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  1. I designed a space shuttle capable of docking to my space station, Space Shuttle Fortune. I created it after lessons learned from my previous Shuttle, Space Shuttle Mayflower.
  2. They're cheaper, stronger (usually), and are great for side boosters. Basically liquid SRBs.
  3. I play with G-Force on kerbals and have played a few saves with G-force on parts. Kerbal G-force is honestly way too easy. You only ever have kerbals pass out when you have extremely unrealistic re-entry profiles from eccentric orbits. I haven't tried it with a full on space plane before, but I have tested it before in planes going 450~ m/s at sea level. Slowing down/minor corse correction is fine, but if you want to make any major maneuvers it's very likely your wings would be blown off.
  4. Simmilar on other aspects, now that you've pointed that out i doubt that it could ever be possible to run ksp at all on switch. Essentially, what ive gathered from reading all of these posts is that it is probably not possible.
  5. I've been thinking about it a lot recently. Could ksp work on switch? I had a computer that had simillar specs to the switch, and i was able to run ksp pretty good (without visual mods of course) Im still not sure weather or not the game could run on a switch. Could the game even be ported to the switch in the first place?
  6. I just wanted to spark some debate.
  7. I appreciate that naming scheme.
  8. I am currently on a trip, and unable to check for myself, but I was wondering if camera tools still works in the new updates, or if it will be updated if it doesn't. Thanks!
  9. I'm a parachute now.

  10. Breaking ground is referred to as "Serenity" in its game files. So it WAS talking about an expansion. Wow.
  11. Are there any mods (preferably up date to 1.6.1) available to recreate the destruction seen in this video?
  12. If the title wasn't clear, this is basically what I mean: When they do their hohmen transfer, they just do it as they launch. Even if this is just for the sake of the video, how would one go about doing something like this?
  13. My satellites i want to launch are a little too big for the nodes. At most i could launch 2 at a time.