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  1. Xd the great

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    So there is a chance for gun crime on the ISS?
  2. Xd the great

    Skippy The Munar Kangaroo

    Reducing spring strength? Increasing damper?
  3. A screenshot will do. For the most part. That bug cannot be fixed, it can omly be F5 F9-ed
  4. Xd the great

    Skippy The Munar Kangaroo

    Yeah, I would like that to be fixed too. V 1.6 added some new functions to furthur fine tune the legs. Did you try those?
  5. Xd the great

    Changing engine scale RO

    Change the rescale factor to 0.5
  6. Xd the great

    LKO rescue plan

    Always have solar, just in case jeb ejected in space. Plus solar panels look nice. I blieve the reqction wheels were too weak, sometimes RCS is really helpful in manouvering.
  7. Xd the great

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    Yeah, tried that with kerbals... He burnt up.
  8. Not surprising, especially when you have a quarter of the Government breathing down your back...
  9. Xd the great

    Messing up my manoeuvres

    Mods like mechjeb can help you launch properly. Sometimes watch and learn is a good method.
  10. Xd the great

    Docking - Craft Circle Each Other On Approach

    In line with axis, it will be easier.
  11. The most updated cersion is compatible with ksp v 1.6
  12. Xd the great

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Which billionaire?
  13. Xd the great

    NASA Commercial Crew Landers

    I cant imagine NASA working with Romocos and CNSA and God-knows-what to build a Moon base.
  14. Xd the great

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Inconel? As in 1950s research plane Inconel? Seems like NASA did all the research and spaceX did all the engineering...