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  1. No, it can't be used in KSP v1.4.5 The color of the atmosphere is totally wrong.
  2. Yhan,it worked with 1.4.5...That's great. But this mod can't work with RO&RSS, it said"non-RO". So are there any cfgs for this mod to use in the RO? thanks!
  3. I must say that the quality of the mod is really AMAZING!!! By the way, I really hope you can make the models the MGS,the MRO and the M01O. Thank you!
  4. Is there any SpaceX Pack for RO? I've used theKartoffelkuchen's SpaceX Pack, but it said:"none RO" Thanks!
  5. Does this mod has capability with RSS+RO? Thanks!
  6. Well, I just tried the RSS today.It's really exciting to see the real solar system! Anymore, I've made my first launch in the real solar system, by using the RSB's Atlas V 532 rocket.It's wonderful.