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  1. Watched your latest video. And I have a surprisingly similar story about discovering my first mun arch this way to. Did a mun mission and oddly enough there was one to the north. The mun arch I found is the most visited one due to the ability to fully go thru in orbit. The one you found is the north west arch since you are in the hilly area and still in communication with kerbin. The last one is on the other side of the mun south to the big crater with a cut

    Here is the one you found

    here was the one in the space station thru mun arch video. as you can see the one you discovered and the other one are fairly close by. This is the one I found by accident 


    Then here is quiet arch, rarely visited from due to its facing away from kerbin and no connection. I’ve been to all three. This one is the hardest via probe. Now that takes some skills


    anyway. Sorry for the ping, too good to give a story of how I accidentally found these. I um... really love these arches if you have ever visited my YouTube channel. landing on top of them is nice, unless you do it via probe on lone arch... that was fun.

  2. It's a .rar file, use 7zip, Winrar or any other extraction program to open it
  3. Pretty much! Except I got the craft pictures using the mod Kronal Vessel Viewer The Eve variant has a heat shield.
  4. Matt! Matt! Matt! Did you miss this?


  5. Here at Lowne Aerospace® we are very excited to offer a new surface base! This features ample internal cargo and crew capacity, a full-size laboratory kitted-out with every science experiment available, two external viewing platforms, full ore mining and refining capability, a secure rover garage (rover included with purchase) with a closable door and retractable ramp, and a vertical telescopic mobility enhancer (sometimes referred to as a “ladder”) to enable boarding without the need for an EVA pack. See the catalogue below to select the launcher configuration most suitable for your nee
  6. Can you do this challenge?! I think it’s pretty neat!


  7. matt your 2018 agency save file is incompatible with ksp stock 1.11 can u upgrade it to 1.11?

    1. The Doodling Astronaut

      The Doodling Astronaut

      Did you use Winrar/7zip? because yes the downloaded file will not work if you don't do that. Save files work via sfs files, you can check your own saves and see every savefile in there is sfs. there is no difference in KSP versions of what the savefile is. Sometimes savefiles will be exported via their folders (aka has the craftfiles in VAB and SPH folders and savefiles.)

  8. What are you going to do next Matt Lowne! I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow!

  9. Do you have a place where we can download your saves? Or are those not available?

    1. Matt Lowne
    2. The Doodling Astronaut

      The Doodling Astronaut

      Oh nice this is the old world. Good old days :)


  10. Hey.  Matt Lowne. Remember you posted a video of a pixel Ed version of KSP. Ya. A group of people are trying to do that on Scratch but in 2D. https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/27870656/

  11. I have an assignment for you and Lowne Aerospace, the head council has sent a message to the Internal Affairs office, and we now need you to create something. We need, an Orbital Missile station. The goal of this mission is to create a station in LKO that can launch missile-like projectiles down to kerbin. Where to strike with these missiles? That would be your decision. The fate of kerbin is in your hands Matt. 

    If you prefer the informal version of that, make an LKO station that can fire missiles at kerbin.

    Thank you and I absolutely love your KSP videos, keep being awesome.

    P.S, Message me if you accept this challenge.

  12. Hey Matt Lowne. Can you do a challenge?

    Do a ally-by if every moon and planet in KSP without transfer windows.

    1. Dr. Kerbal

      Dr. Kerbal

      Wow. He actulyy did it.

  13. Mates for what it's worth I didn't invent the concept of rescuing people lol, you don't need my permission to have a community rescue service. I think it's great, actually!
  14. His YouTube videos are great. And his KSP movies, velocity lake, space this week, and his earlier videos.

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    2. Dr. Kerbal

      Dr. Kerbal

      what i got all the way to duna cause of his videos

    3. Dat Kerbal Dude

      Dat Kerbal Dude

      well,that's great! however,i learned by just testing at my own way.

    4. Dr. Kerbal

      Dr. Kerbal

      i guess so actually the mun encounter was all an accident with me elliptical orbit space station

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