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  1. MOAR BOOSTERS!!!!!!!! Is hydroxylammonium nitrate safer than hydrazine..?
  2. You want KSP directory/Gamedata/BDArmory, not KSP directory/Gamedata/gamedata/BDArmory. No double gamedata file. Also, how does "stage on proximity" work on modular missile? I am trying to build a cluster cruise missile for bombing the KSC.
  3. And also do ricocheted bullets ricochet/deal damage to other enemies?
  4. @TheKurgan have you experienced lag from the smoke of flares? Any idea how to remove the smoke only or to reduce lag from it?
  5. Think so, were there any mission failures with reused boosters yet? (Excluding landings)
  6. I like your optimism. Anyway, are there weapons pack with reloadable missile turrets? (Preferably compatible with aim-9s)
  7. Do your drone fail to evade sidewinders with flares, especially at about 4km? I see my craft failing to fire flares if it is too maneuverable.
  8. So will it be added in future versions? Oh and also I can see some dogfight competition runners screaming no at the idea of accepting such rails into their competitions, so better add this as a new part.
  9. Lasing? Probably not. You need to lase a target for hellfires and mavericks to hit. But you can always transfer targeting info between gps/radar/lasing. Which mod is this? Bdac? I can imagine someone mounting these to planes and setting them to reload with the SAS action group. Endless stream of missiles.
  10. Is it possible to outmaneuver one?
  11. Yeah, it seems buggy too. Oh, and judging by your name, I guess you are interested in this competition: