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  1. Yeah, switch to runway version. Also, this may occur if your game has been running nonstop for hours.
  2. Something is wrong with your Gamedata. It should be KSP/Gamedata/BDArmory/Parts/something, not KSP/Gamedata/BDArmoryContinued- Also, which version of KSP are you running?
  3. Not really, but you can run the battles yourself..?
  4. That could be the cause. There is also a related branch of BDAc for Scott Manley's runway project. That works for 1.10 And if your missile is inside cargo bay, make sure they are set to In Cargo Bay = True. Also Ensure the two crafts are of different teams.
  5. Yes, multiplier buffs damage of everything. You can try changing the config so .50 bmg fires some custom bullets that are more powerful, but .50 is weak because it is .50, not 20mm, not 30mm, not 120mm.
  6. @cukkoo maybe this page will help? Or try upping the damage multiplier in BDArmory/settings
  7. You might want to PM some modders who know how to make custom FX.
  8. Hmm. You may try editing the .cfg on missiles to create new ones with unguided properties, but I doubt if it works and if the AI knows how to use it. Try asking people in the mod page Add-on development.
  9. That seems to be the problem. 32bit KSP support has been removed.
  10. Very unlikely. Ballistic missile correct their trajectory in-flight. So probably no.
  11. Yep, check correct ammo type and weapons are not blocked by other parts. Also try switching them to different teams. Both should be 64 bit. Also do not use launcher to launch game.
  12. Reboot ksp. BDAc is like this, it usually happens after hours of playing. On second thought, what are the specs of your computer? Maybe freeing up memory and closing other application may help.
  13. Search from google and download the zip file from github. Dont use stabilizer mod