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  1. Did something happen to Umbra Space Industries homepage? http://umbraspaceindustries.github.io/UmbraSpaceIndustries/ returns error 404
  2. You're right! I switched off the reactor, let it cool, and now it is harvesting. Thanks!
  3. I do have SystemHeat, enough cooling and enough electricity (the Bussard seems to work fine while landed). You can see it here - I'm turning it on, there are changes in the system heat panel, and it immediately turns off. My mod list isn't very big. Basically - most NF mods, far future tech, DMagic orbital science, and Konstruction, but here is a full list anyway:
  4. I still can't find a way to make the exospheric harvesters (Bussard and Sift-o-Tron) to work. I tried the Bussard particle scoop - It works on the ground (Kerbin), but as soon as I start the flight it shuts down immediately after I turn it on (just like the Sift-o-Tron). Same behavior in atmosphere and outside it (I checked the log, it doesn't show anything when I (try to) turn the harvester on). When using the atmospheric ramscoop things did work and I was able to harvest oxidizer (In Kerbin) up to a very decent altitude. So, what am I doing wrong? is there any guide or reference for
  5. Hi, I updated to space dust 0.4 (with all dependencies). Build a ship with the "Bussard" exospheric scoop. Upon lunch I'm getting a consistent crash: [EXC 09:59:17.677] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object SpaceDust.ModuleSpaceDustHarvester.AddFlux (System.Single outletTemperature, System.Single systemPower) (at <9fdbabd8c3b74ef7bfa18508d07db5f6>:0) SpaceDust.ModuleSpaceDustHarvester.FixedUpdate () (at <9fdbabd8c3b74ef7bfa18508d07db5f6>:0) Previously in the log I'm getting: [ERR 09:59:17.571] Cannot find c
  6. Hi @Nertea, I'm having a problem with atmospheric harvester (the "Sift-o-tron 250") and it kinda sucks, or rather - doesn't. When on Kerbin - it works with no problem - connected a battery, harvester, radiators and an empty tank and it starts harvesting right away (surprisingly, even if the tank is full, but never mind that). When around Jool (below/above 200KM, doesn't make a difference), it just shuts off a second after I turn it on. (Space Dust tool-menu shows there's LH in both atmosphere and exosphere). The system-heat-loop has plenty of heat-rejection (17MW), and I ha
  7. I'm with system heat 0.3.9, still getting the same NullReferenceException after returning from EVA to a craft. (also using heat control, far future technology and most of the near-future mods). P.S. I worked around it by saving the game in EVA, quitting the game, relaunching and reloading.
  8. I noticed that in 1.11 the "EVA Science experiment" pops up whenever in EVA regardless whether the Kerbal has an EVA science kit or not. Is there a way to fix this?
  9. I was just having a look at the GitHub source (trying to get a hint how's that KonFabricator part coming along) but something else caught my eye - FOR_RELEASE/GameData/UmbraSpaceIndustries/Akita/Akita_CTT.cfg line 13 contains "Akira_Seat", while the cfg file is called "Akita_Seat.cfg". Could that cause a problem with the tech tree?
  10. Ugh, that was an ugly mission. After lots of things jumping into space, exploding and all kinds of weird stuff going on I ended up using one of my lander's landing struts as a jack to lift the side of the rover up, then attach the wheels.
  11. The refrigerator doesn't exactly "automatically" converts anything. If you have both liquid H2 and (gaseous) H2 tanks, then the refrigerator would have a slider that determines the direction of the conversion.
  12. What's the mass of your craft and which Alcubierre parts are you using (and their sizes)?
  13. If you have the Alcubierre drive and the Muon catalyzed fusion reactor or the plasma antimatter reactor (better) it's pretty easy. The trick is to overload the Alcubierre drive so anti-gravity kicks in, and once you're high enough - point to your target and engage warp. Make sure you have enough radiators because these reactors lose efficiency as they get hotter. Landing can be trickier, because you need to either de-circularize using another engine (or engines), or carefully plan your warp exit point so you get low horizontal velocity. If you're playing career mode, you'll probably want t
  14. Is there a documentation somewhere for how the Alcubierre drive works in the game? I got this problem - I'm using a Muon Catalised fusion reactor that can sustain 1.6GW, but starts at about 2.1GW. The information the drive gives me is: Total warp power: 400t Warp to mass ratio: 10.3794 Max allowed throtle: 0.0025c (there's a typo there, should be "throttle") Current selected speed: 0.0130c Abs min power warp: 185.6453MW Current power for warp: 1628.2166MW Power at max speed: 3712.9050MW Is there explanation to what all these numbers mean? When I increase the selected
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