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  1. MATT I challenge you!!! to beat this...

    Make it bigger and better, and make it a refuel station as well as a massive space station, and leave it in deep space half way between kerben and the furthest planet away!


    Message me if challenge accepted lol!!


    Steve F.

  2. Matt Lowne

    SSTO Eve no docking or refueling

    Incorrect, good sir.
  3. Matt Lowne

    SSTO Eve no docking or refueling

    If that's the criteria then Stratzenblitz75 has already done this. Also if someone claims to have a Tylo SSTO working I'd assume liar until a video is posted proving otherwise, or at the very least pictures. I'm pretty certain that Tylo SSTO is mathematically impossible without refuelling. The only ways are either a) separate Tylo Lander b) IRSU. I and many others have done those missions but there's a reason why nobody has done the "true tylo SSTO". Happy to be proven otherwise but I don't see how it would be possible in stock.
  4. Matt Lowne

    Eeloo Exploration Challenge!

    Thanks but why not use one of my better Eeloo missions?
  5. Matt Lowne

    SSTO Tylo No Refueling Or Docking

    Another impossible challenge. There really needs to be a rule that OP has actually verified that what they're asking is possible without mods.
  6. Asclepius is much easier to make a mission to than a lot of stock planets, I think it's an odd system that any modded planet is automatically worth more than any stock planet. A Moho SSTO is way harder than most modded planets, for example. Eeloo isn't much easier either.
  7. Matt Lowne

    The Mobile Base Challenge

    Mun should be in the same point class as Eve and Duna IMO, atmospheric planets are way easier for landing rovers. Should be 1 point for Minmus, 2 for Mun/Gilly/Ike/Duna/Eve, 2.5 for Laythe/pol/bop/Dres, 3 for Vall, 3.5 for Eeloo, 4 for Moho, 5 for Tylo. Also, why the heck does a mobile base require one of every fuel tank? Or any fuel capacity at all for that matter. This rule means that every mobile base I've ever made wouldn't qualify. There's far too much stipulation on what modules are required. Give people a little creative freedom here.
  8. Matt Lowne

    Part clipping & colliding

    Hey everyone! I built this on a livestream, here's a link to the full construction: (disclaimer, my methods for building craft are swearing and angrily insulting everything, but when it finally works I'm happy again. It's just all part of the process )
  9. Matt Lowne

    Matt Lowne's SSTO Emporium

    I've already done lots of those though. See any of my Minmus/Mun/Duna/Gilly SSTO videos.
  10. Matt Lowne

    Matt Lowne's SSTO Emporium

    I keep meaning to update the main image in this thread, just keep forgetting about it. I'll do it eventually!
  11. Matt Lowne

    Delta-V Race to Laythe in an SSTO

    It would actually be pretty easy to beat my record, that SSTO was very heavy so burns were quite long and therefore not the most efficient. Plus the flight to Jool could have been trimmed using better gravity assists.
  12. Matt Lowne

    What am I doing wrong?

    We were all there too at one point. All about practice. Something something the masters have failed more times that students have ever tried. Stick at it, you'll get there one day!
  13. Tylo is not analogous to Eeloo at all. It's much easier to go to Eeloo than to Tylo. Not to detract from this video, just weighing in that it's not the same. My "Debunk" video was created using complete mathematical evaluation of every point of the mission. If you want to make serious accusations of faking then you need to at least crunch the numbers. And this doesn't include personal anecdotes. I haven't watched the video to the extent that I'd be willing to support one view or the other, but just from the concept alone I would expect this to be possible.
  14. Matt Lowne

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

  15. Matt Lowne

    An amateur's spaceplane, the SP-12 Explorer

    Why am I obligated to reply to every thread I like? And the unrelated footage is a joke.