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  1. Good Luck with Space Race Series!

  2. Hello Matt,

    In one of your latest videos (the one with the ssto carrying two mini sats to orbit) you use a nice mod, that gives the rapiers a nice plume. You called it "wutible mod" or something like that. I can't find it due to my wrong spelling as a not-native-speaker. Can you tell me where to get it and whats the correct spelling?

    Also: what other visual mods have you installed? I never saw clouds in such a great visual effect as in your video. What did you install from where and how did you configure it? I'm no expert in KSP-Modding.


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    2. Rakete


      @HafCoJoe is Eve Redux and Spectra more Gpu- or Cpu-bound?

      Where is your threshold concerning part count, where KSP starts to stutter? I tend to build bigger Spacestations, where my bigger SSTOs (200-300 Parts) love to dock, so that it happens that partcounts of 1000 and much more are reached with ease at these stations with docked vessels. I'd like to circumvent a dia slide show.

      Unfortunately is upgrading my graphics card currently no option regarding the actual insane prices and shortage in the stores. The rest of my system (Cpu, Ram) and display (from FHD to WQHD) was upgraded a year ago.

    3. HafCoJoe


      Matt Lowne's user page probably isn't the best place to discuss but, but both Eve Redux and Spectra are more CPU bound.

      I tend to build things around 300-500 parts before the framerate drops low enough that it gets annoying :P  I don't do hardly anything above 500

    4. Rakete


      You are right. Wrong place. The initial question was addressed to Matt, that's why the topic stranded here. :-) (sorry, Matt!) I thought he'd answer. I didn't expect to summon more guys nor did I expect the thing to develop into a conversation. (sorry again!) But thanks to you all.

      And thanks to Matt for his videos. They are really inspiring.

  3. Hello! Hope you are doing well! :)

  4. Cow can i travel to Eve?

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    2. Harald Kerbal

      Harald Kerbal



    3. Dr. Kerbal

      Dr. Kerbal

      To get to Eve you want to build a rocket. This rocket should have. Slander with 6000m/do (trust me, Eve is trouble and needs dealt v to leave). And biuld a bother ship with 5,000m/dv. Biuld the rocket add boosters and make sure it can get to LKO. The lander could have a docking port for a Apollo style landing and system. An Eve transfer window is 45 degrees. Kerbin up front and Eve behind. Get to LKO. Make a menuver to Eve. Make some correction burn. Get to Eve and make a low Eve orbit. Separate lander and mother ship. Slow down lander and enter Eve atmosphere. You want to have a lot of heat shields for this as Eve atmosphere causes a lot of heat. Go through Eve, deeply parachutes and land, land on a flat area. You may have to do F5s. Land on Eve. Plant a flag, (note: you can’t use EVA packs on Eve. Leave leave get to low rave or it. Dock with the mother ship. Ditch lander. Go home. Get to Kerbin. And entrees Kerbin atmosphere and land on Kerbin. Recover vessel.

    4. Harald Kerbal

      Harald Kerbal

      THANK YOU!!!! (i am not good for docking with rcs)

  5. I hope you get invited to Boca Chica.

  6. Hi! are you the real Matt Lowne?

  7. what  di i need to give u a save file from KSP?

    I want to apear in the blundebirds plz

    1. Harald Kerbal
    2. Dr. Kerbal

      Dr. Kerbal

      Harald Kerman, Matt Lowne neede a save file becasue he needs the actully save of the crash on were the kerbals are standed. He cants do it with outit. 

  8. It's a .rar file, use 7zip, Winrar or any other extraction program to open it
  9. Pretty much! Except I got the craft pictures using the mod Kronal Vessel Viewer The Eve variant has a heat shield.
  10. Matt! Matt! Matt! Did you miss this?


  11. Here at Lowne Aerospace® we are very excited to offer a new surface base! This features ample internal cargo and crew capacity, a full-size laboratory kitted-out with every science experiment available, two external viewing platforms, full ore mining and refining capability, a secure rover garage (rover included with purchase) with a closable door and retractable ramp, and a vertical telescopic mobility enhancer (sometimes referred to as a “ladder”) to enable boarding without the need for an EVA pack. See the catalogue below to select the launcher configuration most suitable for your nee
  12. Can you do this challenge?! I think it’s pretty neat!


  13. matt your 2018 agency save file is incompatible with ksp stock 1.11 can u upgrade it to 1.11?

    1. Guest


      Did you use Winrar/7zip? because yes the downloaded file will not work if you don't do that. Save files work via sfs files, you can check your own saves and see every savefile in there is sfs. there is no difference in KSP versions of what the savefile is. Sometimes savefiles will be exported via their folders (aka has the craftfiles in VAB and SPH folders and savefiles.)

  14. What are you going to do next Matt Lowne! I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow!

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