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  1. I don't onderstand, on march 3rd elon tweeted that the launch would be tommorrow (4th) so how come they are still proceeding?
  2. I agree, didn't watch it either. a lot of those video's are made because the creator personally hates elon musk or electric cars.. I hear enough about that already, so when i want to watch something i want it to be unbiased, not something made to reinforce negative sentiments.
  3. i hope so, but feeling pessemistic about it..
  4. It will be a nice birthday present for me when it lands february the 18th.
  5. I'll probably have to wait untill the end of 2021-early 2022 to get vaccinated because my government sucks at this. Edit: i'm sorry that's hearsay. Official government sources say that everyone should be vaccinated before the first of october, but it might be subject to delays.
  6. Perhaps laythe is Just a natural nuclear reactor and the water acts as coolant.
  7. it's a shame you need a credit card. for non us donators/participants this is a real hurdle because in europe not as many people use them.
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