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  1. Bad News first: I will be removing the rover parts that are in the size and shape of the rover cockpit on the request of Intercept. Please do not get mad at intercept, I was dumb and did not understand how blender worked at the time and was learning how to use it. The parts was built using the rover cockpit and have bits copied from it. And finally the good news: I have been working on some new rover parts. They will have 3 sizes R1 - Small, similar to the games rover size R2 - Medium, similar to the jump from MK2 to MK3 R3 - Large, Used to build huge rovers will fit R1 size and maybe R2 Also have been working on articulating parts and the scanner part. An update will be posted some time today along with the removal of the old versions.
  2. Throughout my playtime with Kerbal Space Program I have experienced the in-game frame limiter to be very 'iffy' when it comes to actually limiting the frame rate to the point that even when turning it down to 60fps using the in-game setting, it doesn't actually make any difference and I still experience well over 100+fps in some scenes and my GPU gets incredibly hot and the fans spin like crazy at full tilt. To this extent I used to use KerboKatz's FPSLimiter mod: Which works amazingly! It actually limits the frame rate in-game down to the values that you set.... HOWEVER, I recently discovered whilst playing other Unity engine based games that their in-game frame limiters actually weren't doing anything either. SO, RivaTuner Statistics Server applet to the rescue! https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/rtss-rivatuner-statistics-server-download.html - RTSS is a lightweight application that monitors frame rate and hardware that also supports video capture and frame limiting. The main thing here being frame limiting. I typically limit KSP through RTSS to 60fps and I noticed that it took considerably less time to load the game when I unlimited the frame rate to the extent that I could load my modded game over twice as fast. With this in mind, I applied this to a completely Vanilla install of KSP 1.10.1 at both an unlimited frame rate and also capped at 30fps and the results were pretty insane. Statistics Unlimited FPS: Start 0m 7s Finish 0m 51s Load Time: 0m 44s --- Limited to 30 FPS: Start 1m 12s Finish 3m 34s Load Time: 2m 22s --- It is clear that the asset loading during game load is still being synchronized with frame rate... which is questionable, especially for heavily modded installs. It appears that coroutines run on Update so if any resource load takes less than a frame length in time then the rest of the time in that frame will be wasted until the next new frame. This is the cause of the wasted/additional loading time. IN CONCLUSION / TL;DR - If you want to load KSP as quickly as possible, especially if you're running an install that takes a long time to load (modded), ensure that you are not frame limiting the game prior to the Main Menu screen as you are, literally, throttling the loading process speed. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/25940 - Also, this issue has been raised on the KSP Bug Tracker already. If you think this is a pertinent issue that requires consideration, please upvote it for visibility. I think its also worth noting that the in-game Frame Limiting and V-Sync settings do not limit frame rate prior to the Main Menu so this only affects users limiting frame rate through external applications or through driver settings (of which are both relatively popular). Setup Specification: Kerbal Space Program - (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us OS: Windows 10 (10.0.0) 64bit CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900KS CPU @ 5.00GHz (16) RAM: 32684MB @ 4300MHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti (6097MB) SM: 50 (Direct3D 11.0 [level 11.1]) It would be nice if SQUAD could rectify this issue.
  3. Salve a tutti! Primo post su questo forum per me! Forse non lo sanno in molti ma abbiamo un bel gruppo telegram (italiano) abbastanza attivo a cui potreste unirvi per continuare a far crescere la community! Qui c'è il link
  4. Finalmente dopo tanto tempo, abbiamo deciso di costruire la nuova Community di Kerbal Space Program Italia su Discord! La 1° fondata su Discord a tema Scientifico, Aerospaziale e Videoludico! Creata prevalentemente per ritrovarsi con videogiocatori di KSP e appassionati di spazio in un posto accogliente, educativo e aperto a tutti dove è possibile condividere contenuti inerenti a Kerbal e al mondo della scienza, cercare nuovi amici, giocare e aiutarsi a vicenda. Abbiamo canali dedicati all'astronomia e all'astrofisica con contenuti scientifici e Space News aggiornate in tempo reale. Vi invitiamo a far parte della Community che sarà in continua espansione e aggiornamento! Link Discord ➔ https://discord.gg/vJssfjsk5s
  5. Hi guys, A week ago was opened the first Italian Community founded on Discord: "Kerbal Spaghetti Program". Take a look! ➔ https://discord.gg/vJssfjsk5s Ciao ragazzi, Una settimana fa è stata aperta la prima Community Italiana fondata su Discord "Kerbal Spaghetti Program". Dateci un'occhiata! ➔ https://discord.gg/vJssfjsk5s
  6. Hello everyone! Today we wear our party helmets to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first publicly released version of Kerbal Space Program, as well as the launch of our most ambitious free update ever! Kerbal Space Program 1.12: On Final Approach is the last major update of what became one of the most influential space flight simulators ever, but it also marks the beginning of a new chapter in the Kerbal universe. Looking forward to the future, but proud of what KSP has achieved, we want to give players our most sincere thanks. The support you’ve given us throughout all these years has helped to excite and inspire us to bring you the ultimate KSP experience before KSP2 hits the shelves next year. Kerbal Space Program 1.12: On Final Approach is packed with a great deal of content including a brand new ‘Slim’ suit inspired by the feats of the private aerospace sector industry, on-demand disconnecting struts, and rotating docking port collars, just to name a few. This update also includes many new requested features & quality of life additions to improve the user experience of KSP, such as a huge revamp to craft and game save loading menu-system, a large amount of wheel and landing leg improvements, and much more! Rejoice and explore the Kerbal universe once more... you might even encounter some of the new easter eggs and unlockable launch sites scattered around the solar system. Are you ready? Let’s go through some of the update’s highlights below: Maneuver Creator App The Maneuver Creator app is an incredibly useful tool that enhances the accuracy of your space maneuvers by allowing you to quickly generate transfers to other celestial bodies, see upcoming transfer windows and get a good understanding of where you’re going and how much deltaV it will take to get there. Alarm Clock App Use the Alarm Clock app to set alarms for maneuvers, manual time alarms and alarms for various orbital positions, which will certainly come in handy for those long trips that require several burns to complete. New Solar Panels This update also includes 4 brand new photovoltaic panels, including enhanced versions of the SP and OX-4 series, but also two large circular retractable solar panels with very cool deployment methods. 10th Anniversary Fireworks! Celebrate KSP’s 10th anniversary with these highly configurable firework launchers to attach to your vehicles. Choose from different trail and burst types, but also tweak the force, duration, star size, launch velocity, explosion delay, and the colors of the fireworks at any given time. Let the party begin! And more! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here: =================================== v1.12.0 ============================================================ +++ Improvements * Upgrade project to Unity 2019.4.18f1 LTS. * All module filter buttons in advanced filter mode in the VAB/SPH now have icons. * Adjustment to Kerbal hiring formula to make it not prohibitive, while still making it cheaper if the player has lost most/all of their kerbals. * Wheel and landing leg suspension now spreads weight across all grounded wheels. * Wheels have new improved friction model with more realistic physics. * Wheel steering response is now modified to give lower response at higher speeds (less oversteer). * Add new stock Slim suit. * Color picker PAW field now shows current color to left of name. * Adjustments to PAW groups to let controls in groups fill the PAW better. * ChooseOption PAW field now marquees text for long value choices. * Revamp of Pol's terrain textures. * Implement new structural variants to Flag parts and ensure non-structural ones have no colliders. * Add limited rotation to Docking Port parts so they can now slightly rotate to help align both sides of the vessel. * Add Disconnect action for compound parts like fuel lines and struts, so you can disconnect these via the part menu, actions and controllers. * Add folder structure display and navigation for craft storage and the craft-load dialog. * Add middle mouse click handling to set lat, lon, alt when using the set position cheat from flight and map mode. * Add Maneuver Tool app to create inter-body transfer maneuver nodes. * Add file folder browser to craft load and save dialog. * Add ability to search games in load screen. * Add ability to search craft in vessel load dialog. * Add 10th Anniversary Patch to classic astronaut suits. * Add an alarm clock app to help players not miss important events. * Implement cheats - Ignore Kerbal EVA Construction Mass Limit, Ignore Kerbal Inventory Volume/Mass Limit and Fix repairable parts. * Change error message color and added Override safety check to the set Orbit cheat. * Command Pods are now allowed to be edited in EVA Construction Mode. +++ Localization * Move Action Group App heading text to correct localization files. * Italian only. Fixing incorrect tense used for verbs in three Mission Control strings. * KSPedia EVA Activities fix, in all 9 languages. * Fix KSPedia Parachute slide for all 9 languages. * Fix outdated translation on Kerbal parachute KSPedia page of one string in Chinese only. * Fix on grammatical error on Dzhanibekov effect EVA science experiment, for English only. * Fix translation in one string (#autoLOC_8003405) , only for Russian. * Fix for missing comma in SEQ-24 Cargo Storage Unit description, English only. * Fix for misspelled 'efficiency' in Construction training, English only. * Fix translation in game for one string to match cfg file (#autoLOC_309388) , only for French. * Fix translation in one string for Bepi Colombo, only for German. * Fix translation for several uses for 'crew' , only for Chinese. * Fix 'Ice Cream' is two words, English only. * Fix for apostrophe missing in 'comets' for one line in Rosetta mission. English only. * Fix for several part names showing untranslated in description, Japanese only. * Fix for using a capital C on the noun Comet for Rosetta mission summary, English only. * Fix for UI to show whole translation for KAL-1000 Controller details, Russian only. * Fix for spelling mistake in the part description window for the EVA Repair Kit, English only. * Fix for punctuation in Data from Science slide, French only. * Fix for spacing in Tools VAB/SPH KSPedia slide, Portuguese only. * Fix wheel stress PAW item text in Japanese. * Fix for typo issue in 'Dres' KSPedia slide, Portuguese only. * Updated text for OX-Stat-PD Photovoltaic Panel, 8 languages. +++ Parts * New solar panels! OX-10L 1x5, SP-10L 1x5, OX-10C and SP-10C Photovoltaic Panels. * Fix LV-N Nerv, Stayputnik, RA-15 Relay Antenna, LV-T45 Swivel, LV-T30 Reliant, Z-200 Rechargeable Battery, Girder Adapter and Z-4K Rechargeable Battery overlapping z-fighting issues. * Fix MK1-3's Kerbal hatch exit point. * Allow surface attachment to the PB-X50R Xenon Container, Stratus-V Cylindrified Monopropellant Tank and Stratus-V Roundified Monopropellant Tank. * Revamp all docking port parts. * Add a new set of parts. Fireworks dispensers! +++ Bugfixes * Fixed audio issue caused by too many sounds triggering at the same time. * Fix Part Loader handling of invalid animations in parts on load. * Fix the map icon for Deployable Ground Parts like Work Lamps to not show the unknown question mark. * Fix parts being tilted when taken from inventory in Construction mode, they now match the rotation in the editor. * Fix kerbals being able to walk and jump their way to orbit. * Fix null references occuring on part icons after the mission flag is changed after moving a cargo flag from cargo to a vessel. * Fix issue flag parts in cargo were changing their thumbnail when changing the mission flag while in the VAB/SPH and also when held over PAWs or EVA Construction Panel. * A new screen message will appear when a Kerbal attempts to pick up a deployed cargo part when it's carrying capacity limit would be exceeded. The part will not be picked up until the Kerbal has freed enough capacity in its inventory slots. * Fix potential game crash when attempting to attach a part created from an undo (crtl+z)in editor. * Decreased a height error check from 0.2m to 0.1m, in order to support smaller parts, and preventing them to sink into the ground. * Fix edge case where robotic pistons shoot off at high speeds when dropped in EVA Construction Mode. * Fix Mobile Launch sites where all the legs will now try to extend if one does not find a ground collision. * Fix Mobile Launch Sites could end up with a null reference for positionMobileLaunchsite. * Deployed science SFX is no longer interrupted while placing more than one instrument. * Fix the consistency of Extendable parts. When they are moved they should retain their state, when stored they are retracted into storage and need to be extended once attached from storage. * Fix key not found exception after an EVA Kerbal dies followed by staging a decoupler in flight. * Fix ability to review and transmit science experiments whilst resetting the experiment. * Fix NRE on closing Construction Mode while holding robotic parts after detaching it from vessel. * Fix flag parts not moving with the rest of the craft when manipulating the root part in editor. * Fix flickering Orbit lines in Mapview/Tracking station (really fixed this time). * Fix for UI to allow proper space for the word "Small" to display in a single row in the PAW. * Fix for UI to avoid misaligned column text in "Active Strategies" column, in the Administration Building. * Fix wheel stress tolerance not taking gravity into account. * Fix wheels not taking steering curve into consideration. * Fix landing legs violently decompressing when fully compressed. * Fix landing legs shaking on low gravity. * Fix light weight rovers using S2 wheels sliding everywhere. * Fix landing legs shaking when attached to parts placed horizontally. * Fix vessels moving across the surface with landing legs placed at >= 45 degrees. * Fix toggle wheel motor action group. * Fix max speed on M1. * Fix some contract craft not loading in career games. * Fix quicksave text input being too short and characters being cut off. * Fix deploying ground parts interrupting SFX on other parts. * Fix NRE occurring during repairing a part. * Fix Rover Construction, Satellite Upgrade and Vessel repair contracts losing track of the contract vessel. * Fix any vessel arriving at a rover repair contract from triggering the waypoint on the contract. * Fix Satellite upgrade contract asking for parts that are not usable in EVA Construction mode. * Fix Ap and Pe markers appearing in future patches in space not aligned to current patch rendering when in career games that have yet to have patched conics available. * Fix EVA kerbals on a ladder in Construction Mode holding a part from floating off the ladder. * Fix the banana pieces velocity when performing the EVA science experiment whilst wearing the default suit. * Fix physicsless root part on decoupled vessel creating havoc. * Fix a Key Not Found Exception error message is fired when a Grip Strip is removed from any vessel through EVA Construction Mode. * Fix held part keeps its position in the scene on closing Construction Mode instead of reaching the ground. * Fix Mk1-3 Pod's rcs' SFX volume. * Fix toggle of suspension auto spring and damper not resetting spring and damper when toggled from override to auto. * Fix the Protective Rocket Nose Cone Mk7?s collider. * Fix prebuilt craft qualification for contracts based on tech nodes as they are purchased. * Fix Non-retractable deployable parts having a Retract option when they cannot be retracted. * Inventory part tooltip panel no longer closes as soon as the mouse exits the inventory slot. It is therefore now possible to read all the information when the panel has many widgets. * Extended part information panel and inventory tooltip are now more clear about mass information. * Fix audio issue where sounds makes a pop sound when engines shut down. * Fix NREs when expanding a stage from a vessel marked as debris. * Fix audio issue where sounds differed between map view and flight view. * Fix the MenuNavigation on the CraftBroswer dialog so that when browsing with the up and down arrows, the scrollback focuses on the highlighted element. +++ Modding * Changes to Wheel and Landing Legs systems by default are not applied to old parts. ModuleWheelBase.useNewFrictionModel, ModuleWheelSteering.useNewModel, ModuleWheelSuspension.useDistributedMass must be set to true in the Part Modules cfg for each part that wants to use the new functionality. * Failed reflection calls to incompatible or otherwise invalid mods are now handled, so they don't stop the game from loading. * Custom suits now show the corresponding icon in all relevant screens. * Added an additional useCustomThreshold field to ModuleOrbitalSurveyor. Setting it to true will allow the module to recalculate the minimum and maximum altitudes beyond the stock values. * When multiple versions of the same assembly are present, KSP now makes sure only the most recent one is loaded. * Tuned the logic to calculate space object resource percentages based on the lowRange and highRange values, preventing space objects from always having > 80% resources regadless of the range values. * Add a GameEvent for revert to launch that returns the current FlightState. * Add ability for modders to be able to turn off the color changer UI. * Add ability to support multiple lights from the single ModuleLight instance. * Allow ModuleLight's toggle action to simultaneously toggle other animations. =================================== Making History 1.12.0 =================================== +++ Parts * Kerbodyne S3-S4 adapter's dark stripe now matches with the S3 and S4 tanks. * Add 1.25m Engine plate. * Fix SM-25 gap at bottom of the doors. +++ Bugfixes * Kerbodyne KE-1 Mastodon Liquid Fuel Engine's shroud clipping fix * Fix spacing in Mission Builder for 'Seed' field in the SAP. * Fix max speed on M1-F wheels. * Fix EP-12's preview attach nodes size. * Fix MEM's rcs' SFX volume. =================================== Breaking Ground 1.7.0 =================================== +++ Localization * Fix unnecessary colon for one string in Spanish only. * Fix for spelling mistake in Duna's stone objects, English only. Kerbal Space Program 1.12: On Final Approach is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third-party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. Click here to enter the Grand Discussion Thread for this release. Happy launchings! About the Ground Anchor: The Ground Anchor will be a brand new element in KSP, that when paired with EVA construction, will give players the ability to anchor their vessels to the ground or create a solid foundation for bases. Unfortunately we encountered a late bug for this feature, so it will not be included as part of the 1.12 update. We believe we have a fix for it, but it was too late and too risky to do at the last minute. As a result, this feature will be included with the 12.1 patch, so stay tuned.
  7. Hello everyone! Gear up Kerbonauts, engineers are required for some in situ reassembling! Stack up your inventory with parts and tools in order to prepare for any contingencies. With a reimagining of the game’s inventory system and the introduction of a new EVA construction mode, KSP is here with new content for everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.11: Some Reassembly Required is the game’s latest major free update and with it, we’re adding some significant and game changing elements that give players added flexibility and a more immersive KSP experience. Pack an inventory for your missions and modify your crafts or even assemble a new vehicle on the spot with the help of your engineers, or bring an EVA Science Experiment Kit and have your Kerbals undertake fun animated experiments. In addition to some new parts, visual enhancements, and some bug-fixing, Some Reassembly Required continues to enrich the KSP experience. Let’s go through some of the update’s highlights below: EVA Construction Mode This mode gives your engineers tools similar to what you find in the VAB/SPH to manipulate parts in their inventory or within their range while on EVA in any location. Need to make some adjustments to your Vallerian SSTO, or build an improvised Munar rover in situ? Now you can! Inventory System Changes This update expands upon the inventory system and gives it deeper meaning and functionality! These changes include the option to carry and stack various parts in your craft’s inventory and adds to the ability of Kerbals to carry an inventory of their own. All while making it easier to get access to and manage all of the inventories on a craft. Just remember to think wisely on what you want to bring with you on a mission… New Lights and RCSs Some Reassembly Required adds new lights parts to the game, including some smaller, physics-less lights as well as a couple of deployable lights that work without the need for an attached craft or EC power source. And not only that, two new smaller Reaction Control Systems are being added to the part repertoire! These smaller RCS are perfect to make your probes, drones or smaller crafts more mobile and versatile. Joolian Moons’ Visual Improvements With this update, we will continue with the overhauling of the rest of the Joolian satellite system with Bop, Vall and Tylo. These moons have been popular destinations for intrepid space explorers and now they will look better than ever before, with high-quality texture and graphic shaders. And more! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here: =================================== v1.11.0 ============================================================ +++ Improvements * Improve version checking for save files to prevent incorrect compatability messages. * Added game setting to enable Ghosted Navigation Markers. These let you see targets behind you by presenting a faded marker on the navball as if you are looking through the navball. * Text in action group labels now moves if truncated so the text can be fully read. * A notification is displayed on the Fairings PAW when it has a flag attached and the sides and edit Fairing options are blocked. * Robotic Controllers like KAL can now be accessed by EVA Kerbals to Play and Stop the Sequence. * Revamped Vall! It now has a low, medium and high quality shaders as well as a new scaled space textures. * Revamped Tylo! It now has a low, medium and high quality shaders as well as a new scaled space textures. * Revamped Bop! It now has a low, medium and high quality shaders as well as a new scaled space textures. * Launchclamps will now default to the earliest stage on a craft. * Added a speed slider to the Axis Groups Binding so players can control how fast a binding will move. The value shown is in % of full axis range per second. * Expanded on the Warp to Sunrise button functionality. It's now available in flight and Tracking Station whenever it makes sense. * Added onscreen tab to Map Filters panel to make it more obvious and changed the behaviour to be click to toggle like the navball tab. * Implemented Menu Navigation on the Action Groups in Flight. * Added new Color Picker for the Kerbal Light Color during Flight. * Parts of the same type and variant can now be stacked in a single inventory slot. Each part has a maximum allowed stack amount. * Change PPD-10 Hitchhiker and Mk3 Passenger Module mass to align with passenger/mass ratio of Mk1 Crew cabin. * Change PPD-12 Cupola Cost and Mass to align with cost/mass ratio of Mk1 Capsule. * Change Mk2 Crew Cabin mass to incorporate wing mass. * Don't put parachutes in the first (launchpad) stage by default. * Crewable part masses revised to account for crew mass and their cargo. * Crew now have mass when on IVA (inside parts) along with their cargo. * The Flag browser now categorizes flags into groups. * Added RocketLabs and Electron flags. * Added EVA Construction Mode. * Amended dV and orbit calcs to use Double precision. * Some large parts cannot be put into cargo containers but can be manipulated in EVA construction mode. * Players can no longer assign the Undock node Action. This has been removed as it was causing confusion with the Decouple node Action in some parts. Crafts with the action assigned can still fire it. * Construction Mode provides CoM CoT CoL overlays. * Kerbals stop climbing on reaching the end of a ladder. A new toggleable game setting Check ladders end enables/disables the behavior. * SEQ-3 and SEQ-9 Cargo Containers are now Stock parts. * All Cargo Parts can now be searched by the tag cargo in editor and mission builder. * Flight Info debug window now shows the angle of the surface the vessel is currently on. * Asteroids have new textures and shader. * New rover construction contract for career games. * New vessel repair contract for career games. * New satellite upgrade contract for career games. * Improvements over the Kerbal jittery movement. * Comet visual FX performance improvements. * Added a repair kit part. Now repairing broken parts uses up repair kits, be sure to have some in your Engineer's inventory. * Added new EVA science experiments and animations. * Kerbal Jetpack and Parachute are now cargo items that kerbals must carry in their inventory to use them. * Kerbals in EVA use EVA propellant from EVA cylinder parts and Jetpacks that they are carrying. * EVA cylinder parts and Jetpacks are refilled when they are transferred back into a vessel from a kerbal. * Amended dV and orbit calcs to use Double precision. * Make render probes fade in better when a new render probe is added. +++ Localization * Removed line breaks in the Orbit's Ejection field tooltip. * Fix missing localized text in the Robotic controller name input field. * Multiple bug fixes for all languages. * Navigation console had missing space for the field IZQUIERDA which affected only Spanish. * Fix fairing variants having wrong language on textures in English and French. * Multiple string additions and corrections for some languages. * Fix spelling of BepiColombo and Rosetta. * Multiple KSPedia fixes all languages. +++ Parts * The LFB KR-1x2 Twin-Boar Liquid Fuel Engine now has the correct diameter. * Added colliders to all flag part variants. * Removed the gaps of the FL-R25 RCS Fuel Tank when attached to other tanks. * New SEQ-24 Cargo Storage Unit and new SEQ-1C Conformal Storage Unit. * New Place Anywhere 1 Linear RCS Port. * New RV-1X Variable Thruster Block. * New Repair kit part. * Added new EVA science experiment kit. * EVA Fuel Cylinder cargo part. * Fix gap in the Mk2 Cockpit IVA. * HG-5 High Gain Antenna is now placed correctly in mirror symmetry. * Fix LFB KR 1x2 'Twin Boar' off placed surface attach underneath. +++ Bugfixes * Revised the instructions on several tutorials regarding the recent changes to the flight UI mode toggling. * Fix issues with fairing shaders when width/height ratio is extreme. * Craft file name is now independent of command pod vessel naming, preventing accidental overwrites when re-naming command pods. * Fix flickering orbit lines in mapview. * Fix an overlap in some languages between the Header and vessel stats field in the craft browser dialog. * Fix part joint failure including autostruts when target RigidBody is same as host RigidBody which can occur in some edge cases. * Fix tourists from being EVA'd from a command seat. * Fix steep textures shaking on lower quality shaders after reentry. * Fix payload inside fairing not being released when decoupled and fairings are still intact. * Fix resource transfer failing when opening and closing a parts action windows several times. * Fix inventory part tooltips lingering on the screen when changing Camera Mode. * Fix EVA Kerbal walking animation sync, timing and bounding issues. * Fix EVA Kerbal sliding issues. * Fix menu navigation issues when navigating between columns in the Action Groups menu. * Fix craft thumbnails not showing fairings. * Fix Female Kerbals not walking correctly on some low g bodies. * Fix Incremental speed sliders now update on symmetric parts on the Action Groups Menu. * Fix Comet Sample contracts not completing if comet is renamed by the player after the science sample is taken. * Fix AOOREs and flow on effects that occur on vessel markers for vessels that use ( as the first character in their name. * Fix issue with flags on parts that are set flipped that also have variants set not flipping the flag textures. * Fix AOORE on temperature gauges when parts explode. * Fix NRE on adding any action to action groups. * The crew inventory initialization doesn't break the kerbal roster initialization on the astronaut complex. * Fix alignment in action group text in the action group editor window. * Fix localization of tech tree node names in UI. Including Part Upgrades. * Fix Camera controls are now enabled when the Action Groups panel is open during Flight. * Fix Staging is now Locked when Action Groups panel is open during Flight. This could cause firing unintentional staging while having the panel opened. * Fix issue with SEQ-3 search tags. * Fix inconsistency in the detection of hatch obstruction. * Fix click-through issue occuring with the main menu expansion dialogs. * Fix Action groups UI becoming non-functional on pressing the KAL's Action Groups button more than once. * Fix Kerbals rotating when walking on hills. * Fix System set to Time Zone that KSP can't handle from crashing the game. eg: Hong Kong. * Fix the Comet and Asteroid showing up in the Size3 Bulkhead filter. * Fix issue that prevented fairing panels from exploding when colliding. * Fix mistake in the 1.10 section of the changelog. * Fix the white rectangle showing in both Advanced Grabbing Units when rotating in the part picker. * Fix multiple comet comas blotting out the sky when a comet breaks up on reentry. * Fix lighting issues in Terrain System. * Fix issue with forward axis not updating properly. * Fix Fuel tanks could get stuck with no references to transfer resources when opening and closing PAWs while a transfer was being done. * Fix Kerbals neck showing when swimming. * Fix Grand Tour contracts need a new vessel to be built requirement. * Fix default helmet and neck ring settings not applying on first EVA. * Fix KSPedia continues to work as expected even after closing it abruptly while a slide was loading. * Fix Color values update correctly now in the color picker for HSV values and sliders. * Fix undo in editor with fairings changing materials on cargo bays. * Fix comet science contracts failing when sample has been collected but not yet transmitted or returned. * Fix the kerbal ladder sliding. * Fix Color values update correctly now in the color picker for HSV values and sliders. * Fix camera being too far from vessel when exiting map view in some situations. * Fix the Kerbals hands on fire idle arms shrinking at the end. * Fix Paws are automatically opened when hovering a cargo part over an inventory in the Editor. +++ Modding * Inventory system is now persisted as a list of protoparts instead of a comma-separated string of names. The old system is still there for compatibility, but the new one is preferred. * LightOn/Off events have been replaced with a toggle event on the PAW to reduce PAW redraw. The events still exist and can be triggered, but are hidden from the PAW. * Tech Tree now correctly reads all TechTree nodes from gamedata folder. * QuaternionD now supports LookRotation. * Implemented FlightVesselOverlays class to implement the Center overlays to be displayed in flight. * New pre-generated craft and locations capability for contracts in career games. * ModuleInventoryPart.allowedKerbalEvaDistance obselete in preference to GameSetting.EVA_INVENTORY_RANGE. * Parts now have a minimum Rigidbody mass minimumRBMass which affects how small the rigidbodies mass can be. Does not affect part.mass - which is whats used to calculate force, etc - but does affect rigidbody collisions. =================================== Making History 1.11.0 =================================== +++ Improvements * Added the option "All SAS Modes on all probes" to the Mission Builder Start node Difficulty options. The same option found in Sandbox games. +++ Localization * Fix mission validation report dialog not displaying validation options text in Chinese and Japanese. +++ Parts * Added colliders to all flag part variants. * Fix the LV-TX87 Bobcat Liquid Fuel Engine's attach rules, no more surface attach. +++ Bugfixes * Engine plates now shroud parts attached to nodes inside shroud from airstream. * Fix user is was unable to switch the GAP Vessel Token from Aircraft to Rocket after saving a mission with the Aircraft selection. * Change the error message when you try to launch a vessel in the SPH with the same name in the VAB or vice-versa. * Fix issue with Mission Builder when animating parts are toggled when the flight scene loads. * Fix the seam on the Making History suit helmet. * Fix active vessel not switching when explode part node fires in missions. * Fix undo in editor with fairings changing materials on cargo bays. =================================== Breaking Ground 1.6.0 =================================== +++ Improvements * Added toggle to enable or disable a KAL controller. +++ Bugfixes * Fix InventoryModules adding mass to a part even if there was no cargo in it. * Fix floating Mun ROCs by adjusting the meshes. * Fix NRE in deployed science when retrieving experiment parts. Kerbal Space Program 1.11: Some Reassembly Required is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third-party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. Click here to enter the Grand Discussion Thread for this release. Happy launchings!
  8. Hello everyone! The European Space Agency (ESA) and Kerbal Space Program have come together to bring you brand new content, including the ESA space-suit texture, new parts and variants, and two of their most iconic and groundbreaking missions into the game. Gear up, fuel up and prepare to share horizons with ESA and KSP! Kerbal Space Program 1.10: Shared Horizons is the game’s latest major update aimed to continue with our efforts to enrich the KSP experience. Build a kerbalized version of the renowned and powerful Ariane 5 heavy launch vehicle, visit comets and push the limits of space exploration with a host of new additions to the game that not only will give you more things to do, but also make the game look and perform better with a bunch of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Let’s go through some of the update’s highlights below: ESA Missions Thanks to our collaboration with ESA, put yourself to the test and carry out KSP versions of the historic BepiColombo and Rosetta missions! Drop a lander module on the surface of a comet and visit the innermost planet of the solar system to study its magnetosphere and surface characteristics, all in the name of science. Best of all, the Making History and Breaking Ground expansions are not required to play these missions! Comets In order to make the Rosetta mission possible, comets now roam the Kerbal Solar System. With beautiful tails and larger dimensions than regular asteroids, comets appear in all game modes and you can take on new career mode contracts to detect and visit them. Be vigilant, because you might even see one that is passing through from interstellar space! New Parts and Variants Kerbal Space Program 1.10: Shared Horizons includes several new parts and variants to match ESA’s style! Decorate your vehicles with a variety of flag parts that can be attached to your liking, take the brand new Magnetometer Boom along with the MTO and MPO to carry out scientific experiments on Moho or beyond, or capture asteroids and comets with the Advanced Grabbing Unit Jr., a smaller and versatile version of the “Klaw”. Additionally, there are also new variants of some tanks, SRBs, the “Poodle” Liquid Fuel Engine, and decouplers; plus, fairings have not only new variants, but some updated functionality as well. Jool and Laythe Visual Improvements The legendary green gas giant and it’s innermost satellite have new high-quality texture maps & graphic shaders, and now look sharper and more realistic than ever! Find a nice beach on Laythe and enjoy the view of Jool’s newly animated clouds. Beautiful! And more! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here: =================================== v1.10.0 ============================================================ 1.10.0 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for Making History and Breaking Ground changelog) +++ Improvements * Added the ability to fine tune fairings or use the existing, snap mode. This behavior reacts to the editor's angle snap. * Added ESA missions tutorial. * Adjusted the Remove Row button in KAL to only delete the row when clicking on the red cross, not the whole segment. * Fuel cells can be set started in the VAB or SPH for launch. * Drag cube debug information now available in VAB/SPH when show aero data in PAW debug option is on. * Improve drag cube system to handle Part Variants and Shrouds on the same part. * Add additional drag cube information to Debug Aero info in PAWs. * Persist Aero GUI UI debug window setting and Debug Aero info in PAWs setting between game sessions. * Performance improvements for engine module. * Performance and memory improvements for launching a vessel from the space centre. * Performance and memory improvements for part action windows by caching them. * Performance and memory improvements for reading and writing config nodes, so better performance for loading and saving. * Performance and memory improvements for undo and redo in VAB/SPH by caching stage manager icons. * Intended duplicated group-actions have a marker to distinguish the part side . * Converter actions now indicate resource type to differentiate them. * Performance and memory improvements for loading vessels. * Preview and select suits for Kerbals via the suit selector icon (coat hanger). * Performance and Memory improvements for game, craft and mission load dialogues. * Performance and Memory improvements for vessel loading. * Performance and Memory improvements for ModuleJettison in VAB/SPH. * The KSC's grass now changes according to the currently set terrain shader quality. * Revamped Jool, giving it a new animated shader and high resolution textures. * Laythe planet textures revamp. Low, medium and high quality terrain shaders. * ESA Collaboration missions implemented for base game. * Added EVA button to the crew transfer dialog. Functions the same as the crew hatch dialog EVA button. * Added the ability to have open-ended/uncapped fairings. * Sliders now display units in the Part Action Window where appropriate. * Optimized fairing mesh construction and exploded view heuristic by caching mouse position. * Reduced GC and unnecessary calculations performed for variants on fairings. * Reduced number of meshes and colliders for fairings to improve draw calls and standarize at 24-32 sides. * Added Marquee scrolling to a few PAW items for when the text is super long. Text is ellipsis in this case and on mouse over will move left then right. * Performance improvements in flight mode by caching variables in ThermalIntegrationPass and PartBuoyancy. * Hide UI elements that aren't being used and avoid unnecessary updates in flight mode. * Performance and memory improvements for DeltaV simulations. * Speed up craft loading and use less memory in VAB/SPH. * The PAW starts towards the outside of the screen instead of over the center of the rocket/screen. * The camera will not position itself at an appropriate distance when switching vessels to prevent the camera starting inside vessels. * KSP now has Comets! * Added two new contracts for comets. * Added surface sample science experiment for comets. * Comets can explode into smaller fragments while entering a CB's atmosphere. * Fairings can now be set to not auto-expand in SPH/VAB via a new PAW option. * Improve performance of splash FX in water by using combination aof close splashes and limiting how many occur in close proximity * Adjusted the "dark" them color to be more visible in the variant selector. +++ Localization * Changed Japanese translation of "Polar Crater" based on community feedback. * Stock vessel name and description translations. * Fix science done at Dessert not showing localized name. * Fix Service Module parts displaying unlocalized text for Shroud. * Fix Command parts displaying unlocalized text for Cutaway. * Fixed a localization issue on the Strategies occurring on FR, IT and PT * Fix unlocalized label for facility level during missions. * Fix grammar issue in From the Moon tutorial. * Updated SC-9001 Science Jr. perform science button so it now matches the new part name. * Fixes translation error in FTE-1 part in Japanese. * Fix missing character in KSP Merchandise link in main menu in simplified Chinese. * Improved phrasing for landing label in Russian. * Fix localized string when debugging aero details. * Fix localization issues with tab headings in Tracking Station. * Fix KSPedia - Numbers on Resources/Conversion Management page alignment in Russian and Chinese. * Fix KSPedia 'app launcher' text box on the Manual/Flight Interface page alignment in Portuguese. * Fix KSPedia text on Rocketry/Basics/Centered page spacing in Japanese. * Fix KSPedia text on Manual/Management page spacing in Portuguese. * Fix KSPedia unlocalized text for measurements is displayed in the 'Effective Range Table'. * Fix KSPedia Japanese Incorrect break line in Control. * Fix numerous part description texts. * Fix a couple of messages in tutorials. * Fix action sets override explanation tooltip text. * Fix Localization of Vessel Naming Group and vessel name in PAWs. * Removed line breaks in the Orbit's Ejection field tooltip in English. +++ Parts * Add fuel line ESA variant. * Add Thoroughbred ESA variant. * Added Rockomax X200-32 ESA variant. * Revamped R-11 'Baguette' External Tank and added silver variant. * Revamped R-4 'Dumpling' External Tank and added silver variant. * Revamped R-12 'Doughnut' External Tank and added silver variant. * Added new variants to the fairings size 1, 2 and 3. Now we have them in white, black and white, orange, silver and gold. * Revamped Struts and added white variant. * New Moho Planetary Observer (MPO) Probe. * New Moho Transfer Module (MTM). * Fix Mainsail's Center Of Thrust. * Fix LV-N engine FX particle offset. * Added the ESA variant to the Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank. * New Flag parts, these new parts can be placed on fairings by holding the Mod key or by setting the Fairing Expansion = Off setting in the fairings PAW. * Parts with Flag Decals on them can now have their decal set to mirrored. * New Magnetometer Boom science experiment. * Advanced Grabbing Unit textures revamped and added a Dark variant. * New Advanced Grabbing Unit Jr. With 2 variants * Fix for LV-N engine not stacking correctly at the bottom. * Added a white and yellow variant to all TD decouplers and TS separators. +++ Bugfixes * Fix Action Groups app position. * Fix mesh scale on short compoundparts causing reentry FX issues. * Fixed Interstage fairings holding onto the payload in certain use cases. * Fix dV calcs for stages drawing resources across decouplers with crossfeed enabled. * Fix unable to timewarp after using Set Position and then Set Orbit cheat. * Fix autostrut being incorrectly reset on parts attached to dynamic nodes if the part is the parent. * Fix drag cubes on J-90 Goliath, 48-7S Spark, LV-909 Terrier, RE-M3 Mainsail, RE-L10 Poodle RE-I5 Skipper, and numerous other parts. * Fix craft browser selecting wrong tab when player switches between VAB/SPH. * Fix the highlight and navigation colors not being set on game start when the settings file did not exist. * Fixed a bug that stopped the player from progressing in the Basic Science Tutorial. * Fix Action Groups app header in flight. * Fix Lights toggle image not showing all rays properly in Altimiter UI. * Fix comm link not displaying correct strength when focusing on a relay satellite. * Fix node icons being rendered on top of other Flight scene UI elements. * Fix broken off solar panels, fairings and shroud parts left on the surface causing vessels to remain in landed state after they take off. * Fix Dont Show Again not working for Delete all Messages functionality. * Fix LV-T45 config by removing duplicate definition of testmodule. * Fixed veteran kerbals dissappearing when being dismissed. * Fix Navball render issue when Maneuver mode is enabled. * Fix resources not being displayed in tracking station in Prospecting Eeloo Scenario. * Fix asteroids having incorrect mass when docking. * Fix bug causing kerbals to not respawn in Space Center. * Fix bug causing difficulty settings to revert when reverting flight. * Fix maneuver node label not showing when switching selected node. * Fix an issue where Maneuver Mode's Maneuver Editor's Gizmos can enlarge or shrink when clicked extremely fast. * Fix 3.75m decoupler and separator drag cubes creating too much drag. * Fix issue where some vessels were not being reset to the terrain when loading them in a save game where the game terrain detail settings had been changed since it was last saved. * Fix a different tone of white in the white fairing variant. * Fix Launch platform selector getting stuck when opening dialogs while it is already open. * Fix Portrait Gallery when EVAing and all gallery pictures have been hidden. * Fix lighting on specular shaded part icons. * Fix 3D object masking in Editor and RnD scenes for Windows platform and openGL forced. * Pinned PAW stays open in the editor on click events and on part selection. * Add some clarity in the strategies that have no-duration (Bail-out and Sell-out) so players dont expect them to remain active over time. * Fix Z-100 battery light showing white in toolbar and tooltip icons sometimes. * Fix fuel overlay becoming offset when dragging the root part by hiding the overlay during that drag. * Remove Jettison event for Jettison parts that are fairings as they cannot be jettisoned manually. * Fix hitching in the main menu. * Fix visual artefacts of atmosphere planets in map view at high timewarp rates. * Interior lights of ship cockpits and passenger modules are linked to the toggle lights action group. * Fixed bug causing empty stages not to be deleted. * Fix label overlap that was happening in some languages. * Part Action Windows will always close when its part is destroyed. * Fixed bug where drain valve values were being defaulted to true. * Fixed bug which caused some building lights to remain on during the day. * Fix camera out of frustum error when reloading flight scene in some scenarios. * Fix inertial tensor errors when reloading flight scene in some scenarios. * Fix log messages when running missions with test experiment node and node is set to any experiment. * Maneuver mode UI negative handles don't flip functionality anymore after adjusting the tool sensitivity. * Docking Port Actions now fire docking ports on same vessel. * The technology path lines don't disappear anymore. * Fix tutorial 'orbit 101' getting stuck when trying to get to the inclination value of 10 degrees. * Correctly handle engines burning across stages for dV calcs. * Fix decoupler handling when no parts attached to decoupler for dV calcs. * Fix stage UI dV display fluctuating up and down whilst burning engines. * Fixed NRE when changing the variant of a surface-attached LV-1 'Ant'. * Fix not copying resource amounts when copying parts in VAB/SPH. * Fix contract part naming to use real part names and not 'research lab' or 'materials bay'. * Fix for some keybindings activating when typing in toolbox part search in VAB/SPH. * Fix camera shake issues in the SPH when using shift and hovering over UI elements. * Fixed disappearing mode toggle button in KerbNet dialog. * Fix for Shadow Projection Settings resetting. * Fix PAW group headers being cut off in some languages. * Fixed an issue where the UT field in Precision Maneuver Editor wasn't able to display Universal Time in the 'y * Fix 'Cannot deploy while stowed.' bug for service bays. * Fix manuever node handles changing value incorrectly when dragging 'anti' handles. * Fix randomization error in Sentinel causing short lifetimes of discovered asteroids. * Fix Exception storm when inflatable heat shield destroyed by overheat in some situations. * Fix incorrect Line Break - Tracking Station - The string 'Last seen * PAW title now matches the new name of an asteroid after being renamed. * Maneuver node no longer moves along the planned trajectory instead of the current one when moving it ahead in time using the Maneuver Mode UI input field. * Fix crew assignment being blocked after loading second ship. * Fix the vesselSituation on unloaded space objects being Flying instead of Orbiting. * Fix flickering Celestial body self-shadow issues with DX11 platform. * Fix icons in map view not rescaling properly when UI scale changes. * Fix the EVA 'Board' button prompt not disappearing when the target vessel is destroyed. * Fix unlocalized label for mk1-3 pod lights. * Fixed the Island runway textures. * Fix camera behavior when camera mode is activated multiple times in flight mode. * Fix loading of Modders KSPedia slides. * Fix beginner tutorials being locked out after pressing Save or Load game buttons. * Fix NRE flood when creating or selecting a maneuver node with the Maneuver Mode UI Intercept tab open. * Fix Set Orbit cheat to allow rendezvous with vessels in an escaping sphere of influence situation. * Fairing panels now display the proper texture you see in the editor instead of pure white. * Fix incorrect drag cube and class size on Asteroids after they have been grappled and subsequently ungrappled or reloaded via scene change or save game load. +++ Mods * Add IPartMassModifier to ModuleJettison. Allows mods to implement mass change on jettison. * Fix application of mass to resource ratios in ModuleResourceConverter recipes. * Renamed a duplicated shader "KSP/Particles/Alpha Blended" to now have one named that and another named "KSP/Particles/Alpha Blended Scenery". =================================== Making History 1.10.0 =================================== +++ Improvements * Tracking of vessels now works for creator defined vessels that undock and get created during a mission from another vessel. Mission creators can now assign parts that have had vessel rename and priority set to test against in mission nodes. * Moved localization files to base game. * Add checkbox to FlyThrough Test Node to allow the map marker to be hidden * Added a new icon for Test Grapple node in Mission Builder. * Add setting (MISSION_NAVIGATION_GHOSTING) to show nav marker ghosting when the target is behind you. Defaulted to on for all mission games (including ESA). * Added a new Grapple test node to verify if a grabbing unit took hold of a space object. * Space Objects can now be selected in the Distance to node. * Test vessel velocity can now be compared relative to vessels, kerbals, and space objects instead of just the orbited CB. * Nodes in Making History support comets the same as asteroids. +++ Localization * Fixed wrong localization for asteroid nodes in mission builder. * Fix descriptions for Shrimp and SWM-94 parts. +++ Parts * Kickback booster revamp and ESA variant. * Added new variants to the fairings size 1.5 and 3. Now we have them in white, black and white, orange, silver and gold. * Added a white and yellow variant to the size 1.5 and size 4 TD decouplers and size 1.5 and size 4 TS separators. +++ Bugfixes * Fix scenario loading in Mission Builder scene causing Mission Issues. * Fix Vessel/Part tracking on Nodes for Dock/Undock/Decouple/Couple events during a mission. * Added Create Comet node to be used on the Mission Editor. Under the Spawnables section. * Fixed minor typo in Intermediate Tutorial for Missions * Fixed label size to better suit other languages in SpawnAsteroid, mission builder. * Fix label displaying incorrect experiment for collected science data when prompted to overwrite. * Fix incorrect orbit around The Sun for asteroids spawning in missions. * Fix lighting brightness on displayed Kerbals and Vessels in the GAP. * Fix bug that impeded time warping after finishing a mission. * Fix Dawn of Space Age mission failing inmediately after lift off in some cases. * Fix drag cubes for the 3.75m Structural Tubes. * Fixed mirror symmetry placement for structural panels. * Fix GAP vessel filter ribbon disappearing when selecting alternate vessel/part selector in the SAP. * Fix #autoLOC_8005448 showing in Mission builder test distance validation report. * Fix bug causing unlocked servos to be locked when launching * Fix missing line break in node description. * Fix log messages when running missions with test experiment node and node is set to any experiment. * Fix log messages about Gene Kerman's animations being legacy when using him in message nodes in a mission. * Fix misnamed FL-TX440 Tank variants so they are consistent. * Fix a number of typos in the 'Dawn of the Space Age' mission. * Fix wrong size category for FL-R5 RCS Fuel Tank and the Heat Shield (1.875m) parts. * Fix stutter and error in planet viewer transition. * Fix button text issues on Play mission dialog for non-English text. +++ Bugfix * Fixed erratic positioning of Dessert Airfield windmills. =================================== Breaking Ground 1.5.0 =================================== +++ Improvements * Solar Panel and RTG now displays the power units produced based on Experience trait settings in the Part extended tooltip. * Added action groups for the fan blades for toggling the Roll, Yaw and Pitch controls independently and also Turn them all ON or OFF. +++ Localization * Localized Blades Control Rotations. +++ Parts * Fan Shrouds now have a node stack on top. +++ Bugfixes * Fix an issue where the Track Editor would remain open after switching vessels. * Fix for localization overlapping bug for all languages in graphics settings. * Fix spelling errors in robot scanner arm parts. * Fix tooltip not appearing for max limit axis. * Fixed bug when a KAL controlling another KAL's parameters play position stopped. * Fix issue with motors engaging on launch when they have been set to disengaged in editor. * Fixed mirror symmetry placement for propellers, blades, alligator hinges and rotational servos. * Fix Autostrut on Robotic Parts being cancelled (set to off) in some use cases. * Fix Autostrut debug visualization on Robotic Parts when locked/unlocked. * Fix the FTE-1 Drain Valve releasing particles when switching between VAB and SPH. * Fix non-cargo parts being able to be stored in a cargo container. * Fix Hinges and Pistons sometimes returning to build angle when locked. * Fix lock/unlock of robotic parts not working when fired from an action group. Kerbal Space Program 1.10: Shared Horizons is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third-party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. Click here to enter the Grand Discussion Thread for this release. Happy launchings!
  9. Hello everyone! Kerbalkind has been exploring the vastness of the Kerbolar System for many years: they’ve explored the surfaces of planets and moons, encountered beautiful landscapes, interesting surface features, performed experiments, and even captured asteroids, all with ingenuity… and many explosions. However, sometimes it’s good to look back and appreciate the wonders of your own home-planet and realize that There’s No Place Like Home! Kerbal Space Program 1.9: There’s No Place Like Home draws its name from the substantial graphical overhaul we’ve given to Kerbin with improved textures and shaders, but that’s far from the only thing you’ll find in this update. Mainly focusing on performance improvements and bug fixes, 1.9 also includes some neat part revamps, a brand new drain valve, and several additions drawn directly from your feedback. Additionally, we’re including some cool stock crafts for the expansions, and advanced control improvements to the blades in the Breaking Ground Expansion. Let’s go through some of the update’s highlights below: Visual Revamps for Moho Dres and Kerbin Kerbin, Moho and Dres have received major visual improvements, with detailed high-quality texture maps. Since there’s no place like home, Kerbin also includes an Ultra Quality shader option for exceptionally sharp visuals. All in all, the Celestial Bodies in the Kerbolar System are looking better than ever. Drain Valve Kerbal Space Program 1.9: There’s No Place Like Home features the FTE-1 Drain Valve. A brand new part that, as the name suggests, is a release valve for parts with drainable resources, such as monopropellant, ore, liquid fuel, oxidizer or xenon. The Drain Valve also allows you to set the drainage over a specific amount of time. Part Revamps The "Thumper" Solid Fuel Booster, "Mainsail" and “Skipper" Liquid Fuel Engines have been given a new look. New geometry, textures and emissive maps make these parts look sharp and realistic. On top of that, the "Mainsail" and “Skipper" are getting a couple of sleek variants for you to choose from. Quality of Life Features Drawing from our players’ feedback, Kerbal Space Program 1.9: There’s No Place Like Home is packed with some useful quality of life features like an adjustment to the time warp system that removes restrictions on warping at certain altitudes; a new cheat menu option that allows you to place your craft above the surface of any celestial body; a search box for the R&D Tech Tree; and a new Screenshot Mode for paused shots, and several others! Blade improvements Breaking Ground players can now enjoy cyclic & collective deflection controls to the blade parts. This will help you build and pilot helicopters and other rotorcraft realistically. Check out this devblog to learn more about it. And more! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here: =================================== v1.9.0 ============================================================ 1.9.0 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for Making History and Breaking Ground changelog) +++ Improvements * Added Camera mode (unlocked camera movement controls) when game is paused in flight and you hide the UI. * Adjust Kerbal ladder navigation to remove sliding and provide better automatic transition between ladders. * Part Mass and Cost now clamp their value to avoid negative numbers results from Mass/Cost Modifiers - configured per part via minimumMass and minimumCost in each parts cfg. * Revamped Kerbin scaled space planet. * Implement single camera system when running in DX11 for improved performance. * Add new part - FTE-1 Drain Valve to drain resources from attached parts. * Add new Cheat option in the Debug Menu - Set Position to teleport a vessel to a position relative to the surface of a celestial body. * Added medium and high Quality shader for Moho. * Adjust Wheel brake setting and auto-friction to take into account Gee. Helps with rovers flipping over. * Each KAL Window now persists its screen position with the KAL. * KSPedia slides and assets now load on demand and are released when the KSPedia window is closed. * Add handling for Ships folder in GameData/SquadExpansion where stock craft including DLC parts can be stored. * Added Ultra Quality shader for Kerbin. * Implement new Max Time Warp logic to allow faster warp rates when on rails. This is managed by gamesettings (ORBIT_WARP_MAXRATE_MODE = PeAltitude). * Implement Limit modifier for altitude based Max Time Warp logic so players can tune when the mode is set to (ORBIT_WARP_MAXRATE_MODE = VesselAltitude). * Change Default VesselSwitching Keys ( [ or ] ) to bypass debris and spaceobjects. * Add Mod + VesselSwitching Keys ( [ or ] ) to include debris and spaceobjects. * Add search box to career tech tree. * Added High Quality shader for Kerbin. * Created new textures with higher detail for Kerbin's low quality terrain shader. +++ Localization * Fix variant name in selector being cropped in some languages like Japanese * Fix missing font character affecting some KSPedia slides in Russian. * Fix missing font character affecting Orbit Info UI in Chinese. +++ Parts * Revamped Skipper engine. * Revamped Mainsail engine with silver variant. * BACC "Thumper" Solid Fuel Booster revamp. * RE-M3 Mainsail (New "Full", "Mid" and "Bare" variants). * RE-I5 Skipper (New "Shroud", "Truss Mount" and "Bare" variants). +++ Bugfixes * Fix tab key switching for columns in the settings screen, it will focus the first available item. * Fix part filter showing no parts after switching between subassemblies, variants and simple mode. * Fix renamed asteroids needing a scene change to update screen and kb info. * Fix NREs where Breaking Ground Science VesselType should not be available without the DLC. * Fix surface attach node handling on Part Variants. * Fix action sets input losing focus when renaming and moving the mouse away from the input field. * Fix errors EVAing in timewarp via crew hatch dialog. * Fix additional launchsite CommNet stations being active even when those launchsites are not active in the currently loaded save. * Fix shadows on KSC filler tiles when lights are shone on them. * Fix NREs and oxygen timeliness checks resulting in kerbals dying when they shouldn't when no helmet on. * Fix NRE pressing Ctrl-Z (undo) many times with symmetry part selected. * Fix audio FX fade when objects move away from player's camera. * Fix dV calcs for boosters with fuel flow priorities changed (specific use cases). * Fix Discontinuity in texture mapping on the Mun with high quality shader. * Fix Walkway textures around level 3 RnD building. * Fix issue where symmetry could break when restoring a held part on a vessel and immediately placing the held part again. * Fix Inputlock manager issue with MenuNavigation breaking single mouse clicks. * Fix SAS target mode misalignment when control point is not the vessel root * Fix NRE when deploying science experiments attached to debris when on EVA. * Fix reentry FX. * Fix target marker disappearing in the Ascent Tutorial. * Fix Terrain shader causing crashes on AMD GPUs. * Fix underwater fog. * Fix log spam when player attempts to drag maneuver nodes backwards through patched conics crossing SOIs. * Fix dV calcs on stages that have different tank priorities in the same stage. * Fix manipulating maneuver nodes unhiding the Navball throughout gameplay. * Fix NRE being generated when staging a service module inside of a fairing in liftoff during flight. * Fix Kerbodyne S3-14400, Kerbodyne S3-7200 and Kerbodyne S3-3600 colliders being visible during Place Mode. * Fix Rockomax Brand Adapter 02 being off-center. * Fix Mastodon and Skiff bottom attach nodes being backwards. * Fix issue with quicksaves loading active vessel about to crash causing the vessel to pass through the terrain. Quicksaves can no longer be made when the active vessel is about to crash into the ground (including EVA kerbals). * Fix contract generation issues in Editor when reputation changes by allowing contract generation in Editor scene. * Fix parachutes deploying on quicksave load or staging when set to only stage when safe and conditions are not safe. * Fixed texturing being broken on corner of Bop. * Fix part highlight remaining on parts when removed from action groups in the editor. * Fix error when manipulating servos that are part of an action group * Fix terrain texturing jitter on celestial body low quality shader when landing from Orbit. * Fix mirror attach on bicouplers. * Fix KSPedia Aircraft/Basics/Balancing act page slide missing in Chinese * Fix opening the In-Flight Action Sets Editor unlocking vessel functions without a Command Module present in flight during gameplay. * Fix the KAL-1000 curve starting below minValue for some parts. * Fix Flight UI mode being locked during Time Warp. * Kerbal Body collider adjusted to reduce collisions while on a ladder. +++ Mods * Add Per Kerbal PhysicMaterial Accessors for Modders so you can adjust each kerbals bounciness - SetPhysicMaterial, ResetPhysicMaterial. * Fix Issue for mods when copying parts that had modified resource lists. * Fix potential NRE in music player for mods. * Set the KSP Assembly version correctly on game start so KSPAssemblyDependency will work for KSP versions. * Added events for Action Groups in flight visibility changes so mods can handle any UI changes they need to in each mode * Added Pause/UnPause events when the action groups show/hide in flight. * Fix PQS.radiusmax not including some noise PQSMods in the calcs PQSMod_VertexHeightNoise and PQSMod_VertexPlanet. Should mean that radisumax is no longer below any vertex in most cases Making History 1.9.0 +++ Improvements * Added new stock vessels to be used in any game mode. Some of them are featured in stock missions. +++ Parts * Retuned Engine Plates mass and costs. +++ Bugfixes * Fix NRE when launching vessels with Breaking Ground Robotic parts and wheels in missions. * Fix in mission builder where an NRE is generated when a flag planted in a pod triggers a node to destroy the same pod. * Fix a truck collider in the Dessert Airfield. * Moved the mission status check from the physics loop to the main game clock to prevent physics simulation being out of sync with respect to UI. * The VAB and SPH should not be open in the stock Meet me in Zero G mission. * Fix missions getting stuck if they have a mission briefing and the player changes scenes before closing the mission briefing dialog box. * Fix scoring in Trouble in the Void stock mission. * Body collider adjusted to reduce collisions while on a ladder for vintage suits. Breaking Ground 1.4.0 +++ Improvements * Blade controls are no longer instantaneous. * Blades SAS support improved. * Added new stock vessels to be used in any game mode. * Add new kspedia slides. * Blades auto-detect cyclic vs collective control mode based on location of rotation axis relative to the vessel center of mass, per control axis. Mode indicated in Rotation Control State group in Advanced Tweakables. * Blade authority limiter default set to 3 degrees. * Blades auto-detect inoperable control axis (rotation axis within 5 degrees of control axis). * Blade rotation axis shown as green arrow in aero debug display. Length is logarithmically proportional to rotation velocity (vessel relative). +++ Bugfixes * Fix cargo part model getting stuck on screen when pressing altimeter buttons. * Fix deployed science power kerbal trait text in AC tooltips. * Fix NRE when launching vessels with Breaking Ground Robotic parts and wheels in missions. * Fix heaviest part autostrut for robotic parts attached in reverse depending on ship part order. * Fix potential NREs using rotate tool on robotic parts. * Fix robotic part animations stutter changing Auto-shift state playing through KAL-1000. * Fix robotic parts losing functionality when auto-restart is enabled. * Body collider adjusted to reduce collisions while on a ladder for futuristic suits. Kerbal Space Program 1.9: There’s No Place Like Home is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third-party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. Click here to enter the Grand Discussion Thread for this release. Happy launchings!
  10. Brand new downloadable content for Kerbal Space Program is on its way! Filled with new content and features, Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion will give new meaning to the Kerbal scientific endeavours. Breaking Ground is all about exploration, experimentation, and technological breakthroughs. Study the soaring plume of a cryovolcano on Vall, mysterious craters on Moho, and even more new features on all of the other moons and planets of the Solar System. Deploy experiments for the long-term study of Minmus and let them collect data while you explore further sights. Test your creativity with a new suite of robotics parts. Breaking Ground will help you and the Kerbals reach new horizons, all in the name of Science! These are the most significant features coming to Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion. Robotic Parts Brand new robotic will add a whole new level of creativity to your craft. These parts will include some new control mechanics and let you create all sorts of inventive vehicles and crazy contraptions to aid the Kerbals in exploring their Universe! Surface Features Scattered across the Kerbin System, you’ll find interesting Surface Features, like mineral formations, meteors, craters, and some even more curious planetary features. Study them and collect valuable scientific data with a brand-new Rover Arm! Deployed Science Bring equipment for experiments with you from Kerbin and deploy them on the surface of a celestial body to take measurements over time. Set up a science station and put your crew to work. From seismometers to weather stations, there are plenty experiments for you to try out! New Space Suit Kerbals are also getting a fresh new space suit to wear for their scientific endeavors! This sleek futuristic suit will make your Kerbals look flashy while they explore the canyons of Duna, the shores of Laythe, or any other exotic destination. Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion will be released on May 30th for PC for $14.99 USD. And yes, we’re keeping our promise that all players who purchased the game through April 2013 will receive the expansion for free. We’ll provide more details on how that will work before launch. Do you want to learn more about Breaking Ground? Then make sure to stay tuned for our next KSP Loading… where we’ll take a deep dive into the content and features of Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion! Happy launchings! P.S.: Click here to see the full High-Res screenshot album.
  11. Explore the Kerbal Universe like never before with Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground, the latest expansion pack for KSP. Breaking Ground is all about exploration, experimentation, and technological breakthroughs. Study mysterious Surface Features on all of the moons and planets of the Solar System. Set up a base and deploy experiments for the long-term study of celestial bodies, and test your creativity with brand new robotic parts. Breaking Ground will help you and the Kerbals reach new horizons, all in the name of Science! Robotic Parts Take your creativity to the next level! Brand new robotic parts, include hinges, rotors, pistons and rotational servos. These parts come with new control mechanics and let you create all sorts of inventive vehicles and crazy contraptions to aid the Kerbals in exploring their Universe! Surface Features Find interesting Surface Features, like mineral formations, meteors, craters, and some even more curious planetary features across the solar system. Study them and collect valuable scientific data with a brand-new Rover Arm! Deployed Science Bring equipment for experiments with you from Kerbin and deploy them on the surface of a celestial body to take measurements over time. Set up a science station and put your crew to work. From seismometers to weather stations, there are plenty of experiments for you to try out! Additionally, we’ve kept our promise that all players who purchased the game through April 2013 will receive the expansion for free. To redeem the game click here and follow the instructions. Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion is now available on Steam, the KSP Store, and will soon be available on GOG and other third party resellers. Click here to enter the Grand Discussion Thread for this release. Happy launchings!
  12. Hello everyone! A new technology has arrived to the KSC and with it, Kerbals will only get more Room to Maneuver! We’re excited to release, Kerbal Space Program 1.7: Room to Maneuver, our newest content-filled update that will give players new features and wide variety of improvements to help Kerbals explore farther than ever before! This update includes two new useful navigation upgrades, the revamp of all of the small maneuvering motors, including new variants for the Twitch, Ant and Spider, as well as a brand new galaxy texture map to have our astronauts mesmerized by the beauty of the celestial vault. A great deal of bug fixes have also been packed into this update, not two mention a new 3.75 meter nose cone and a 5m one for those extra-large fuel tanks in the Making History Expansion! Let’s go through some of this update’s highlights: Maneuver Mode Probably the most impactful feature within this update, the Maneuver Mode is a new navigation tool that gives you access to useful orbital information in both Flight and Map mode that will also allow you to precisely and easily adjust maneuvers nodes, all to help you fine tune your interplanetary transfers. Altimeter mode toggle A long-requested quality-of-life feature that will allow you to toggle the altitude mode from Above Sea Level (ASL) to Above Ground Level (AGL) by simply clicking on the new icon to the altimeter. Hopefully this will improve the KSC’s survival rates… Part revamps This time around, small maneuvering engines were the focus of our revamping efforts. The Ant, Twitch, Puff, Place-Anywhere 7, RV-105 Thruster Block, and Vernor Engines now look better than ever, plus the Twitch, Ant and Spider include new stunning variants. On top of that, we’ve added new tuning values on some of those engines. Galaxy Texture Map Update The game’s galaxy cubemap has been updated in Room to Maneuver. This environment map has been carefully crafted to reflect a nicer color palette and more defined celestial objects. With double the resolution, it will be impossible not to enjoy the view while exploring Kerbin’s star system.  Click here to see high res images. Scrollable PAW Another small quality-of-life feature we’re adding to the game is the addition of a scrollbar to the Part-Action-Window. This will keep the PAW within the bounds of the screen when they get too big, something that might come in handy for players who use mods and fill those up And more! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here: =============================================== v1.7.0 ======================================== +++ Improvements * Upgraded Galaxy Textures. * Add new flight UI mode that includes in-depth orbital information. * Add advanced maneuver node editor, allowing player to edit maneuver nodes more precisely. * Add an Altitude toggle function to the Altimeter. The altitude modes can be switched between AGL and ASL. * Part Action Windows (PAW)s now generate scrollbars and keep themselves within the bounds of the screen when there is more data than will fit the screen. * Automatic AGL/ASL toggle values when in orbit. The altimeter value is set as ASL while in orbit, the AGL/ASL setting is preserved. * The altimeter AGL behaviour when underwater calculates the vessel altitude from the sea floor. * Update Addons and Mods external site link from Main Menu. +++ Localization * A localization tag is no longer displayed in the status section of the PAW of the Advanced Grabbing unit in the Asteroid Redirect Mission, Part 2 tutorial. +++ Parts Updated Parts (reskinned): * 24-77 Twitch * LV-1 Ant * LV-1R Spider * O-10 Puff * Place-Anywhere 7 * RV-105 Thruster Block * Vernor Engine Color Variants: * 24-77 Twitch (New "Orange" and "Gray and Orange" color variants) * LV-1 Ant (New "Shrouded " and "Bare" variants) * LV-1R Spider (New "Shrouded " and "Bare" variants) Other Part changes: * Add a 3.75 nose cone. * Rebalanced the following engines: Twitch, Spark, Place-Anywhere 7, RV-105 RCS,Vernor. * Fix IVA external cameras in Mk1 Command Pod, MK2 Lander Can, Mk2 Command Pod. * Fix EVA range on Cupola, HECS2, RC-001S, RC-L01 science containers. * Previously Revamped Parts moved to zDeprecated. Parts revamped in 1.4: - TR-2V Stack Decoupler -> TD-06 Decoupler - TR-18A Stack Decoupler -> TD-12 Decoupler - Rockomax brand decoupler -> TD-25 Decoupler - TR-38-D -> TD-37 Decoupler - TR-2C Stack Separator -> TS-06 Stack Separator - TR-18D Stack Separator -> TS-12 Stack Separator - TR-XL Stack Separator -> TS-25 Stack Separator - ROUND-8 Toroidal Fuel Tank -> R-12 'Doughnut' External Tank - Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank -> same name - Rockomax X200-16 Fuel Tank -> same name - Rockomax X200-32 Fuel Tank -> same name - Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank -> same name - Mk 1-2 Pod -> Mk 1-3 Pod +++ Bugfixes * Fix PQS normals, stops planets from having mismatched seams when seen from orbit. * Fix bug where symmetry would break animations on some parts. * Fix input locks on Return to KSC button at top of altimeter in flight scene. * Fix typographical error in the description of the vessel 'ComSat Lx'. * Fix typographical error in the Suborbital Flight training tutorial description. * Fix UI issue for purchase button on part tooltips. * Fix vessel default name in rename vessel dialog displaying as an autoloc. * Fix manufacturer localization on the Kerbodyne S4-512 Fuel Tank. * Fix jitter in heading readout on Navball for vessels in prelaunch state. * Fix "Learn More" text exceeding size of window in the Asteroid Redirect scenario descriptions. * Fix flag decal on Male Kerbals Jetpack being off-center. * Fix Kerbal falling off the launchpad flagpole causing the flagpole to explode. * Fix bulkhead profile part filtering on MK-0, 2 & 3 fuel tanks, J-90 "Goliath", Communotron 16-S, RA-2, RA-15, and RA-100 relay antenna. * Fix thermal overlay rendering on parts that have lights. * Fix Debug tool saying LPE for orbit param when its applying Arg of Periapsis. * Fix Atmosphere line appearing from the surface of planets. * Fix Flags and Kerbals loading above terrain (flying) and flags being removed from game. * Fix NaN bug in DV calcs when in orbit around CBs with no atmosphere. * Fix site node waypoints duplicating every scene change. * Fix service bays unable to click parts inside after jettison when part loads. * Fix allow staging of interstage fairings after they are decoupled. * Fix Mk3 cargo bay registering collisions and blowing up parts of vessels inside them. * Fix Engine Plate handling in dV calculations. * Fixed UI scale issue where setting high scale in UI, navball and altimeter would clip off some elements. * Fix Kerbal helmet shadow rendering in "Simple" rendering setting. * Fix decouple node function on docking ports in space. * Fix shrouds being left attached to docking nodes when decoupled (now becomes separate debris). * Fix Responsiveness audio setting appearing in red text in settings menu. * Fix NRE on interstage procedural fairing in editor scenes. * Fix AOORE when Kerbal leaves a command seat on a vessel that has an active ISRU. * Fix issue where Delta-V app menu could become unresponsive in editor scenes. * Fix Navball, funds, science and reputation gauges disappearing when UI scale set > 170% on some resolution settings. * Fix NRE in resources app that could occur when moving the mouse over resources in the app. +++ Mods * Changed Animation behavior of ModuleDeployablePart, ModuleDeployableRadiator, ModuleDeployableAntenna and ModuleDeployableSolarPanel to be WrapMode.ClampForever instead of WrapMode. * ModuleDecouple and ModuleAnchoredDecoupler rebased to a common class - ModuleDecouple. * Add FXModuleAnimateRCS - handles emissives on RCS part modules. * Add EmissiveBumpedSpecularMapped part shader. * Make class DoubleCurve annotate Serializable. * Fix version dependency checking for mods. +++Miscellaneous * None at this time. ========================= Making History v1.7.0 - Requires KSP v1.7.0 ========================= +++ Parts * Added a 5m nose cone. +++ Bugfixes * Fix cursor disappearing behind Gilly while moving the camera around the planet in Mission Builder GAP. * Fix export filename not updating when mission is renamed and re-exported. * Fix user being able to select nodes from the left hand toolbox in the Mission builder even when that panel is hidden. * Fix the Steam Select Craft to Load dialog window which generated NREs when using Menu Navigation on the Steam tab and launching in the VAB. * Fix message dialog in Meet Me in Zero G stock mission. +++ Missions * The "Craft incompatible" text is no longer shown in the stock missions. Kerbal Space Program 1.7: Room to Maneuver is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third-party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. Click here to enter the Grand Discussion Thread for this release. Happy launchings! BTW... You can download wallpapers of the Room to Maneuver art here: 1080x1920p (Most Phones) 1080x2220p (Galaxy S9) 1125x2436p (iPhone X) Desktop 1920x1080p Desktop 2048x1080p Desktop 2560x1440p
  13. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.6: To Vee or not To Vee has launched and unlike Hamlet we know the answer - it is definitely to ΔVee... This update has a great deal of awesome things for you, including new features, beautiful revamps, a number of navigation tools, and a whole lot of bug fixes. We also have added some fun new idle animations for Kerbals, dynamic cube maps that will make shiny parts reflect their environment. We rebalanced and fined tuned various Making History parts, and much more! With Kerbal Space Program 1.6: To Vee or not To Vee we continue the endeavor of optimizing resources, improving performance, and making KSP the best game it can be through continuous support and meaningful updates. Let’s go through some of this update’s highlights: Delta-v per Stage and Delta-v Tool App Plan missions better and find flaws in your ship staging setup with this long requested feature that will let you visualize the Delta-v values along with a range of other technical data for each stage and the vessel overall. Plus, a Delta-v App that will allow you to see a vessels Delta-v information while you’re building it in different situations. No Kerbal will be left stranded now… or so we hope. Part revamps To Vee or not to Vee includes 20 fully revamped parts that have been optimized, re-shaped and re-textured, plus more than 40 color variants to make your craft look sleek and beautiful! Navigation Icons to Launch Sites A quality of life feature that will help stray pilots find their way back to any Launch Site or Runway. From the Map View players will now be able to activate navigation waypoints to get direction towards the KSC or any other launch sites. Helmets Off! You can now remove Kerbals’ Helmets, as well as their neck rings! But be careful, there is a reason why Astronauts wear Helmets for space travel… Click here to see an animated gif showcasing this feature. And much more! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here: =================================== v1.6.0 ============================================================ 1.6 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog) +++ Improvements * DeltaV Readouts added to Stage Icons/Groups as well as DeltaV App. DeltaV available in Editor (VAB/SPH) and Flight scenes as well as a more detailed Debug menu option. * Stock and mobile launch sites are now navigable in all game modes. * Performance improvements for DV calculations that are used by Burn Indicator. * Recommended UI Scale for the current resolution is now checked on the Settings Screen, working the same as the mini settings where a not recommended UI scale will turn the text red. * Performance improvements for craft browser menus. * Craft browser menus now check for craft compatibility. * Added keyboard arrows navigation for main dialogs and menus. Highlight items with the directional arrows, Accept with the Enter and Space keys, and Cancel is Escape key. * Generate reflections of the environment to be displayed on shiny parts. * Improved part search in the editors to give more relevant results with short search terms. * Adjusted shadows from The Sun to be more precise. * Add new idle animations when the kerbal is standing in the ground. * The command parts now have an option to change their 'forward' direction in the PAW. * Kerbals helmet and neck ring can now be removed by right clicking the Kerbal while on EVA if it’s in a breathable atmosphere. * Automatic warp to next maneuver node now takes the player to a margin before the start burn time rather than the node itself. Said margin can now be overridden from the default 1 minute via GameSettings.WARP_TO_MANNODE_MARGIN. * Allow wheel spring and damper advanced tweakables to be set up to a value of 3. +++ Localization * Localize the phrase “Advanced Message App:” in the Mini-Settings dialog. * Some Community feedback for localization strings applied. +++ Parts Updated Parts (reskinned): * Mk2 Lander Can * 48-7S Spark * RE-L10 Poodle * LV-909 Terrier * FL-A10 * FL-A5 * ADTP-2-3 * Rockomax Brand Adapter * Rockomax Brand Adapter 02 * TVR-200 Stack Bi-Coupler * TVR-1180C MK1 Stack Tri-Coupler * TVR-2160C Mk2 Stack Quad-Coupler * TVR-200L Stack Bi-Adapter * TVR-300L Stack Tri-Adapter * TVR-400L Stack Quad-Adapter * Small Nose Cone * Aerodynamic Nose Cone * Advanced Nose Cone - Type B * Advanced Nose Cone - Type A * Protective Rocket Nose Cone MK7 Color Variants: * Mk2 Lander Can (New “Lander” and “Rover” color variants) * 48-7S Spark (New “Shroud”, “Truss Mount” and “Bare” color variants) * LV-909 Terrier (New “Shroud”, “Truss Mount” and “Bare” color variants) * FL-A10 (New “White” and “Orange” color variants) * FL-A5 (New “White” and “Orange” color variants) * ADTP-2-3 (New “White”, “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * Rockomax Brand Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * Rockomax Brand Adapter 02 (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * TVR-200 Stack Bi-Coupler (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * TVR-1180C MK1 Stack Tri-Coupler (New “White”, “Dark” and “Orange” color variants) * TVR-2160C Mk2 Stack Quad-Coupler (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * TVR-200L Stack Bi-Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * TVR-300L Stack Tri-Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * TVR-400L Stack Quad-Adapter (New “Black and White” and “Orange” color variants) * Aerodynamic Nose Cone (New “Black and White”, “Dark” and “White” color variants) * Advanced Nose Cone - Type B (New “Black and White” and “White” and “Orange” color variants) * Advanced Nose Cone - Type A (New “Black and White” and “White” and “Orange” color variants) * Protective Rocket Nose Cone MK7 (New “Black and White”, “Orange” and “White” color variants) Other Part changes: * Fixed the normals maps on the Stayputnik. * Fixed the normals maps on the Okto. * Fixed the visible texture seams on the Rockomax X series fuel tanks orange variant. +++ Bugfixes * Fix SAS on all probes in Sandbox and Science game modes to operate as per their config files. Game setting allows player to toggle SAS functionality on probes in these game modes. * Fix handling of docking ports and multiple nuclear or ion engines for DV calculation used in Burn Indicator. * Fix handling of stages with multiple engines and asparagus staging for DV calculation used in Burn Indicator. * Fix flashing Burn Indicator and display of DV when vessel are prelaunch. * Fix Vernor Engines now correctly use Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer on the Engineering report. * Fix all engines now say "Engine stops under: xx%", instead of "Flameout under: xx%" on their part extended info tooltips. * Fix Tutorials unable to proceed when the player has a part selected (attached to the mouse) in the editor scenes (VAB/SPH). * Fix fuel being drained from tanks when fuel availability icon is double-clicked. * Fix partially executed maneuver nodes gets the closest approach to the same orbit parameters. * Fix double quotes in stock craft descriptions. * Fix Contract/Parameters not updating for vessel ownership (such as rescue kerbal) when not in flight mode. * Fix Drills can operate and generate ore only when deployed and proper surface contact. * Fix Kerbal IVA crew mass calculation on crewable parts where user/mods have changed IVA crew mass to be > 0 (the default). * Kerbal IVA crew mass now reported in DV and Engineers report mass totals in editor (VAB/SPH). * Fix TVR-300, TVR-300L, Moving parts in symmetry works correctly. * Removed unnecessary horizontal slider in the mini settings UI. * Fix Summary window no longer appears empty when recovering a vessel with the UI scale at more than 150%, when in a non recommended UI Scale range. * Fix flickering of fairings in editor scene. * Further tweaked the sun behavior to stop it from dimming unnecessarily in the Jool Airbreak scenario. * Fix Intermediate Construction tutorial does not require confirmation when loading the required vessel. * Fix NRE is no longer generated when rockets crash on the Launchpad. * Fixed a shader issue that caused the Mk16 parachute to become transparent when within Aero FX. * Fix cost of fairings shells now is included with initial vessel load. * Landing gear LY-01, LY-05, LY-10, LY-35, LY-60 and LY-99 can no longer be the first part when you are building a ship. * Fix last part of interstage fairings not having correct variant applied when vessel is loaded. * Assigned the correct category to the cfg of all engines. * Limited the amount of undo/redo steps in the editors to prevent excessive use of memory while building large, complex vehicles. The amount of steps can be adjusted via GameSettings.EDITOR_UNDO_REDO_LIMIT * Fix Vessel without name cannot be saved in the editor and no longer generates an error. * Fix part hover highlighting no longers shows from inside IVA or Internal camera. * Fix inverted interstage fairings not being able to activate when a decoupler below them has activated. * Fix KSC building upgrade text padding on KSC Building marker UI for scroll bars. * Fix potential NRE when completing an orbital survey. * Fix Words no longer duplicate on contracts. * Fix Burn Bar and Orbit stays the same when a new target is selected. * Fix An NRE is no longer generated when trying to select the last save game in the save game menu after deleting previous saves. +++ Mods * Call OnWillBeCopied and OnWasCopied for children parts when their parent is copied in the editor scene. * Variants can now disable animations and events. * Alternative control point orientations can be configured on ModuleCommand. * Kerbal Helmet check values are controllable via cfg using stock rules or an extra step by overriding code methods: CanSafelyRemoveHelmet, WillDieWithoutHelmet, CanEVAWithoutHelmet * Kerbals now EVA with a set initial temperature equal to “room temperature” - I mean they were inside with no helmets - can be reverted via GameSettings.EVA_INHERIT_PART_TEMPERATURE +++Miscellaneous * Personal parachute kerbal unlock level requirement is accessible for modders in the traits.cfg file and the requirements have been updated to: 0xp for pilots, and 1 xp point for Engineers and Scientists. * Stock craft have been revised so that they no longer use deprecated parts. The revised vessels are: Aeroequus , ComSat LX , Dynawing , GDLV3 , Ion-Powered Space Probe , Jumping Flea , Kerbal 1 , Kerbal 1.5 , Kerbal 2 , Kerbal X , Learstar A1 , Orbiter 1A , Orbiter One , PT Series Munsplorer , Rover + Skycrane , Science Jr , Slim Shuttle , Space Station Core , Super-Heavy Lander , Two-Stage Lander , Z-MAP Satellite Launch Kit ,Rocket-power VTOL , Satellite Launcher , Stratolauncher. * Kerbals who board a command seat will make the command seat the vessel reference point only when no other part has control of the vessel. * The flight camera near clip pane is automatically adjusted when in IVA to correctly display external visuals. 1.6 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY +++ Improvements * Open mission menus now check for craft file compatibility. +++ Localization +++ Parts * The following LFO engines were rebalanced : Wolfhound, Cheetah, Kodiak, Mastodon, Cub, Skiff, Bobcat. * The following Engine Thrust Plates were rebalanced: EP-25, EP-37, EP-50 * The following Structural Tubes were rebalanced: T-25, T-37, T-50 +++ Bugfixes * Removed the text “Not played yet” from the tutorial missions buttons in play missions dialog. * Fix to remove the add button in the Modify Score and Change Score nodes if there are no more options left. * Fix Kerbals now appear swimming in the correct position on the water when spawning. * Fix undo function will no longer ignore copied nodes in mission builder. * Fix handling of engine plates and self-decoupling parts for DV calculation used in Burn Indicator. * Fix NRE in Mission builder : Changing the "Location" settings in the "Spawn Vessel" node with the described procedure does not generate an NRE. * Fix Localization description of craft Valkshod 2 on trouble in the Void mission. * Fix Localization name and description of craft Soy-Ooze 10 on Sally-Hut 1 mission. * Fix Localization name and description of craft SWM-94 Communications Satellite on Trouble in the void mission. * Fix Copying Spawn vessel nodes with specific crew creates nodes without crew so they are not cloned. +++ Missions +++Miscellaneous Kerbal Space Program 1.6: To Vee or not To Vee is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. Click here to enter the Grand Discussion Thread for this release. Happy launchings! PS: Ask and you shall receive Oh... and if you like, you can download wallpapers of the To Vee or not To Vee art here: 1080x1920p (Most Phones) 1080x2220p (Galaxy S9) 1125x2436p (iPhone X) Desktop 1920x1080p Desktop 2048x1080p Desktop 2560x1440p
  14. Hello everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.5 Dressed for Success has launched and with it we bring new content that brings your game experience forward. We are driven to continue with our never-ending quest of making KSP the best game it can be through continuous support and substantial updates. Kerbal Space Program 1.5: Dressed for Success has something for everyone, as both the base game and the expansion are getting their share of enhancements. With that in mind, a key aspect in this update is the optimization and fresh makeover of various parts, as well as the classic EVA and IVA Space Suit. Additionally, players will find a number of brand new features, as well as good ol’ bug sweeping. Let’s go through some of this update’s highlights: New Suits Both the recruit and veteran classic EVA and IVA Space Suits have been given a well-deserved overhaul. We knew that such an iconic element of the game needed to stay true to its identity, so we are keeping its style, while also giving it a sleeker look. Revamped Parts Many parts have been given a fresh new look in an effort to have a more cohesive parts catalog. While staying true to the game’s original essence, the geometry and texture maps of these parts were completely redone. Some of these parts also include new texture variants for you to choose at will, and others have a new shader that makes their metallic bits interact better with light. Improved Burn Time information We improved the burn time indicator by recalculating based on dV and not acceleration. Additionally, we’ve added a staging indicator that shows which stages contain the dV needed to complete each part of the maneuver. Go to the advanced settings to turn on this exciting new feature. ... Update 1.5 has also a few improvements exclusive to the Making History Expansion: The Part Count Node This node makes a comparison between the state of a vessel in two separate moments and by defining the number of parts itself; with it you’ll be able to test whether a vessel has or hasn’t lost parts (destroyed or decoupled) during any point on a mission. Underwater Fly Through Nodes With Dressed for Success you’ll be able to place Fly Through Nodes underwater, expanding mission creation possibilities. And much more! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here =================================== v1.5.0 ============================================================ 1.5 Changelog - BaseGame ONLY (see below for MH changelog) +++ Improvements *Optimized the game for 4K resolution and increased the UI scale to 200% * Added higher impact tolerance to retracted solar panels. * Deployable parts now use separate value for their impact resistance when retracted. * Implemented a new version of the kerbal suits for the base game. This includes IVA suits for recruits and veterans as well as EVA suits. * Revised the behaviour of asteroids within Kerbin's SOI and gave them better VFX. * Added a "What's New" dialog to the main menu, where you can quickly see the highlights of the release as well as the full change log. (you're probably reading this from that very dialog). * Improved Burn Time information on Maneuver nodes. Includes correctly calculated burn time and Stage Information; Burn bar indication when vessel does not have enough DeltaV to perform the maneuver. * Staging of docking ports now available in flight. Changing staging of docking ports allows the player to change the Delta-V of the vessel for docked vessels which changes the Burn Time Information on Maneuver nodes. * Kerbals can now be placed in external command seats in the VAB/SPH. * Wheel suspension now has auto spring/damper to combat bouncing wheels. This can be turned on and off via Advanced Tweakables per wheel (in symmetry). * Added a Burn Time Indicator slide to KSPedia. * In editor (VAB/SPH) switch symmetry mode back to what it was set to after hovering over a node. * Allow pinning of PAWs and resource transfer for highlighted parts from Resources App. +++ Localization * Fix lingoona gender tags in resource names in PAWs. * Localization of bulkhead size and other automatic search string tags. * Fix community localization feedback for the Fly Through? Node pt.2 * Fix Community localization feedback for fly through Node pt. 2 in Japanese. * Fix German community localization feedback for "Schwerkraft mindern", changed to "Sanfte Schwerkraft Aktivierung" * Did a general grammar and lexical pass on KSPedia. * Localized Debug menu UI titles. +++ Parts Updated Parts (reskinned): * Mk1 Command Pod * HECS * HECS2 * OKTO * OKTO2 * QBE * RoveMate * Stayputnik * FL-T100 * FL-T200 * FL-T400 * FL-T800 * RT-5 "Flea" Solid Fuel Booster * RT-10 "Hammer" Solid Fuel Booster Color Variants: * Mk1 Command Pod (New "Dark", "White" and "Gray and White" color variants) * RoveMate (New "White", "Silver" and "Gold" color variants) * FL-T100 (New “Dark”, “Black and White”, “White” and “Gray and Orange” variants) * FL-T200 (New “Dark”, “Black and White”, “White” and “Gray and Orange” variants) * FL-T400 (New “Dark”, “Black and White”, “White” and “Gray and Orange” variants) * FL-T800 (New “Dark”, “Black and White”, “White” and “Gray and Orange” variants) * RT-5 Flea (New “White”, “Orange” and “Yellow and White” variants) * RT-10 Hammer (New “White”, “Orange” and “Yellow and White” variants) Other Part changes: * Some parts now take advantage of the new "Bumped Specular (Mapped)" shader which achieves significantly better metallic reflections. * Fix issue where engine shrouds were becoming offset on vessel focus. * Improved OKTO and OKTO2 mesh colliders to fit them better. * Improved Stayputnik attach node positions to make better contact with other parts. * Rotated the RoveMate ninety degrees to make it match with its Navball orientation; also added 4 new attachment nodes to the sides. * HECS rotation fixed - rotated 30 degrees. - NB:This does rotate the control orientation for old vessels using this part. * Fixed Rockomax Jumbo-64 Fuel Tank normal map alignment issue. +++ Bugfixes * Fix issue where incorrect tooltip icons were being displayed in the R&D scene. * Fix icon blurring for flags, icons, tutorial images (and more) at different texture settings. * Fix mini-biomes persisting after touching one and then moving vessel away from it. * Fix mini-biome structure detection around the KSC. * Fix log spam and messages related to stock launch sites if Making History DLC is not installed. * Fix issues with decouplers in symmetry being staged via the Part Action Window. * Fix issues with decouplers in symmetry being staged separately. * Fix transparent materials in Part Picker Icons. * Fix Gigantor XL panel when using Undo in editor. * Fix transparent materials showing in part highlighting in editor. * FIx for ship orbit line not rendering when burning straight from a physics bounce on flight load. * Music volume settings are now applied as soon as the player leaves the settings menu in the KSC. * Ambient noise in KSC and VAB/SPH is now controlled by ambient volume setting and not the music setting. * Fix music problems when switching between VAB and SPH. * Remove Gender on Resource displayName in PAW. * The game no longer locks up when attempting to create a save file, vessel or mission using a reserved DOS name. * Fix for Kerbal EVA's clipping through vessel model when forcefully dismounted from an external command seat. * Fix for auto localization keys coming up in the target icon when a vessel with a localized name was targeted and moused-over'd. * The sun flare no longer shines through Jool. * Fix for reentry VFX disappearing when the camera is far from the vessel. * Fix for asteroids not displaying reentry VFX. * Fix bug where kerbal parachute lifting surfaces weren't active when loading a quicksave. * Fix camera positioning on entering editor scene/loading vessel to show vessel correctly. * Fix bulkhead filter strings to work for all valid sizes. * Fix when a part is selected and the user attempts to write a ship description the hotkeys will still trigger. * Fix In the editor-based tutorials, Werhner's window overlaps the ship so you can't place parts. * Fix hard points reporting the wrong stage to the StageManager. * Fix wheel friction being applied incorrectly based on Celestial Body G. Stops sliding on slopes. * Fix wheel suspension bouncing. * Fix exploding landing legs when docking/undocking. * Fix landing legs applying massive spring setting when fully compressed. * Fix Engine plates for all engine plates now show short on their first variant choice. * Fix Stations in orbit now complete contracts as they should. * Fix Map nodes, Maneuver nodes and other elements display correctly when changing the UI Scale while playing. * Fix Part filters with size 1.5 not being filtered when selecting size 1. * Fix double carets displaying in some Scenario text descriptions. * Fix log error removing wheel debris. * Fix error in docking tutorial when player unsets target vessel. * Fix jetpack rotates correctly in all scenes +++ Mods * ModuleDeployablePart now has KSPField impactResistanceRetracted. * ModuleWheelSuspension now has KSPField maximumLoad. * Added IsUIShowing property to UIMasterController. +++Miscellaneous 1.5 Changelog - Making History DLC ONLY +++ Improvements * Improved the Builder canvas system and connectors for speed and performance. * Fly through node volumes can now be set with negative values for the volume to work with submarines. +++ Localization * English grammar, spelling, and punctuation fixes. +++ Parts Updated Parts (reskinned): * SM-18 Service Module. Color Variants: * Structural Panels (Improved "Gold" variant and added a new "Silver" variant). Other Part changes: * SM-18 bottom lid uses the new "Bumped Specular (Mapped) shader". * Fix issue where engine shrouds were becoming offset on vessel focus. * Fix size 1.5 items showing in size 1 sort filter in VAB/SPH. +++ Bugfixes * Fix Updating Steam Workshop Missions were creating duplicated workshop items. * Fix for NRE when saving a mission where the craft files used in vessel situations have been deleted * Fix Kerbals Exploding when resuming a test mission checkpoint taken on a Kerbal EVA node * Fix issues with connector lines in Builder when changing planets in the GAP * Fix where when boarding the EAS command seats were not triggering when a kerbal boarded for the node to pass. * Fix when a vessel is spawned in an orbit, the orbit was getting the reference of the celestial bodies rotation, giving different results like a rotated orbit with the same orbit values on another node. * Fix connector lines when in some cases they were badly rendered. * "Selected part" option now appears when selecting one part in the repair node. * Don't reset available and unavailable part lists when changing the part filter and update the list to handle the required parts nicely. * Fix weights and costs of all the engine plate variants being the same. * Solved discrepancy between the start mission time in the Mission editor and in the actual mission. * Fixed GAP parts filter on some nodes so they work similar to the part restrictions on Vessel Spawn Node. * Fixed normal map on mobile launchpads, Woomerang and Dessert launchpad. * Fix for localization tags for localized vessel and node names coming up in various parts of the UI. * Fix for incorrect information about docked nodes order of evaluation in intermediate tutorial. * Fix mission Builder banners appear in low resolution with the 'Texture Quality' setting lowered. * Fix Clicking “Stay on Editor” in the Mission Builder, no longer auto-fills empty pod seats with available kerbals. *Fix *Clicking “Stay on Editor” in the Mission Builder, no longer removes the assigned kerbal on the EAS-1 Command Chair. * Fix Assigned crew dragged and dropped on the VAB and SPH, updates the crew count correctly. * Fix NRE when "Kerbal Rescued" node with "Any Crew/Tourist" option is activated during Missions. +++ Missions * Removed erroneous info about event node processing order from intermediate tutorial. * Added the Part Count node, so player can check a vessel's part count, even if the vessel is unloaded. +++Miscellaneous * Implemented new text for agent descriptions and mentality. Kerbal Space Program 1.5: Dressed for Success is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. Click here to enter the Grand Discussion Thread for this release. Happy launchings!
  15. Hello all! Today is a very exciting day, as I announce, KERBSPEX! This new thingie will hopefully not be a complete failure. Questions and answers: So what is KERBSPEX? KERBSPEX is a new private-government comp-allaboration (portmanteau of company and collaboration) thingie. Basically, it's a kerbalized NASA but better. What does KERBSPEX do? Make rockets, explore space, fund other things, make snacks, basically everything NASA does, but also a semi-merger of other companies. What does KERBSPEX mean, and why is it capitalized? It's sort of a combination of many space companies' names, with kerbal in it. (Companies may include, but may not be limited to: NASA, SpaceX, Arianespace, ESA, ULA, Virgin Galactic, and maybe other things.) We have no idea what it stands for, but it might stand for something. You decide. We take suggestions. Is KERBSPEX a private or government company? Sort of a mix of both. It can function on it's own, but the government and other companies can be involved. How do I say and write KERBSPEX? You can write and say it however way you want. Can my company join? Yeah, you and your company can join kerbspex, if you have good intentions and we accept. Companies/agencies/whatevers involved: The Kerbal Government The KSC Everything affiliated with the KSC Maybe you. Who's involved: Me Everyone else mentioned above. Please let this not be a failure.
  16. Kerbals are now polyglots! We are incredibly proud and excited to announce that Kerbal Space Program is now available in four more languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Russian and Spanish. This means that more people will be able to enjoy the Kerbal experience in their native tongue. Each language was carefully localized so it keeps the humor and charm of the english version. Keyboard layouts, UI and textures were also modified to please local players of each region. To give you an idea of the scope of this endeavour, we had to carefully revise all lines of code to start cataloging all the aspects that needed to be localized and addressed. We translated more than 95,000 words, created 456 images for textures and UI, prepared 684 slides for the KSPedia and everything was carefully revised by a team of more than twenty dedicated volunteers. And that is not all, we are also including the integration of Asteroid Day mod into this update, which is now localized and its contracts are balanced for a career game play-through, too. Additionally, for 1.3 we have added the Ambient Light Adjustment feature - a Boost value to the ambient light setting (similar to the highlighter boost slider). This one brightens the render engine settings to bring light into the darkness. Something that will come in handy if you like to capture and share ingame footage. Kerbal Space Program 1.3: Away with words is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. Changelog: =================================== v1.3.0 ============================================================ +++ Localization * Keyboard layouts for foreign keyboards in Settings Menu. * Localization of all text in game to Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese-Simplified. * KSP now reads the language from buildID.txt * Debug menu option to log missing Language tags (which is persisted in settings). * All fonts are loaded regardless of selected language to assist in save file language switching and sharing. * Resize PAW menus to fit languages. * Resize Tutorial dialogs to fit languages. * Add ability to scroll KSC facility upgrade stats when hovering over the upgrade button. * Add new debug tool to show Localization tags instead of translations. * Add Resource name display in staging, PAW and Resource App will change to Abbreviations if too long. * Add Resource name tooltips to staging, PAW and Resource App for abbreviated resource icons. * Add scroll sections to KSC Facility Upgrade stats in Facility pop-up windows. * Add button to reload the Localization texts dictionary in the debug menu. * Add hibernation info page to KSPedia. +++ Enhancements * Compound parts can be selected from both ends. * Updated the strut model so the connector does not intersect with the mesh. * Contract back stories have been changed/enhanced. * GUI control for changing Local/Absolute attachment and editing reference. * GUI control for changing symmetry mode. * Change Science Containers to pull from experiments before other science containers. * Increased the size of the PAW title bar and pin button. * Ambient light adjustment. * Asteroid Day Mod merged into stock. * IVAOverlay now has keyboard shortcut - Modifier + ChangeCamera (Alt+C in windows). * Upgraded TMPro. * New PAW pin icon. +++ Bug fixes * Fix logic error in craft list dialog in editor scene. * Fix grammar error in FL-R25 RCS Fuel Tank description. * Fix MPL functions to only work with Scientist trait. * Fix Runway Seams T2 and T3. * Flatten the T1 Runway out. * Fix Flagpole to Astronaut Center and remove upgrade/downgrade/destroy errors. * Fix the math on the ShipConstruct Stage Count. * Fix to highlighter Brightness not getting set on entering flight scene. * Docking mode indicators corrected. * Fix From The Mun tutorial: heatshield on RV jettison via staging. * Fix Terrain seams issue (parity with 1.1.3). * Fix Radiators on Asteroids. * Fix Drill status on Asteroids. * Add Craft name limit to VAB to prevent save issues with file name. Configurable via VAB_CRAFTNAME_CHAR_LIMIT * Fix RnDTechTree refresh not updating un-purchases nodes after purchasing. * Fix Aero GUI window NREs on scene change. * Fix costs for Upgrade nodes being applied in TechTree. * Fix upgraded parts to now display upgraded stats in TechTree and Parts picker in VAB/SPH. * Fix upgrade modules not displaying correctly in expanded part tooltips in TechTree and Part picker. * Fix number of kerbals counter in KSC vessel markers. * Fix Tree shaders - shadows. * Fix an issue where resource system catch-up mechanics would not work due to physics causing vessels to ‘hop’. * Fix an issue where overriding a converter’s AutoShutdown property was not working. * Fix to the way vessels were named on Kerbal Rescue contracts. * Fix launch site blocked dialog not clearing on vessel spawn dialog. * Fix green line appearing in water. * Fix shadows of buildings in KSC scene. * Fix manuever node errors for some situations where node is in the past and conics become invalid. * Fix gaps in shadows on KSC buildings. * Improved flickering Sun shadows in flight mode on all objects. * Fix cases for old maneuver nodes with invalid patched conics. * Fix part highlighters showing landing lights flares. * Fix part icons to exclude flags and include lights. * Fix Launchpad tower light to shine on correct Unity Layers. * Fix Currency Widgets disappearing at large scales. * Fix for StageLock persisting between games. * Fix floor decals in level 2 VAB. * Fix to wait for physics easing before updating vessel status. +++ Modding * Localization class added for Localization string processing. * Fix reflected KSPModule attribute on PartModule. * Added GameEvent onCommandSeatInteractionEnter which fires before a Kerbal enters/leaves external command seat. * Added a mod hook in for science values. * Add public accessors to MapView MapNodes for modders. * Event for Kerbal name change (to match with type/status change events). * Some object renames for clashes with Unity classes * Add public accessor to instance of tutorial dialog * Propellent.displayName added for localization. * Resource definitions now have displayName field. * FlightGlobals.GetHomeBodyDisplayName() is the localized equivalent of FlightGlobals.GetHomeBodyName() * Vessel & Protovessel displaylandedAt is the localized equivalent of landedAt string. * Vessel.SetLandedAt() - added two new optional input variables. * CustomParameterNode.LocalizedSection added. * Added displayseatName and displayseatIndex to InternalSeat Node. * CelestialBody has had several variables added and removed for localization. * CBAttributeMaps have also had variables added for localization. * ResearchAndDevelopment.GetExperimentSubject has a new optional displaybiomeID. * ResearchAndDevelopment.GetBiomeTagsLocalized added. * ScienceData.displaytitle added for localization. * Vessel.displaylandedAt field added for localization. * Add an extra parameter on the GenericAppFrame method to receive a displayName separated from the logic. * Add GameEvent onFairingsDeployed when fairings deploy. * Add IscalarModule to ModuleJettison and public Enumerator for DragCubeSystem. * Atmospheric and Exospheric harvesters can now make use of an optional Intake Transform (this can be set via the ‘intakeTransformName’ field. * Add GetExperimentBodyName to ScienceUtils to API for mods.
  17. This is a continuation of the 'What are the devs working on?' thread; I just made a new one for this official announcement. Now, down to business; What feature/update (other than the localisation update) are the devs going to announce? what's the Huge, Top-Secret Project that they won't tell the moderators about and that they've been mentioning vaguely for months? My Money (And my hopes) are on an Enhanced IVA experience (Being able to walk around/ float around INSIDE your ship). Post Your Theories Below!
  18. Hello everyone! Devnotes will be moved to Fridays from now on. We'll be giving more details this Friday. Thank you and keep tuned! The KSP Dev Team
  19. Hi everyone! Our webhost will be performing maintenance on their entire network which means that the KSP website, forum, wiki, bugtracker and other web-based services will be down for a short amount of time on Wednesday. This is not related to a forum update, which is also scheduled to take place somewhere in the coming two weeks which will cause another small amount of downtime for the forums but will not affect other services. The maintenance is scheduled to take place in the following timeslot: PST: 22:00-03:00 (starting Tuesday night!) EST: 1:00-7:00 UTC: 6:00-11:00 CET: 7:00-12:00 ACST: 15:30-20:30 If you're looking for a place to discuss KSP at that time I feel comfortable pointing you to our IRC chat, the KSP Subreddit or our social media pages
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