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  1. I like the style of the new HUD. The cartoonish look of the old one was a bit of a turn off for me. Especially since I have KER installed and all of the data from that mod are displayed on a sleek transparent text boxes. The old one works well when you're learning KSP, but once I got deeper into it (enough to install KER and Precise Node) it just felt a little bit of a joke. It was just a couple of days ago when I was searching for mod that would let me get rid of the old HUD and just use the KER stuff.
  2. That is really cool! It often feels a little too lazy just forgetting probes on a low orbit, knowing they won’t ever crash. Couple of questions, though: a) Does it only work when the craft is loaded, or will it wreak havoc on orbits, while you’re doing stuff on other ships as well? b) Are higher orbits less susceptible for those irregularities and thus safer? What I’m thinking is higher orbit should be exponentially safer, right?
  3. @AVaughan Ah yes, I forgot about kerballed flights. How do you get to Duna orbit without control? Some sort of retrograde gravity assist from Ike/ Duna?
  4. This! You can get to Kerbin orbit without a perfect gravity turn, but you can’t get to a Duna orbit with a Communotron 16.
  5. Are these arguments in some particular order? Noise levels more important that efficiency? Or cool blue glow more important than efficiency? In any case I am a big fan of the Mainsail’s roar! In addition these humorous remarks I have very little input to this thread. I think I only used Dawn once and haven’t unlocked it in my current career yet. I am interested in using it more though, once I unlock it, so it’s nice to hear other people’s opinions.
  6. Damn! That is nice! I think I’m gonna start updating with this method in the future. Thanks a bunch!
  7. I’ve been thinking about this option too. How do you remember all the mods you have? Last time it took me a while to remember to install Precise Node. Because of the load times I usually just think “I’ll install it the next time” in stead of just installing it right then and restarting the game. Is it possible to have something like a “playlist” of mods for CKAN?
  8. Hello, I have a quick question. I am a Steam user, but I play KSP from a non-steam directory, because I want to control the update process better (mods and bugs). I keep the steam directory version stock and have mods on my other KSP install. When I want to update my non-steam directory install, what folders should I copy from the steam-directory? I have copied the Game Data and the KSP X64 folder (or something like that, I am not at the computer just now). This seems to update the game fine, but I was wondering whether this really is the correct way of updating the game? Should I co
  9. @Zhetaan Thank you for a very concise reply! I get it a lot more clearly now. I think this one launch and subsequent thought process has been the highlight of my KSP career this year. This is such an amazing game. It just forces you to think and learn new things on a regular basis. Payloads, here I come!
  10. Interesting! I guess I have hauled excessively heavy engines in my crafts all along! My concern was mainly because I had the low TWR at around 30k (this is a guess, so give or take) which I consider still pretty low. I assume one can also throttle down the further the the turn goes, right? The more horizontal you are the less you need to go up and the more you need to gather horizontal speed. Assuming, of course, that your AP is high enough.
  11. Hello, Yesterday I was trying to launch with a proper gravity turn. My vehicle was a mk2 shuttle with an external tank and its TWR was a little low after the separation of SRB’s (about 0.8-0.9). However I noticed that the AP continued to rise even with such a low TWR. I then continued with a launch profile where I tried to keep the AP within a minute away. I had the TWR in about 0.9-1.1 during much of the ascent. All the time my AP was rising. I assume this is because as I increase my horizontal speed the ground “falls” away from me even if my TWR is below 1.0. Is this the way it works?
  12. I think I played stock for a couple of months. I then launched a mobile lab to Minmus which didn't have enough electricity to transfer all that science back to Kerbin so I started checking the forum if I could retrofit some solar panels and batteries on it. I installed KIS/KAS and soon after a bunch of other mods and started testing on building bases and stations. In the end I ditched that save before I got back to the Minmus lab. Currently I think KER and docking port alignment indicator are something I could not play without (still getting to grips with stock dV). Most other things I have ar
  13. Excellent replies everyone. I play a lot of Pro Evolution Soccer when I feel KSP is too demanding for my mood and PES19 states minimum requirements as i5 2500 and GTX 670. My spouse was just looking at Witcher 3 as well, which had similar requirements to PES. As the 2320 is not far from 2500 would this be a negligible difference? So if I update the GPU, could that be enough to play these games? Is i7 overkill for casual gaming compared to similar aged i5? As I said, I don’t know much about these things!
  14. So I am thinking of upgrading my PC a little bit. I was wondering whether I should get a better processor or a better GPU. Current setup is: i5 2320 GTX650 8Gb RAM Kerbal runs ok but I can’t update my other favourite game to the latest version since it won’t really run with a decent frame rate. I am looking at used i7 3770 at the moment since that’s about the best CPU the motherboard will accept. Can anyone shine any light on this subject? I am a bit of a noob when it comes to stuff like this (also not sure if this is the right forum).
  15. I don’t think my first docking included a lot of thrill. A lot of frustration and a little anger, sure. But thrill? Not really.
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