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  1. If I am not mistaken, the gun can be set to not engage SLW, or torpedoes.
  2. Would SpaceX test a scaled down "ring catcher" for Superheavy Booster with F9?
  3. The same can be said for Kerbal engineers. Or KSP players.
  4. Drunk alien college kids who managed to get their hands on an old, outdated plane/projection technology and decided to prank some natives. Or it could be step 30 of 308402 for deciding whether to admit humans into the Almighty Space Kerbal Empire.
  5. But can we send a couple starships' worth of machines to utilize resources in the asteroid belt to build even bigger machines? Or is it a couple hundred starships'
  6. Aww, I was hoping for a big boom. I'm too kerbal. Where is the landing site located relative to Perseverance and Ingenuity? Can Zhurong engage in a 2 country car race?
  7. Death ray, Mirrors of God and limiteless energy 3-in-1. https://translate.google.com.hk/?sl=en&tl=zh-TW&text=death star&op=translate
  8. I wonder if they could land starship at areas affected by hurricanes and earthquakes, unload the supplies, then use the cargo space to provide temporary living quarters...
  9. I mean, you need to test the vibration/acoustic loads of 31(?) raptors firing, as well as the different control software of landing a bigger booster. Might be a better idea to not risk a Starship prototype in case of BN3 going RUD.
  10. Landing on glass is maybe not the best idea...
  11. Would it be wise to do a BN3 test fire/launch without SN20 on top?
  12. Nuclear rocket engines work by heating up the propellant via a nuclear reactor, then expanding it out of a nozzle Theoretically, you can use any fluid as a propellant. Of course, LH2 has highest ISP because of its low molecular weight. To be honest, I suspect other fluids like liquid nitrogen or liquid oxygen may also work.
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