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  1. i have made my most powerful engine available for download, hopefully this will be helpful to some.
  2. Flying Dutchman INC presents: the piston engine. because we think it stil 1910. Yes sir! for only zero dollars even you can afford this magical invention. get it now free of charge from!
  3. i flew a piston powered aircraft from the island airfield to the ksc today
  4. Would anyone benifit from a simple tutorial outlining the basics?
  5. well that's how i do it i'll think about that easy mode.
  6. The challenge is to build a stock ICE piston engine and power something with it. me and others have been working on the development of these engines for years now (a lot of them for much longer than i) and to help accelerate progress i think it's about time to see who can build the best! as of yet there is no good system of scoring this but for now i will judge it as follows: make a working ICE piston engine: 10 pts make a stock ICE piston engine and power something with it (food blender for example) 20 pts make a stock ICE piston engine and drive a rover or boat with it 30 pts make a stock ICE piston engine and power an aeroplane with it 40 pts use of dlc is encouraged because of the extreme difficulty, however: if you are able to complete any of the things above without using dlc your points will be doubled. some inspiration: @Pds314 @Azimech
  7. quick someone make a screenshot before they fix the title. edit: they changed it already. i think some intern is going to have a very bad day..
  8. I want to see sn5 and sn6 launch simultaniously, cross each other in flight and both land.
  9. well, the idea behind it is that it is normally impossible to make a starship controlled by sas in ksp. if you were to attach the normal control surfaces sideways they would not move. another idea is that you use the hinges from breaking ground and couple them with action groups to the pitch axis. you'll find however that, while you can then move those control surfaces, sas has no influence on them so they can only be controlled manually which makes controlling the vessel very difficult. so to somewhat automate this process i've used an aileron to power a set of levers and hinges that will move the fins the same way as starship does but controllable with sas.
  10. And my computer crashed now i have to start over again.
  11. I'm shooting a video. Only problem is that one take takes 7 hours to take so i will be babysitting my computer today..
  12. i'm submitting this because this is more a train than an actual rover since it can not steer. this puppy is capable of traversing over the poles of kerbin at just under 1000 m/s and it's all stock wheel powered.