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  1. ocso639

    (1.5.1) Kerbol Way Galaxy v0.01

    Oh, updated.
  2. ocso639

    (1.5.1) Kerbol Way Galaxy v0.01

    Oh sorry, I'll add it now.
  3. ocso639

    (1.5.1) Kerbol Way Galaxy v0.01

  4. ocso639

    (1.5.1) Kerbol Way Galaxy v0.01

  5. This mod adds a star and a black hole. DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uuo26xbrzlhk8ki/KerbolWayGalaxy.zip?dl=0 TODO : Add a Proto-Star Add gravitational lensing to the Black Hole (I have a shader script for it on unity but I don't know how to get it in KSP) License: MIT This mod isn't finished, so don't expect it to be good. REQUIREMENTS : Kopernicus Sigma Binary (required for the barycenter) IMAGES :
  6. ocso639

    A Kerbal's Guide to our solar system

    why did nova leave squad?
  7. I know, but it's not about attaching them radially.
  8. yeah, but they don't fit without an adapter.
  9. It would seem cool if there were Docking ports for the DLC parts.
  10. I knew there would be a mod, but it would be better in the stock game.
  11. It would be cool if there was an antenna on the spacesuits, with a range of 50k.
  12. I'm trying to recreate the Wormhole from AVP Interstellar, but can't seem to get the cloud layer to show.
  13. ocso639

    Wormhole from AVP Interstellar?

    i've wrote a simple thing on kopernicus that adds a wormhole but the eve clouds don't show (i have a thread about that actually)
  14. i'm trying to make the wormhole from AVP interstellar using kopernicus but my custom eve clouds don't show?