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  1. Xd the great

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Why is this such a waste?
  2. Can deal more damage to armour, even when being reflected off the armour. I added 1000 to my own weapons, dealt 10 more damage to armour when being bounced off.
  3. Try removing all guns on the craft.
  4. Xd the great

    MechJeb Not Working

    Wierd. Please ask on the mechjeb thread. Did you install module manager? Did you run out of connection or battery or kerbals?
  5. Stock craft will be found on the craft files in the bdac file. You can go to kerbalx.com to see how to use it.
  6. Xd the great

    Can't reach higher orbit

    In short, go straight up. Just up.
  7. Xd the great

    Can't reach higher orbit

    Yes, it saves weight. And MOAR boosters will help. Preferably remove the radiators. You can enter at 40km PE from a 260k orbit, and save some more mass. Do you know about gravity turns?
  8. Xd the great

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Sounds suspiciously like the detachable engines on a new rocket.
  9. Xd the great

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    The biggest problem is the corrosion. Metals built for high temperatures may not be corrosion resistant and vice versa. Also, they need to practice pinpoint landings on the Starship anyway.
  10. Xd the great

    SpaceX Discussion Thread

    Roasting gators. Mmmm
  11. Xd the great

    Did you Soyuz 11 :-(

    This is sad. Reminds us all of the dangers of space. RIP.
  12. Xd the great

    Bug Report (Not Responding, 100% Disk)

    Since your game is not up to date, your mods do not have to be up to date. Find the correct versions, redownload and try again. Also, try manual installing, CKAN messes with mod installs.