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  1. When we rotate kerbals around for science, kerbals should be able to pass out from extreme gee forces from a rotational space station. Imagine all the speghetti. Also, make large ships more physically stable. No wobbling, please.
  2. I demand Jeb be made immune to radiation! Kerbals with BadS traits doesn't care.
  3. Didn't the devs say they will add realistic, physic-ed explosion to fuel tanks?
  4. Huh. I though maritime law, or whatever international treaty signed for space, classifies space as internarional water, and thus the people are confined to the laws of the origin country of the craft. Interesting.
  5. And SR2 does not have small little green beings for you to, er, blow up I mean do science.
  6. It is the equivalent of 2 people editing a single word document. Google docs, if you will. You feel the lag in using google docs, but you don't feel the lag in doc. Now imagine using it for the slightly laggy ksp builder mechanism. Laggy.
  7. Exactly, a Saturn 5 exploding should have some effect on neighbouring kerbals.
  8. BUT, if we use mods to simulate a very heavy ship... Or, simulate a black hole...
  9. You need to file for paperwork, so, no, cheap cubesats will still have decent quality.
  10. Is it possible that when parts with fuel and oxidizer explode, a shockwave is generated and destroys stuff around it?
  11. What about mods in multiplayer? I see 2 problems with it: 1. Someone hosts a server with so many mods it, lag happens. 2. Griefers and trolls blowing up everything with BDArmory.