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  1. i'm currently working on an rss+ro install on 1.6.1 the problem i'm having is that despite having the correct version of procedural parts the parts simply don't show up in the vab.
  2. If we could somehow build a one tonne 1000mw reactor with a 1000mw laser a lightyear could be traversed in 112 years
  3. Wow, so to accelerate 1m/s it would take 10.5 years Or just under 4 days.. really terrible a maths.. What i did (1000mm ÷ 0,003mm) ÷3600÷24 =3.85 days for 1 m/s and that is about 94m/s per year
  4. So in theory, if you had a spacecraft that consisted of a 1 metric tonne 1mw nuclear reactor and that was being propelled by a 1mw laser with a thrust of 0.003 newtons, what would be your acceleration in mm/s/s ? I'm terrible at maths
  5. if you had a laser pointer in space, would it generate thrust?
  6. I'm sorry but how do you get 4800 vacuum dv? With a single nuclear engine a command seat and a full tank my vacuum dv would be no more than 4000 Edit: or are you allowed to drain some oxidiser in the vab?
  7. I've gotten it into orbit with 2435 m/s remaining.. any trip suggestions?
  8. So we can only use the engines from some mod.. i'm sorry but that really takes the fun out of it for me.
  9. Good luck you'll need it. No object thrower.
  10. I tried a 300 t 5m diameter projectile and collided at 300 m/s. Did not work.
  11. was using mouspad, got it working with normal mouse.
  12. for some reason the object thrower has never worked for me. no sandbox but i tried career aswell..
  13. i have tried just about anything but i can't destroy any of the buildings in the ksc. this was easy before the update. i checked and indestructible buildings is switched off.
  14. @James Kerman i removed eve and scatterer and that worked. but from what i understand it is able to run the latter?