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  1. Xd the great

    CKAN not Launching

    Did you browse for the buildID_X64.txt?
  2. Xd the great

    CKAN not Launching

    What window? Do you see a .cmd window open? Do you see a file asking for the build ID?
  3. Xd the great

    What do I do?

    Suicide burn. Jeb goes out and uses jetpack to land. Send a backup craft to save jeb.
  4. Should I give you the test craft? Yeah, but I am currently busy. Will upload later. NOTE: special mod required. Will upload alongside mod.
  5. Report: yeah, AI can reload missiles with action groups.
  6. primary testing shows some dangerous scene where the missile above the plane firing almost into the plane. Suggestion: increase missile drop time to max for those above the plane wing. or remove missile on wingtip
  7. Yes, you have disabled engaging missile. Can you re-test it?
  8. Right click the missile in the VAB, open engage options, you should see a option to disable targetting missile. @greydragon70 Can you try shooting a missile at the plane and observe the missile explode near the plane? And screenshots please. I know this is hard, but maybe a short video. Best if you can give us a log. Best if you try the EMP missiles.
  9. @Box of Stardust are you aware of any mods that use the reloadable rail?
  10. Is it possible to make the bdac adjustable missile rail and rotary bomb rack to become a reloadable rack by using MM patches? I have thought of a way to make the AI reload missiles, but I will have to do this to confirm my hypothysis stupid idea.
  11. I mean the latter. Im looking into it. Will report once I produce something useful.
  12. @Box of Stardust, if I use the reloadable missile thingy, set action group rearm to every single action (stage, brakes etc.), I can have the AI help me rearm missiles. Holy. I can carry 20 times missiles into battle.
  13. Drop time longer? Lateral decouple at 10? Yeah you did that. Hmm... Reducing detonation override to 1.
  14. ME Just as I suspect. the drag on the missile is causing it to fall behind your plane. I cannot see your type of missile, but I would say reducing its drag if its your mod, or reduce drop time to 0.1.