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  1. I can use it, but can't type anything correctly, so when i google search either that happens or there is no internet or the phone crashes..
  2. I really hope the faa clears SpaceX for their launch pad and that they get the Artemis money. If Boca chica is finito SpaceX will be set back years..
  3. how do they keep the water for the water delluge system for a rocket launch liquid at freezing temperatures?
  4. Sn16 only has three of them. That limits the amount of fuel they can take off with.
  5. Max Delta v for Starship sn16 while stille able to take off is about 4700 i think, correct me if i'm wrong.
  6. I mean, i'd also quite like to see the dcx on display somewhere (if it stille existed), that didn't go to the moon or anything either. But i guess i'm Just more easily impressed than you guys.. But then again, where i live we hardly have ANY rockets on display..
  7. They got the Saturn v to a museum right?
  8. i know, i meant as a redundancy when the other engines are broken. sn9 did the last half of the flip on a single engine after beginning the flip on two, then it couldn't counteract the rotation given by the two engine start of the flip. but if the flip was started on just one, would it have enough lever to be able to overcome aero forces in order to change it's orientation? without the hot gas thrusters which the current generation of starships doesn't have. i think the chances of sn16, 17 flying are pretty slim but it's just a hypothetical question. i'm pretty sure sn8 did the flip on two engines but shortly after one quit completely while the other one started running oxygen (and also engine) rich.
  9. A thought Just ocurred to me.. starship can land on a single engine, but would it be able to do the flip on only one engine if the flip was done more gently and at a higher altitude?
  10. Genuine question: Why couldn't n1 handle alle those engines close together, what where the failure points? What Will super heavy have to to different?
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