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  1. Hi. I was the first one to report this issue. The oldest post about this problem, it is mine, so I had allot of time to figure it out the solution: The problem is caused when you transmit data direcly from the science base junior. Some times wile you do it true the goo experiments. If you are on EVA, or just controlling the experiments with your cursor, do not, repat, do not, transmit any data. Only, and only use your antena to transmit all your data. You have to manually select the antena and transmit all your data from it. It is safe to transmit your temperature, presure, and atmospheric presure readings directly true the part itselft (review window too). If you are already stuck in space, the ground, your lader, or on any place that you are. Close the game, and go to console settings and restar your XBOX (unplugging the electric cable also works). Restar your game, and you will be able to gain control of your Kerbal aging. After that, play as normal. Only remember to never transmit data from the cience base junior, or the goo containers. Only from your antena. Post data: What I actually means is transmiting true the option that says transmit all data. Fly safe my friend...
  2. This problem hapened to me a million times. The problem is caused when you transmit data fom the junior science mudule. The solution for it is to only transmit data from the antena. in case that you have a kerbal stuck, restart your console. Some times you even have to unplug it for 30 seconds to let all the ram cache get deleted. After that lounch your game and remember to only transmit data from your antena directly. I hope this trick help you, and remember this: “Fly safe”
  3. I have this problem since they updated the game. I made a post about it like 3 or 4 months ago. On guy even made a report at the bug tracker page. We haven had any response yet, and out bug is set in low priority. I haven’t been able to enjoy the game since then. Is imposible to progress in carrer or cience mode. I wish they answered our cuestion, and fix the problem ASAP. I still keeping my expectations about the developer team. I wnat to get my two crews out of Minmus, so i can finally go to Duna. One day bro, one day, this will be all over. I also have encountered many other bugs after the sexond patch.
  4. I found what is causing the problem: The EVA error is caused when you transmit data wile in EVA mode. (Example: If you are in EVA, use the cursor and select an experiment, then pres transmit data). Your Kebral will switch to inactive. You will still abalible to control its ligh, and even to pilot your craft, but you could not control your EVA Kebral, or any other that you try to EVA after the glitch.
  5. Me too. I haven’t played the game sience then, because it doesn’t let me EVA. Without it I can reset my equipment for experiments. I can’t place flags, take samples, and etc. I have 2 crafts right now landed in minmus and I can’t leave, because my scientist is stuck grabing the lander’s ladder.
  6. The game wasn't like this before the update. I hope they read this post and try to patch it. Please upvote the post if you want to be heard.
  7. Im using XBOX One S, and the controller as well. My game is up to date. Before the new update this problem never happened to me. No matter were I am in space, every time I EVA any kebral, it will muve for a little bit after staying inmoval for ever. I could control his helmet ligh, but I can’t activate its jet pack, or muve him. Even if he is grabing the lader right infront of the pod door, I can’t press B to enter the pod; ether A to let go. This problem is happening everywhere, including at Kerbin. If I tell another kebral to EVA while the first one still stuck, the other one will leave its pod, but will stay immobile ass well. The only temporary solution that i found was to delete the game and reinstall it. That way it let me finish the current mission, but the problem always come back after a couple of minutes. I have tried to reload an old save data, create a new game, switch to the comand center and back, press all the buttons on the controller; all that don’t work. The only thing that work is to uninstall the game and installed back. After several minutes the problem always come back. I need Help. Thanks Sylar Uchiha