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  1. Man, it's been a week and already 11 likes on my post showing off my replica of Club Ninja (the space station depicted in Blue Öyster Cult's namesake album). I just made it to show off to my girlfriend, who's not a kerbalnaut by any means but is a huge classic rock buff.  Are there really that many BOC/classic rock fans on the KSP forums too, or do you all just like funny-looking stations?

    • I don't even have any serious plans with this station, nor is it any good with the other spacecraft I have. 
      • It only has one regular-sized docking port, which is already in an awkward position as it is.
      • It cannot convert its own ore to Lf+Ox (or monopropellant).
      • Since the interplanetary versions ended up with the nuclear rockets pushing the station in the wrong direction (without constant correction) thanks to its off-center COM, all its really good for is looking cool within Kerbin's SOI.
        • Even then, if you're in career mode, I'm pretty sure you can slap together a cheaper, more balanced station that would fulfill whatever requirements you have.


    To all who took the time to leave a like and/or download it, thank you all very much. :)



    Post in question shown in link below. It also contains a link to the craft file for this station, if you're interested in trying it out yourself.

  2. I think I made history my making the first successful Moho ring station.


    (Picture of the ring station in orbit of Moho)

    More mission details upon request

  3. To those who don't know already, @Matt Lowne - the god of SSTOs - has been hit with a false copyright claim on his channel. It's up to us to help him fight these lies and give these scumbags what's coming to them.

    1. Fraston


      RISE UP, GAMERS!!!!!!!!!!

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