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  1. When I downloaded it, everything worked. Except for the fact that the engines werent there. And I checked the mod file, and there are no engine files there. help?
  2. I have installed sm armory and industries, in game data. never mind, I have found the log. how do I show it to you?
  3. Hey, some of the parts arent loading. As in they arent there. At all. I have some cockpits and some engines, but thats it.
  4. ahhhh , okay. I dont have screen shots but here is what I do. I go to steamapps, then common, then kerbal space program. after that, I go to ships and then to SPH. I dont really use the VAB... I right click a craft, and then pres delete.
  5. I am using it, but Im not getting the craft from steam. Also, you can get craft from steam? neat!
  6. That is what I have been doing, going directly to the "ships" file and deleting the ships. Everytime I load up ksp, the ships are back even though I deleted them in the file
  7. what part of the cache do I delete? and the configs.
  8. Ive been downloading craft, and when Ive been done with them, I usually unistall them. However, recently I can only install but I cant uninstall. I delete the file, but when I start up ksp, the craft files reappear. any solutions, because I dont want my folder all crowded up. thanks!