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  1. The biggest trouble with inflating space station modules is probably keeping it from getting punctured and destroyed from space debris.
  2. "Same vehicle interaction" and "Independent Thrust"
  3. Ah, I also need the control point set to docking too. Aaaaand... It seems like you forgot to set the docking/reentry control point for cargo starships, as flaps won't work with foward control point.
  4. I think Elon said the SH booster will have TWR of 1.5 or close, definitely not the 1.2 that I am experiencing. And sea-level raptors should have a lower thrust than vacuum raptors in vacuum. https://www.teslarati.com/spacex-ceo-elon-musk-debuts-starships-new-super-heavy-booster-design/
  5. Cost of sending out a droneship + supporting crew = 1 million Maybe 2 million?
  6. Might have to reprioritize working at SpaceX. "Hey, we have a change of plans. Wanna go to Florida?" 3 months later... "Hey, we have another change of plans. Wanna go to Texas?" In the unspecified future... "Hey, we need someone over at Mars. Wanna go?" During Hofman transfer... "Sorry, Mars problem solved. Come back to Earth."
  7. @damonvv, it seems like the left/right flaps are switched, and they cannot auto-actuate with SAS to keep it balanced. Any fixes?