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  1. Can you try to recreate Gemini?

    I mean, It WOULD be cool to try Gemini in Making History.(especially with the Paraglider idea they had earlier...)

  2. How come you never mix with us mortal commoners?

    *Bows and walks away backwards*

  3. Eeloo Exploration Challenge!

    Thanks but why not use one of my better Eeloo missions?
  4. Hi Matt I have problems with my Graphics Mods

    -Stock Visual Enhancement


    -Envioremental Visual Enhancement

    What should I do?

    1. Jack5.exe


      Uhm.... matts not a game/mod dev, you should be asking someone else for help like the guy who made EVE or Scatter

  5. SSTO Tylo No Refueling Or Docking

    Another impossible challenge. There really needs to be a rule that OP has actually verified that what they're asking is possible without mods.
  6. Asclepius is much easier to make a mission to than a lot of stock planets, I think it's an odd system that any modded planet is automatically worth more than any stock planet. A Moho SSTO is way harder than most modded planets, for example. Eeloo isn't much easier either.
  7. I NEED HELP (as advice. I'm not calling the Blunderbirds.) I'm trying to send a probe to fly-by Eeloo (like New Horizons), but my distance causes it to malfunction. My Deep Space Communications Network, built using your videos, doesn't work. What should I do?


  8. "hullo," matt can you do a mission to laythe with a (luxury) boat? and not a seaplane a separate boat.

    1. Matt Lowne

      Matt Lowne

      Thanks, but I've already made 2 Laythe Seaplane missions (one of them returned to Kerbin and the mission used a mini sub as well)!

    2. Jack5.exe


      k... how about an SSTO mission with only rapiers (and no other rockets) to the moon

  9. I was always thinking 'bout 'catching' a satellite. Creating a spacecraft that could grab satellites from say, Eeloo, and return them. Possibly as an SSTO.

    1. Matt Lowne
    2. Eivuii


      Btw, thanks for inspiring me! I shall go FURTHER...

    3. Eivuii




  10. The Mobile Base Challenge

    Mun should be in the same point class as Eve and Duna IMO, atmospheric planets are way easier for landing rovers. Should be 1 point for Minmus, 2 for Mun/Gilly/Ike/Duna/Eve, 2.5 for Laythe/pol/bop/Dres, 3 for Vall, 3.5 for Eeloo, 4 for Moho, 5 for Tylo. Also, why the heck does a mobile base require one of every fuel tank? Or any fuel capacity at all for that matter. This rule means that every mobile base I've ever made wouldn't qualify. There's far too much stipulation on what modules are required. Give people a little creative freedom here.

    1. Eivuii



  12. Matt Lowne! I need your Help! I stranded Jeb on the Mun and I need the BlunderBirds!

  13. just made my first mun landing, wanted to say that you thought me how to do an orbit inclination change, which helped with the landing, thank you and keep up the good work!

  14. Part clipping & colliding

    Hey everyone! I built this on a livestream, here's a link to the full construction: (disclaimer, my methods for building craft are swearing and angrily insulting everything, but when it finally works I'm happy again. It's just all part of the process )