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  1. Congratulations to SpaceX and sn15!! History was defenately made today i would really like to hear Scott manley's take on the two engine landing though.
  2. Finally something that my piston planes will be good at..
  3. I completely agree. But i think it's pretty much impossible to compare Starship to a capsule. One is a tried and proven concept and the other is quite experimental. I personally think ss won't Carry crew for a long time (except for lunar ss) but i could be wrong.
  4. Going on holliday by plane was also only for the super rich at first.
  5. ... I don't like what this thread has become.
  6. Has Starship done a static fire yet? Edit: yes
  7. Apparently i forgot the kerbalx link: https://kerbalx.com/theflyingdutchman/Tiger-inc-STOCK-piston-engine-for-aircraft
  8. it does mean that the soviet state sold tanks to a friendly (to them) nation. i'm pretty sure that if the US wanted to buy one at the time they wouldn't sell. now did that make the soviet state a commercial organisation? not a clue honestly.
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