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  1. Who needs wear and tear when you have kerbals? There are mods for wear and tear, but yeah an option in KSP 2 would be nice.
  2. Can you try clicking on the BDArmory tab on the leftmost? Should be under all the utilities and science tab. Don't use the janitor's closet. Also, double check that your install is KSP/Gamedata/BDArmory/(part, models, there are a bunch of folders and files), not KSP/Gamedata/BDArmory/Gamedata/BDArmory/(insert files here).
  3. Everything should be in KSP/Gamedata. Unless something went wrong with your install, which means I would need a screenshot of your gamedata folder. Or upload a ksp.log here.
  4. You don't have to revert mod to 1.8.1, you just have to go to github/spacedock for the 1.8.1 version. Double check that you have module manager and PRE, and have them installed in the correct place.
  5. I need a screenshot of the craft and one where you try to fire it.
  6. Yes, eventually. Problem is getting starship to launch humans directly without LES require an insane number of testing.
  7. Is this meant to work with KSP v 1.11? Also will it work with runway bdac?
  8. 1. You have a wrong version installed (could be module manager, could be BDAc, could be physics range extender) 2. You installed a wrong thing/at the wrong place. I may be able to point that out if you can upload a link to a screenshot of your KSP/Gamedata folder 3. You forgot to put a weapons manager on your craft/forgot to open the in flight menu and enable the trigger/something is blocking your guns. A screenshot of your craft in flight with the GUI opened would be helpful.
  9. If you have DLC, you can build canadarm.
  10. Kerbals are a feature of this game. Some use them for science, some for fun, some for simulating the need for life support (with mods)... And some strafe, bomb, crush, smack and burn kerbals. Or feed them to the kraken. I get it that not everyone use them, but they are an integral part of the game and allow us to abuse them showcase the spirit of "fail until you succeed" as well as some extra fun.
  11. Not sure if current BDAc have a KSPedia, but I think it can be found in-game (the boook icon). This wiki also has some basic information: https://bdarmory.fandom.com/wiki/BDArmory_Wikia
  12. Runway version does. Is the bombrack placed correctly and the missiles attached correctly? The weapons manager will prevent you fron firing a missile if it will hit your plane. It could be an airframe problem (too much roll authority on control surfaces) Also increase your G limiter and AoA limiter.
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