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  1. I can’t help but feel partially responsible for some of the hysteria surrounding the KSP 2 move from Star Theory to Intercept, and I am glad that spirits within the dev team remain high. I am disappointed that some viewers interpreted the news as a sign of cancellation or other deterioration of KSP 2’s development. The focus of the reporting (and my video) was to highlight the business side of Take-Two’s hostile acquisition of the KSP 2 development, which is something I still feel is a wholly negative thing and is part of an aspect of the publisher/developer relationship across the games industry that I hope will continue to grow better as the industry matures. I wish no ill-feelings to any of the KSP 2 developers, and I am still wholeheartedly excited for the sequel. I have no doubt that your collective passion will result in an incredible sequel and I am very excited to see what you and your team produce.
  2. Matt Lowne Please stop the whiskey reviews you just banned me from the channel, my parents want me to watch ksp not whiskey reviews, also you got me into ksp but now you are pushing me away from it.

    1. AnimaticalProductions
    2. Lo var Lachland

      Lo var Lachland

      Then maybe get off the internet...? 

  3. Matt, been watching your channel as I have just discovered it.  Could you point me to a list of mods you employ?  I see Kerbin more spectacular on your videos than I have it or find mods to do so.  Thanks!  P.S. I've scoured your channel and posts and don't think I've seen such a list prior but if so; I apologize.

  4. Do not go gentle into that copyright strike, rage, rage against the dying of the site!

  5. Please try ReStock :) 

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    2. Aperture Science

      Aperture Science

      AnimaticalProductions this was more than a year ago

    3. AnimaticalProductions


      I was just scrolling and got confused why you seemed to be so against it.

    4. Aperture Science

      Aperture Science

      AnimaticalProductions you're the one who isn't against it

      btw you gotta put the name first for it to show up in notifications (without the @ for status updates)

  6. I can't believe you don't have more rep. I love your vids, and the enthusiasm that you show is great. Keep it up. :) 

  7. I made that post before the DLC was added, which included the parts required for the mission to work. Not to detract from Brad's excellent achievement here though!
  8. Get to Mun (and back) using only RCS

    Bonus - To Duna

    Super Bonus - Impress me

  9. Matt, you're the best KSP and wendesday-my-dudes YouTuber i've ever seen

    1. Matt Lowne
    2. Rover 6428

      Rover 6428

      looking forward to the next ksp video!

  10. MATT I challenge you!!! to beat this...

    Make it bigger and better, and make it a refuel station as well as a massive space station, and leave it in deep space half way between kerben and the furthest planet away!


    Message me if challenge accepted lol!!


    Steve F.

  11. Incorrect, good sir.
  12. If that's the criteria then Stratzenblitz75 has already done this. Also if someone claims to have a Tylo SSTO working I'd assume liar until a video is posted proving otherwise, or at the very least pictures. I'm pretty certain that Tylo SSTO is mathematically impossible without refuelling. The only ways are either a) separate Tylo Lander b) IRSU. I and many others have done those missions but there's a reason why nobody has done the "true tylo SSTO". Happy to be proven otherwise but I don't see how it would be possible in stock.
  13. Can you try to recreate Gemini?

    I mean, It WOULD be cool to try Gemini in Making History.(especially with the Paraglider idea they had earlier...)

  14. How come you never mix with us mortal commoners?

    *Bows and walks away backwards*

  15. Matt, Here's a challenge.

    Easy mode: Send a craft to the Mohole and then launch it to Dres and then return it to Kerbin.

    Normal mode: Use only liquid fuel.

    Hard mode: Do it with an SSTO.

    Crazy mode: Impress me.