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  1. that imgur link is from july, please include an updated imgur link.
  2. Made with MechJeb and Near Future Tech plus Tundra Exploration
  3. Took me only a day to build, I used MechJeb 2 to help me dock them together.(atleast I didnt use the rendezvous cheat in the alt + f12 menu)
  4. upddat logs gily is now tipe e astrode aded tipe y astrodes cracken is now fiteable aded blakc hoels blakc hoel near kerbole kerbles have wings now jetpakc removde
  5. updat logs aded defalt danse to kerbles lathe is now flat lathe has a dome that only break when hit with stick aded defalt dansing planets aded star destroyres planets are jely now aded lasres aded kolalas riden spase air plane riden tank with lasre rifels
  6. after thinking about that, you are correct and I find it reasonable that people that owned the game before it was released on steam can get it for free on there.
  7. I wouldn't just buy 39.99$ for something I already own, I mean I just find the whole "if you own the game before it was on steam you get it for free on steam" bull.
  8. How else could I get 0.24 (it says it's not available but using a trick with the steam://nav/console you can download older versions)
  9. check steamdb, there's a steam console called nav/console and you can install versions not available in the Betas tab, however you need the game downloaded. I wanna try it cause the old planet buster.
  10. I know I can buy KSP on steam, but I've bought KSP before it was on steam, I wanna try the version 0.24 but there's no other way to get that version other than those pirated versions that are torrents and possibly viruses and I don't wanna do that, I bought KSP on: 2013-08-07 When the first KSP (steam) release came out: November 13, 2013 how would I get it? Do I have to rebuy it? I have proof of my KSP purchase date. Sorry, I sound like a liar, it's my grammar if that does anything.
  11. For my mod (KerbolWay Galaxy), I created a black hole shader script + C# script but I have no idea on how to port it to KSP, Shader script: https://pastebin.com/xffTSkWv C# script: https://pastebin.com/Y6vArJwV can anyone help me here?
  12. It would be cool if MK2 Lander Cans had a decoupler to transform into the rover style, this would be very good for one way landers so we don't have to store a rover inside the cargo bay.