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  1. Yes jet engines would have been better but my new design utilizes them. I did not realise before that when you have the motors engaged on the rotors that this creates a lot of resistance
  2. I agree with that. Without the op propellers this would not have been possible. But i'm glad that it now is! Nice mod btw! Is it still supported? P.s. i'm pretty sure it will fly w.o. infinite fuel on. Albeit not very long.
  3. yes! but i put in the youtube link after you replied apparently, look again
  4. @Azimech Yes! I've achieved flight! but only just. (apparently infinite propellant was on i'm sorry..)
  5. @Azimech what aproach did you take on the deflector plates? (The thing that blocks the thrust when the piston is coming up) I'm currently refining my design and i have made it at lot less complicated and way more efficient. Currently a two cilinder which runs on a total of 4 of the smallest jet engines. Edit: i'm also running into a certain rpm barrier. It seems more than 160 rpm is not achieveable. What could cause this?
  6. Hey, for clarification: the stayputniks can in fact not handle the heat. So this engine does require the temp cheat. @klond I've made the gearing a little different and it's more efficient now. I have propelled a wheel driven vehicle with it and even equipped it with a working clutch.
  7. I will do that. However i'm still working out some reliability issues.
  8. hey everyone. i'm not much of a writer but more of a ksp player so i'll keep this short and if you have any questions i will answer them. what i basically made is a internal combustion piston engine that works in ksp. the great inovation in this one are the interupter plates that block the thrust of the rocket engine when the piston is coming up. that is why you see all of those gears. of course this engine only works when you enable the temp and fuel cheat but i don't think that at least the first one is avoidable. it turns at around 100 rpm. i made 2 versions: a 2 cylinder and a 4 cylinder. however the last one proved to be not much of an improvement. in the pictures you will also see i integrated it into a vehicle ( i basically put some oversized wheels under it and a propellor on the crank pulley.
  9. I got something you might like. I'll try to upload it in a minute.
  10. please help. i'm trying to build a piston engine but this only works if i can make a rocket engine fire at top dead center. i have already tried using the cal1000 computer to make the engine fire a one second intervals but this results in the engine being out of sequence 95% of all strokes. i was wondering if anyone can come up with an idea to either make te engine fire only at tdc (by using the angle of a servo) or to interupt the fuel flow when the piston is not at top dead center.
  11. I will get back to you about this and counter some arguments. I was a little frustrated yesterday due to personal matters. Won't be until tomorrow though since today i'm driving back from my holliday.
  12. I guess you are all right and i am wrong.
  13. In my experience flying on duna isn't the problem. The landing is as stall speeds are very high and the terrain is rough.