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    On the VAB roof, watching a rocket launch with Val
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    Spaceflight, KSP, science, bananas, bananas and bananas.
    (And Valentina. I have a crush on her.)

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  1. It's been a really long time since I've posted anything -56 +
  2. Oh. Just trying to keep everything orderly while we work out the snipe. If I’m not allowed to do that, please tell me. I’ll just mention you. 4 (+)
  3. 5 (+) As my English teacher would put it: Confuzzlement.
  4. Ok wait. No submissions while we work out the snipe. I caught you before you edited your post, so it's a valid revert. If you can edit after you revert then I could do that for literally any revert. It's not fair. I say we revert to +3.
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