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    I don't use skype, i use discord. my tag's Boop#1720 for some KSP related stuff.

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    Somewhere in the orbit of a ringed Enceladus figuring out how to make Ununennium
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    Landing on Kerbol and Jool, Glitches, Horror games, KSP (obviously) and...


    Space games and watching planets thru a telescope

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  1. Hello everyone! Glad to see this forum again after 6 months. I just kinda lost motivation to play KSP and... I sort of left the forums. Anyway, I should be bringing some mission reports things of what my absurd and weird stuff and crafts I can do to complete the KSP career (man, my last memory of KSP was hearing about 1.5)

    Oh, and obviously, Happy New Year!

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