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  1. Hi, thanks for your input. The radiator is definitely working - otherwise the heat wouldn't stabilize at 561 K. If I remove the radiator from the fuel tank, the heat of the drills goes up to 1000 K (shutdown temparature). So yes, the radiator is well placed, online and has a cooling effect ... the cooling of one large radiator panel is just insufficient. @mystifeid : According to the documentation and also my own experiences, a radiator panel cools the attached part (fuel tank) and also all part attached to this part (drill). Otherwise you would never be able to cool drills with radiator panels. @blag : Unfortunately I can't easily test this scenario as there's no bigger fuel container on this ship (and I had no cheat mod installed yet). I've also thought about this possibility, but rejected it: With the fuel tank as a bottleneck in the heat transfer, how could it work with the two radiator panels attached (the variant with a small and a lage radiator panel on the fuel tank cools the drills perfectly) @bewing: Yes, it's activated. I didn't know that engineers also affects the efficiency of radiators. Any ideas?
  2. Hello, I'm not quite sure if this is any bug (I'm using some mods) or if there's some unknown multiplier within the core heat calculations. Perhaps someone here can help me to unterstand. In my setting I landed on Minmus with a level 2 engineer. The ship has 2 Drill-O-Matic Junior's attached to a fuel tank and attached to this tank a large radiator panel. Nothing else (of any heat importance) is conected with this fuel tank. There's no termal control system on the whole ship. Now each each Drill-O-Matic Junior has 50 KW max cooling and the large radiator panel has 200 KW of core heat xfer. So there should be more then enough cooling. But when I start mining, the drills core temp climbs up to 561 K. Thanks to KAS & KIS I was able to try some different settings. If I attach another small radiator panel (50 KW core heat xfer), the drills stay at 500 K. So the cooling requirement seems to be somewhere between 200 KW and 250 KW - the drills should only generate 100 KW. I also checked the additional thermal data over the debugging console (ALT + F12) but I'm no expert in those numbers and they don't gave my any hint, what happens with the heat when the drills starts to overheat (I mean going over 500 K). This behavior starts with 1.3.1, in prevoius versions the cooling for this ship was fine (but in those days I drilled on mun ) . Best regards