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  1. Matt Lowne! I need your Help! I stranded Jeb on the Mun and I need the BlunderBirds!

  2. just made my first mun landing, wanted to say that you thought me how to do an orbit inclination change, which helped with the landing, thank you and keep up the good work!

    1. Matt Lowne

      Matt Lowne

      Awesome, glad I could help :)

    2. ksplover


      When I made my first mun landing i was freaking out I couldn't believe it!

  3. Part clipping & colliding

    Hey everyone! I built this on a livestream, here's a link to the full construction: (disclaimer, my methods for building craft are swearing and angrily insulting everything, but when it finally works I'm happy again. It's just all part of the process )
  4. Matt Lowne's SSTO Emporium

    I've already done lots of those though. See any of my Minmus/Mun/Duna/Gilly SSTO videos.
  5. Matt Lowne's SSTO Emporium

    I keep meaning to update the main image in this thread, just keep forgetting about it. I'll do it eventually!
  6. Hello. Have been watching your videos for a while. Like the music choices, sometimes just play them in the background while I'm playing KSP

    1. Matt Lowne

      Matt Lowne

      Thanks! Glad you like them :)

    2. DeltaVerb


      I do the same! :P:)

  7. hey matt! I love you're videos and I just wanted to say that with you're help last night I finally achieved orbital flight! thank you for you're help and keep up the good videos!

    1. Matt Lowne

      Matt Lowne

      Thanks! Glad you found my stuff useful :)

  8. @Matt Lowne Can you please post the Gilly Phantom craft file

  9. make a meme in ksp and post it on yt

  10. do a 1000 seat SSTO to eeloo on yt

    1. Bottle Rocketeer 500

      Bottle Rocketeer 500

      That would be almost impossible.

    2. anti_con2


      omg that would be so cool

  11. @Matt Lowne Can you recreate the ISS in KSP with SSTOS?

    1. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland

      Yes, very easily. 

  12. What mods are you using for clouds and planet atmostpheres. im using SVE with medium textures but both laythe and eve look terrible where I like how yours looks. thanks

    1. Matt Lowne

      Matt Lowne

      I use EVE, Planetshine and Scatterer. I don't think all of them work too well on 1.3 (I still use 1.2)

    2. GenesisPlayz


      They do. Well, PlanetShine didn't AFAIK, but the other two did.

    3. Lo Var Lachland

      Lo Var Lachland

      @Matt Lowne you should try Distant Object enhancement, and maybe re-entry particle effect if it tickles  your fancy. :D 

  13. Hmm, what to ask Matt Lowne to do...  Create a Duna Lander that lithobrakes! Create a probe that orbits waaaay too closely to the Kerbol! I dunno, remake more Soviet missions, like Venera 7!  

    1. Matt Lowne

      Matt Lowne

      Thanks for the suggestions. A sun station is on my "to do" list, possibly as a collaboration with Hazardish but that'd be a long way off! Expedition Eve was the analogue to a series of Venus missions if you haven't seen it

  14. @Matt Lowne Can you recreate the ISS in KSP with SSTOS?

  15. Can you recreate the ISS in KSP and launch it in ocne launch?That would be awesome.(:

    1. Matt Lowne

      Matt Lowne

      I'd like to do something with the ISS, but not sure what yet. I am not sure single launch is something I'd like to keep repeating, but I'll give it some thought