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  1. i try it without mod several times, but that didn't work. i just use infernal robotics mod. wich make easier
  2. oke that's cool.
  3. well, i tried it make an autogyro with Infernal robotics mod, its work!!. and i make a helicopter with IR it works, but its creating super torque wich doesn't really realistic. i want to use gear box in my helicopter to transferring rotation from turboshaft to main rotor.
  4. oh okay, i did it too! but in firespitter rotor is generate thrust, in real life helicopter rotor is generate lift, and i can't landing in autorotation with firespitter if engine died or fuel out.
  5. can anyone make a gear mod? i mean mechanic gear or cogwheel, not landing gear. to help my helicopter work properly. coaxial gear, planetary gear. ETC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gear
  6. did anyone make helicopter with working swashplate?
  7. does anyone know how to use this mod?, i'm not a programmer btw.
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