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  1. Since I believe it's unfair to leave you uninformed, I'd like to say the development is under hiatus. I lost my workstation temporarily, so it'll take a while for me to go back to working on any mods. Please bear with it for a while.
  2. Beginning countdown to prerelease...
  3. Yes, as soon as I figure out how to do so - I just don't plan on having them for pre-release
  4. It's a size2 when collapsed and 5m wide when deployed. Look at the blue modules, they are collapsed.
  5. A really nice stockalike set of parts specialized for building ground bases anywhere in the Kerbol system. (PLANNED) CONTENTS: A spacious habitation module for your stranded kerbal pioneers ✔ A large ground laboratory for analising samples in loco ✔ A variety of tubes for keeping your base united ✔ Solar panels, because you can't do science in the dark and batteries aren't eternal ✔ A nice command module with a view of the stars above [insert planet here] Ground legs for protecting your base from rough landings PRE-RELEASE WHEN? When I finish the co
  6. I second that. Rovers and science in general should get more love.
  7. Why not a Uranus analog with 90º rings?
  8. Alright, try copying the following code to the cfg file after deleting that tag: MODULE { name = ModuleAnimateGeneric animationName = openAllDoors_22k startEventGUIName = #autoLOC_502051 //#autoLOC_502051 = Close endEventGUIName = #autoLOC_502069 //#autoLOC_502069 = Open actionGUIName = #autoLOC_502077 //#autoLOC_502077 = Toggle Bay Doors } It should unlink the animation from the KIS operation rather than just deleting its control.
  9. Yes I have, no he doesn't mind at all, and yes I'm working on it. In fact, the only reason for them to not have part variants from the get-go is because I couldn't get their UV maps. But since I'll have to make a new mesh for them to support animation anyway, I'll make the new part variants to go with the revamped containers. So bear with it for a while, I think I made so that they would go well with at least the Wyvern container. Well, you can delete or comment out (add two slashes before) the openAnimName tag from the part's cfg file. It should prevent the doors from opening, at leas
  10. I'll add that that wasn't really what I had in mind when I wrote this part of the description :v
  11. Mine crashed as well. Done some research, seems to be a null pointer access violation. If that's of any help.
  12. Don't worry, we didn't even touch the 2.5m containers - even though I wanted to :'v
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