mod building. To do: Vega: -Models P80: WIP Zephiro-23: WIP Zephiro-9: X AVUM:X Fairing: learn how to do payload adaptor: V -fix textures baking -find why node do not appear in editor -learn how to make engine plume Ariane 6: X Ariane 5 and derivative ( maybe, mod already exist) X StarRider: X
  6. if you install the windows version of the game and run it through wine or proton ( proton have better performance ), you can use parallax since proton translate directx12 instruction to vulkan. Only downside is a little FPS drops, i have 5-7 fps drop on linux + proton than on windows.
  7. just delete Knes/GameData/Knes/Compatibility/CryoTanks/Knes_LH2.cfg or install B9 Switch to change ariane 5 tank liquid fuel to LH2
  8. I use to have the same problem with physics extender mod and some modified version of scatterer, if you have physics extender, try without to see if it's change anything.
  9. If it's still trigger your Kerbal engineering perfection. You can use this mod to adjust a little bit your fondation: https://github.com/zolotiyeruki/PreciseEditor/
  10. The internals are now optional, you need to install StationPartsExpansionRedux-IVAs to have them.
  11. 10 FPS max, 308 part, 2 FPS when the rocket shake due to P120C G acceleration when close to depletion, booster based rocket are a nightmare in KSP and auto-launch mod, i wonder how real Vega handle that, the fairing must be well designed to negate sound and vibration for the payload.
  12. Vega C launch with 48 luciole micro satellite:
  13. Finally have some time to play KSP again the new shuttle is pretty cool for career transition between early: and medium: Bonus: MRK based crew capsule with launcher on launchpad:
  14. Real challenge will be to design the rocket launcher to put it in orbit
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