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  1. So I wanted to start a discussion. On realistic designs and have a good collection of pics.centerd around station builds. And to add some challenge I want it to be completely in Stock KSP parts.
  2. ok ok well I knew there were packs out there. but guessing you don't have balanced resource consumption that makes the mod challenging.
  3. Ok, so several creators have joined (3) mainly modellers. so keep the join requests coming everyone is allowed in new as old.
  4. if I can get this idea of the ground. with I am started with I'll definitely add some electric engines. I also want some Electric engines both sci-fi and otherwise. I am completely up for a mod pack made by more than one author so if you want to help you can learn some basic engine moding like Dankgum said it basically just a Configuration file that needs editing. I'll put up a production timeline where I and any affiliates are in mod progression in its own thread later. if your interested PM me and I'll send a Discord Link.
  5. oh huh well. I'm surprised it's that easy cool yea I think I could get my head around that. so is there any particular engine/reactor you want to do?
  6. oh, that would be great. now since my knowledge in moding is limited I need to find someone who can code, I am more experienced in the project lead role, but I'm not afraid to learn and will learn anything I need to. "just saying"
  7. so I downloaded the GN-Drive mod for Ksp. and ran into some issues since its an outdated mod. I am hoping to find someone or a group of people that would want to make a collab mod with engines and Reactors from several TV-shows and Anime. in the current version of KSP.
  8. This sooooooo needs to be fixed the flashing strobe lights are so annoying and its a bummer since this basically is my favorite mod. plz, Original Owner of this mod fixes it. or give it to someone else so they can fix it or Someone make a new GN Drive mod and add the Non-energy version the Ptolemaios has. if anyone is interested in a new GN-Drive mod and has the technical know-how id be happy to help, a mod adding the Ahab Reactor could also be cool. wolf out.
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