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  1. The refrigerator doesn't exactly "automatically" converts anything. If you have both liquid H2 and (gaseous) H2 tanks, then the refrigerator would have a slider that determines the direction of the conversion.
  2. What's the mass of your craft and which Alcubierre parts are you using (and their sizes)?
  3. If you have the Alcubierre drive and the Muon catalyzed fusion reactor or the plasma antimatter reactor (better) it's pretty easy. The trick is to overload the Alcubierre drive so anti-gravity kicks in, and once you're high enough - point to your target and engage warp. Make sure you have enough radiators because these reactors lose efficiency as they get hotter. Landing can be trickier, because you need to either de-circularize using another engine (or engines), or carefully plan your warp exit point so you get low horizontal velocity. If you're playing career mode, you'll probably want t
  4. Is there a documentation somewhere for how the Alcubierre drive works in the game? I got this problem - I'm using a Muon Catalised fusion reactor that can sustain 1.6GW, but starts at about 2.1GW. The information the drive gives me is: Total warp power: 400t Warp to mass ratio: 10.3794 Max allowed throtle: 0.0025c (there's a typo there, should be "throttle") Current selected speed: 0.0130c Abs min power warp: 185.6453MW Current power for warp: 1628.2166MW Power at max speed: 3712.9050MW Is there explanation to what all these numbers mean? When I increase the selected
  5. I finally started using the Alcubierre drive for "useful" things. I went to Dres, picked up a homesick Kerbal, when I charged the drive, targeted Kerbin and hit Engage, em, I mean "Activate Warp Drive" it started moving to Dres instead. I un-targeted Kerbin and targeted it again, and this time it went in the right direction. Any idea what's going on?
  6. It happens sometimes. Just delete the aforementioned MiniAVC.xml, and update the mods again.
  7. I noticed something weird about the interstellar science lab - If I only have once scientist on board, I can't get any new data from experiments into the lab, but I if I do have data, I can do research. Is this intentional?
  8. I'm having problems collecting magnometer data and multispectral analysis from "above near" the anomaly. Magnometer data can't be collected in atmospheric flight and when landed it does say "anomalous data collected", but doesn't fulfill the contract. Multispectral analysis doesn't show the "anomalous data collected" message either, regardless of near/above/on. And trying to collect them from space didn't work either. Is there any way to save this contract? Update: It did work from space, but I didn't get the "anomalous data collected" message.
  9. Is it possible that the Rutherford engine give way too much thrust than what they should, as in 1000 times more? I tried using 4 tiny ones (0.3m) with hydrolox to land my 33-ton base on the mun. It said each one was 5.5kN, but when trying it on Kerbin, it felt like 5500kN. When I limited the thrust to 1.5% it flew nicely (from Kerbin)
  10. Tried to outsmart it with docking ports. I got the "cycle" I wanted, but then the hinge got loose...
  11. I was wondering - is there a way to make this kind of contraption work? I would like to have a hinged telescopic arm support another hinged part so it can handle higher torque.
  12. Wasteheat wasn't a problem. At the time of the incident the throttle was closed, and it seems to be triggered as Ginand Kerman there was approaching it in EVA (And I don't think she jinxed it).
  13. Yes, I'm sure. It was in atmosphere mode from launch until it left the atmosphere, and then I switched it to HTP (even when leaving the atmosphere it didn't give me the message). Then it stayed on HTP the whole trip to Mun (and back) and only then I switched back to atmosphere.
  14. Well, something really annoying happened - I got the "Engine shutdown: fuel missing" problem in mid-flight (even though I had plenty of fuel). The message was received in Mun orbit on a rescue mission when I was approaching the vessel on EVA with my newly recruited Kerbal at about 10m. Switching ships / saving and reloading didn't help, but after quitting KSP and restarting it was able to start the engine again.
  15. So here's another curious thing I encountered - The stock fuel tanks and the cryogenic dual tank can hold "High-test peroxide" whose resource is marked "HTP" and is incompatible with the Resistojet RCS thrusters. The IFS cryogenic tanks can hold "Hydrogen peroxide" whose resource is also marked "HTP" but is compatible with the resistojet RCS thrusters. The thermal ramjet seems to have no problem to consume both.
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