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  1. Hi, thanks for your input. The radiator is definitely working - otherwise the heat wouldn't stabilize at 561 K. If I remove the radiator from the fuel tank, the heat of the drills goes up to 1000 K (shutdown temparature). So yes, the radiator is well placed, online and has a cooling effect ... the cooling of one large radiator panel is just insufficient. @mystifeid : According to the documentation and also my own experiences, a radiator panel cools the attached part (fuel tank) and also all part attached to this part (drill). Otherwise you would never be able to cool drills with
  2. Hello, I'm not quite sure if this is any bug (I'm using some mods) or if there's some unknown multiplier within the core heat calculations. Perhaps someone here can help me to unterstand. In my setting I landed on Minmus with a level 2 engineer. The ship has 2 Drill-O-Matic Junior's attached to a fuel tank and attached to this tank a large radiator panel. Nothing else (of any heat importance) is conected with this fuel tank. There's no termal control system on the whole ship. Now each each Drill-O-Matic Junior has 50 KW max cooling and the large radiator panel has 200 KW of core he
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