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Found 7 results

  1. I've not yet needed to use a thermal control system except for on a mining rig. What do we use the small fixed panels and radiators for? My only guess is that they may be necessary when visiting the inner planets to stop the crew from cooking in their capsule. Can they also be used to mitigate re-entry heat?
  2. Hello, I'm not quite sure if this is any bug (I'm using some mods) or if there's some unknown multiplier within the core heat calculations. Perhaps someone here can help me to unterstand. In my setting I landed on Minmus with a level 2 engineer. The ship has 2 Drill-O-Matic Junior's attached to a fuel tank and attached to this tank a large radiator panel. Nothing else (of any heat importance) is conected with this fuel tank. There's no termal control system on the whole ship. Now each each Drill-O-Matic Junior has 50 KW max cooling and the large radiator panel has 200 KW of core heat xfer. So there should be more then enough cooling. But when I start mining, the drills core temp climbs up to 561 K. Thanks to KAS & KIS I was able to try some different settings. If I attach another small radiator panel (50 KW core heat xfer), the drills stay at 500 K. So the cooling requirement seems to be somewhere between 200 KW and 250 KW - the drills should only generate 100 KW. I also checked the additional thermal data over the debugging console (ALT + F12) but I'm no expert in those numbers and they don't gave my any hint, what happens with the heat when the drills starts to overheat (I mean going over 500 K). This behavior starts with 1.3.1, in prevoius versions the cooling for this ship was fine (but in those days I drilled on mun ) . Best regards
  3. I'm buidling a deep space probe to Saturn and Jupiter, but the core overheats (on Earth and space) after a few minutes in flight.I'm using an RTG to power it and some radiators to cool it down,but they don't seem to be powerful enough or even to work.I noticed that I produce way too much electricty than I actually need and maybe this is the cause of the overheat. This is the message I get and a picture of the probe for comparsion: So yeah , any solutions?Maybe less power?I really have no idea.
  4. Im running a heavily modded v1.2.1, and my radiators keep falling off shortly after takeoff. I've tested it with multiple vehicles and multiple arrangements, and haven't found anyone else having this problem. I also noticed the thermal system has changed since i last played, just wondering if it has something to do with the new system, or if its a known bug. I build a lot of craft with reactors and folding electric propellers, so this is kind of a game breaker for me. Anyone else having this problem? edit; I forgot to add, this problem started immediately after i updated many of the mods through ckan. It was more than a dozen, and i dont know which ones, and i cant find anyway to revert through ckan. Below is a couple of ships i landed on laythe before the problem started, and one of my tests to confirm the problem.
  5. I just sent an Ike mining ship through a Duna aerobrake to slow down on the way from Kerbin to its destination. My periapsis was about 19km. Before hitting the atmosphere, I retracted all of my Gigantor solar panels, but extended my medium thermal control system radiators. My thinking was this would increase drag and help funnel away heat from the hottest parts. I thought the aerobrake went very, as I did not see any temps over 1200 or so, and that was for the stuff facing into the wind, like my landing legs and engine. But then (of course, right after quicksaving) I noted that all of my radiators, and one of my Gigantors, were "broken," like what happens if you collide with something else. I can verify there were no visual explosions, and the flight log did not say "radiator exploded due to overheating" or whatnot. Nor did I hit anything, and there was nothing within a many-kilometer radius to hit. Is this a bug or part of normal gameplay? In real life, I get that if you had a flimsy radiator panel sticking while plowing through the atmosphere at 1500 m/s, it would just snap off due to the force of the wind. But I did not know KSP modeled that kind of thing, apart from the heat of reentry. And even then, I'm unclear why a retracted Gigantor would have been hit with enough force to snap it off. I did a little physics warp on my way up after temps started dropping, so I suppose that could have caused some weirdness. Thanks for any thoughts!
  6. 1. When and for what purposes we are using cooling radiators, who can explain? 2. Which instruments I have to use to elevate unsymmetrical things (like a rover) to the orbit? I saw some special composite containers (opens like a flower), can I use it without mods?
  7. so, anybody who uses KSPI knows the pain of waste heat, and nuclear engine users know all about the melting; and don't forget about those high performance scram-jets that get redder than the atmospheric burn around your ship. There are a few good radiator packs out there, but i find they're not very... effective. I'm attempting to make a system that uses electricity (or MW at a higher level), radiators, and air vents, to do high performance cooling for engines, reactors, etc. obviously getting rid of waste heat as well. working on implementing the following parts: - An Engine precooler that also converts physical heat (from a directly attached engine) into waste heat. useful for atmospheric nozzles/turbojets. (1.25, 2.5, mk2. requires electricity.) - A Heat Pump that sucks up heat and waste heat, and redirects it to radiators. (it cools the attached parts significantly, and subtracts a constant amount of waste heat while running. heat will be converted to waste heat. (1.25, 2.5, 3.75) requires MW or eqiv charge)(requires radiators attached to part to run) - A powered vent (basically an engine with no thrust) that cools the attached part and subtracts waste heat depending on the temperature and amount of air added. ideally connected to a precooler and air intake. (0.625(rear), 1.25(rear and inline), mk2(inline). would have two models for 1.25/mk2; one requiring electric charge, one with waaay more power that requires MW (it might have an KSPI arc-jet RCS that only works with atmosphere.). both would count as radiators. these are the missing parts for making reliable heavy SSTO's, or anything with a powerful hot engine. I'm totally imagining these parts just using the stock squad models (and the mk2's expansions precooler) Right now this is no more than jumbled text in a cfg file using stock fuel tanks for parts... Btw, I put this under development because i very well intend to do this myself one i figure out how. any and all help/direction appreciated.
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