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  1. Amazing work! Would definitely be interested in being able to add custom antennas to allow it to work with mods, but what's already here is a seriously useful tool
  2. Absolutely love these parts, with them and the craft files from Unofficial-Tantares-Wiki I assembled Mir on orbit which was a ball! https://imgur.com/gallery/LzuwKYq Also had the Principia mod installed so low orbit rendezvous were (marginally) more realistic which added another dimension to assembling the station. All modules were launched on their correct rockets from TantaresLV, except for the Docking Compartment where I used a Buran shuttle (stock craft file as I cant build spaceplanes to save my life).
  3. Ah fair enough then, never mind but thanks a lot! There goes my plans for a new playthrough about building rockets without any ascent stages, in a not completely cheaty way
  4. This isn't strictly how the mod is intended to be used, but is it possible to edit the part files in order to allow the beacons to be used from the ground?
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