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  1. Is it possible that the Rutherford engine give way too much thrust than what they should, as in 1000 times more? I tried using 4 tiny ones (0.3m) with hydrolox to land my 33-ton base on the mun. It said each one was 5.5kN, but when trying it on Kerbin, it felt like 5500kN. When I limited the thrust to 1.5% it flew nicely (from Kerbin)
  2. Tried to outsmart it with docking ports. I got the "cycle" I wanted, but then the hinge got loose...
  3. I was wondering - is there a way to make this kind of contraption work? I would like to have a hinged telescopic arm support another hinged part so it can handle higher torque.
  4. Wasteheat wasn't a problem. At the time of the incident the throttle was closed, and it seems to be triggered as Ginand Kerman there was approaching it in EVA (And I don't think she jinxed it).
  5. Yes, I'm sure. It was in atmosphere mode from launch until it left the atmosphere, and then I switched it to HTP (even when leaving the atmosphere it didn't give me the message). Then it stayed on HTP the whole trip to Mun (and back) and only then I switched back to atmosphere.
  6. Well, something really annoying happened - I got the "Engine shutdown: fuel missing" problem in mid-flight (even though I had plenty of fuel). The message was received in Mun orbit on a rescue mission when I was approaching the vessel on EVA with my newly recruited Kerbal at about 10m. Switching ships / saving and reloading didn't help, but after quitting KSP and restarting it was able to start the engine again.
  7. So here's another curious thing I encountered - The stock fuel tanks and the cryogenic dual tank can hold "High-test peroxide" whose resource is marked "HTP" and is incompatible with the Resistojet RCS thrusters. The IFS cryogenic tanks can hold "Hydrogen peroxide" whose resource is also marked "HTP" but is compatible with the resistojet RCS thrusters. The thermal ramjet seems to have no problem to consume both.
  8. I came across something very odd with the thermal engine - I have a craft with inline thermal receiver connected to a thermal ramjet nozzle, radial air intakes, some graphite radiator skin wrapper, and two folding graphene radiators. This one launches fine when I use beamed power from orbit. Now - I take the folding radiators and attach them again, and when I try to launch - I get the message "Engine shutdown: fuel missing". I made two craft files - one that works and one that doesn't and compared them. There were several types of differences - 1. The "part" property of one of the radiators changed from KspiFoldingRadMed_4291198794 to KspiFoldingRadMed_4289281322 2. The persistentId of several parts has changed 3. The radiators were moved to be the last parts of the craft 4. The size of the craft was very slightly changed from 4.50155163,9.53781891,4.50155163 to 4.50154972,9.53781891,4.50154877 5. TweakScale DryCost of several modules has been truncated at 0.001 (e.g. 1999.99524 -> 1999.995) 6. (perhaps the most significant change -) WasteHeat maxAmount of the thermal nozzle has changed from 2370.3705822980028 to 8000 Any idea what's going on? Edit: After removing the thermal receiver, nozzle, air intakes and radiators and replacing them from the inventory things were working again.
  9. It's been a long time since I tried it, but do the universal/regolith drills work on asteroids? I have a mission to land an E-class asteroid and it would be much easier if I could mine other resources off it and convert it to something other than the stock fuel/oxidizer.
  10. So, a thermal receiver and a thermal nozzle (I used the thermal turbojet) works pretty neat, except for one interesting (read: weird) bit - If I start the engine with full throttle, it heats up and explodes almost immediately. If I start it with closed throttle and increase it to 100%, everything works fine. Is this a bug? Also, in effort to be able to supply power in orbit I placed 5 2-pivoted IR mirrors in 400k orbit so they can all see each other and at least one of them sees the power plant. However, although the IR mirrors are listed as relays, I don't get the power from the QSR ("QSR - Phase 1") and only from other small reactors (I tried using all IR bands). Could the problem be aperture size? Do I need to beam it as laser in order to make it work?
  11. So I finally made a pretty powerful (30GW) beamed power in low Kerbin orbit using the quantum singularity reactor, free electron laser and the massive multi-band transceiver dish, so it's also very flexible band-wise. It gets its hydrogen from atmospheric harvesting and ISRU electrolyzer, and also has a positron antimatter reactor to restart it in case it shuts down for some reason I'm not aware of. It also got to orbit the proper (launchy) way (in two parts). That was, ahm, interesting... Anyway - ok, so that's cool, now - what can I do with it? I was hoping I could make launch vehicles a lot lighter (or at least, much more reusable), but yet to have found an engine that fits that profile (I really like the Vista engine, but apparently it doesn't work in atmosphere). Any advice?
  12. I connected it to a quantum singularity reactor with adequate cooling. got it to a sub-orbital course with AP at 150Km and was hoping to circularize using the plasma nozzle. Sadly, that didn't work too well, so I had to use more conventional means, but I finally got the QSR to work in low Kerbin orbit, and collect hydrogen from the atmonsphere, so that's fun. Next job is to turn it into a death ray beamed power generator so I might be able to make more interesting launches... Oh, btw, I used a tiny positronium electrostatic ring to power a small positron antimatter reactor to jumpstart the QSR. When I decoupled them I got a message about the positronium ring going to explode, but I got to say I was kinda disappointed that nothing happened when the countdown reached 0. Maybe I should see what happens with more positrons? (I noticed the QSR generates them, so that's cool).
  13. I'm getting "too dense atmosphere" message on the magnetic nozzle when at 150Km above Kerbin. Is that correct? Also, I'd really appreciate a solution to the "DC electrical system going crazy" problem (how can I help?)
  14. I recently acquired the quantum gravity tech node, and the quantum singularity reactor, and I'm trying to make sure I'm not missing anything - the actual challenge is to cool it, right? I noticed that even at the default 5% reactor power it excesses an insane (even Kerbal terms!) amount of wasteheat, so I can only imagine fulfilling its full potential by building (in space) a very large cooling structure (e.g. using scaled-up graphene blanket radiators). Is there a better way?
  15. Has there been a solution to the "DC Electrical System" problem where it consumes all the DC power for no apparent reason? I've got a small ship off Jool with a large rechargeable battery (Z-4K), a few cryostats and 4 Gigantor XL arrays supplying a few KW, and (per the KSPI-E panel) the "DC Electrical System" consumes 5W. If I turn one of the cryostats *off*, "DC electrical system" suddenly consumes 4KW, and it doesn't go down if I turn the cryostat back on.