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  1. Does anyone know why there are no tiles at certain heights of the ship?
  2. A news site from my country said startship might me launching next week but that's impossible right?
  3. I have kind of tuned out sadly.. FAA delay after delay.
  4. I heard somewhere that there was another FAA delay and that instead of march the approval may take until the end of the year, is this true?
  5. Pinatubo was a 6 and that caused 1 degree Celsius of cooling. So perhaps 0.1? Athough I wouldn't be surprised if it's not linear but I'll leave that to the people who are good at math, I'm not. I'm not one of those luckily
  6. I'm surprised this topic doesn't exist already. In 1815 a big volcano erupted which caused the year without a summer. How do you think this recent eruption of the Tonga volcano will affect climate? of course this eruption is a terrible tragedy for the people living near the volcano and their friends and relatives. My heart goes out to them and I wish them the very best.
  7. They should play the Interstellar docking scene music (no time for caution) when docking to the iss since the mothership in that movie was also called endurance.
  8. I can use it, but can't type anything correctly, so when i google search either that happens or there is no internet or the phone crashes..
  9. I really hope the faa clears SpaceX for their launch pad and that they get the Artemis money. If Boca chica is finito SpaceX will be set back years..
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