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  1. Hello Kerbonauts! The Loading Screen Contest has come to an end and we are just blown away by the amount of submissions we received, and more so by the artistry of our amazing community, so a huge shout-out to all participants. Thank you so much! Before we go any further, we want to invite you to this thread to check out the outstanding entries we received, it will be worth your while, we promise. With over 600 pieces, ranging from awesome 3D renders, amazing screenshots and inspiring fan-art, selecting the winners was no easy task, and although we would have loved to include all of them, we had to carefully select 9 winners based on originality, creativity and artistic ability, all while trying to include a diverse set of images that represented the Kerbal spirit. The winners are... (drum rolls...) @cafelate @dok_377 @Exaxis @KnutG @Orbital_phoenix @Pills @rocket_scissors @themaster402 @Tinem Congratulations to the winners and thank you so much for making this contest a success. Happy launchings!
  2. For millennia we have stared in awe towards the sky and wondered about the nature and the mysteries of the celestial objects we are able to see at night. Besides the sun, no other object has sparked more fascination in us than the Moon, inspiring countless myths and legends across cultures and nations. In 1966, the Luna 9 spacecraft became the first spacecraft to successfully land on it, and only 3 years later, aboard Apollo 11, humans stepped on lunar soil for the first time, a feat that would not be repeated after Apollo 17 in 1972. For many years, we shifted our attention towards other parts of the solar system, but in the past decade, interest in revisiting our only natural satellite has reignited. Attracted by its natural resources and as a possible hub for interplanetary travel, the Moon has become once more the focus of various space agencies and commercial companies in a reinvigorated modern space race. As one of nine contractor companies selected by NASA in November 2018 to submit bids for the Commercial Lunar Payload Services program, Intuitive Machines will launch its first out of three lunar landers, the IM-1 Nova-C lander, in summer 2022 aboard a Falcon 9 rocket. Nova-C will be the first U.S. vehicle to softly land on the lunar surface since 1972. The lander features the VR900 engine, which uses methane and liquid oxygen and produces 4,000N of thrust, as well as advanced autonomous landing and hazard detection technologies. Capable of carrying 130kg of cargo, the IM-1 Nova-C lander will land on the Moon within 1 degree of 25 N latitude, 50 W longitude, in Vallis Schroteri in Oceanus Procellarum, in a chosen 200-meter landing site, and will ferry numerous experiments to explore and test technologies to process natural resources of the Moon. As such, it will become the first commercial company to bring NASA and commercial payloads to the lunar surface. To celebrate this milestone, we have partnered with Intuitive Machines for an exciting KSP challenge, where you'll have the opportunity to win an invitation to join their team in their brand new and modern Mission Control Center in Houston, TX, for the real IM-1 Nova-C moon landing! So, what is this challenge about? Simple, build a Nova-C lander and recreate the IM-1 mission as close as you can! The closest you get to the real thing, the better. To successfully complete this challenge, you’ll need to: Build a Nova-C analogue and load it with scientific experiments. Launch it aboard a Falcon 9-like rocket. Decouple the lander and perform a direct throw TLI to get to the Mün. Perform a soft landing in the Canyons North of the Farside Crater as close to the actual landing site as possible. Perform some experiments. Post a video* showcasing your successful mission on this thread or on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram with the hashtags #NovaCChallenge and #Contest. (Remember to show the coordinates of the location where you have landed). *Videos should not contain any music that you do not personally own. (KSP in-game music is ok, just no adding in extra music unless it's something that you created and own the rights to. Licensed music, cover songs, "copyright free" music, etc. is not allowed.) Scoring details: Up to 30 Points for a realistic Nova-C recreation. (appearance, size, and mass all matter) 20 Points for decoupling and performing a direct throw TLI to get to the Mün. Up to 40 Points for landing safely at the right location. 2 Points for each experiment you bring with you and perform. (Maximum of 20 points) 20 Additional points if you perform a vertical takeoff, cruise, and landing to another location of the Mün after you have arrived at your first destination. 30 Additional points if you safely land the Falcon 9-like rocket on Kerbin. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a panel of judges. Mods are NOT allowed. Cheats are NOT allowed. This challenge is intended to be completed in Stock KSP. This means players can not utilize DLC or any other add-ons to complete the challenge. Add-ons are classified as any original or derivative work intended to expand another work by adding or replacing files. (Including, but not limited to: informational mods, visual mods, autopilot mods, and utility mods) We are allowing the use of custom flags only. Note: Please make sure to maintain a copy of your saved game as you may be asked to submit it for further review. You have until March 23rd, 2022, to complete the challenge. The winner will be announced on March 31st, 2022. One grand prize winner will win a trip to Houston, TX to join the Intuitive Machines team in mission control for the real Nova-C moon landing. The winner will also get a tour of the Intuitive Machine spacecraft production facility while they’re there! Airfare and a 2-night, 3-day stay at Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake for the winner are included. Good luck! OPEN ONLY TO LEGAL RESIDENTS OF THE FIFTY UNITED STATES AND THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE. CONTEST BEGINS AT 9:00 AM PT ON MARCH 1, 2022, AND ENDS AT 11:59 PM PT ON MARCH 23, 2022. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED SUBJECT TO THE OFFICIAL RULES LOCATED AT http://bit.ly/kspnovacchallengerules Wireframe images: Additional Nova-C images/ size specs:
  3. Hi there, I'd like to suggest a small and easy contest, which is all about launch efficiency, trajectories, gravity turn, etc. You'll find below a Full Stock Craft : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/706948521735225374/753224100033462372/KSC_-_SLG4_-_MunAr.craft A quick VAB pic of this very basic rocket : What you can do : - tweak every contextual parts menu : engine's gimbal, booster's power, fuel capacity, fairing jettison option, Autostruts, Rigid connection, fuel consumption priority... Etc. - modify the staging : fairing separation sooner, synchronize a decouple with the upper engine, etc. - fly the way you want, provided that you're not using dirty alpacas, bug using, AltF12, etc. - you can use any AutoPilot mod or script you want : be sure to avoid adding Parts, I know there is Partless version of MechJeb for instance. Otherwise that would add some mass / drag. - mods are generally okay, they do not alter physic in any way and you're not adding any parts, etc, see previous rules :p What you cannot do : - obviously, you can't add or remove any parts. And you can't do anything to the Payload. - do not unlock the upper tank of the last stage, it's here for a reason : you should be able to put that craft into orbit without touching the locked tank, with margin. If you don't, you're in the good place to ask for tips, do not hesitate - do not use any mods / thing that is altering the Stock Physic. Provide some screenshots you want, but one them must be the Orbit View, after reaching 100x100km circular orbit, minimum, just like the next image : If you're using some AutoPilot mod, please provide a Screenshot of the settings panel as well, as it's one of the thing that i'm personally interested in : i've never find any one beating me at this challenge using autopilot :p Your goal : preserve as much DeltaV you can ! We will only look at the Stock indicator, at the lower left corner ! You should provide : a screenshots of the orbital view showing the 100x100 circular orbit minimum and the Lower Left corner DeltaV Stock indicator, and any other screenshots or information regarding what you've tweaked / change, according to the rules, as well as AutoPilot Settings Panel, if you're using one. Try to use a recent version of KSP, at least from 1.7.1 since this is the one that brought the Stock DeltaV indicator. Any feedback appreciated if there is questions, suggestions, etc !
  4. Hello everyone! Are you playing the 1.2 pre-release? Do you want to help us crush those puny bugs and get the chance to name an in-game Kerbal or Waypoint while doing so? Of course you do, who wouldn't?! During the past Squadcast we announced the Bug Hunting Contest and it consists of the following: Participants just need to make quality bug reports on the pre-release project on KSP’s Bug Tracker. The QA team will nominate some 'bug report finalists' based on the relevance of the bug and quality of the report. Once a week, we will announce at least one winner at the beginning of SquadCast (Thursdays - 22:00 UTC at KSPTV). The winner will be able to add a name to a kerbal or waypoint random name generator, subject to our approval Every bug report made during the pre-release phase of the 1.2 Update will be taken into consideration for the contest (sept 13th. - TBA) We will also have a special reward* for the Ultimate Bug Hunter, who will be announced at the end of the contest. Let the hunt begin! Start finding those bugs and putting your best reports on the tracker! Good luck! - The KSP Dev Team *Shippings are limited to Shapeways’ Serviceable Countries list.
  5. Hey Kerbalnauts! We've got some exciting news. We need your help in creating videos that commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon mission! We'll be creating two videos; one to commemorate the launch of the Saturn V rocket and a second video to commemorate the landing of Lunar Module Eagle on the Moon. Each of these videos will predominantly be made up of in-game footage video submissions sent in by all of you! Your creativity and dedication as KSP players has been a great contribution in expanding interest and passion for space travel, and we want to showcase your amazing work! These videos are a thank you to NASA and to you, the players, for being a part of the monumentally large effort of furthering humankind’s reach across the galaxy. So you’re probably asking yourself: How do I send in my rad video submission?! Fear not, submission is easy! Simply follow the submission guidelines below. When capturing in-game footage feel free to recreate/replicate both the launch of the Saturn V rocket, the landing of the Lunar Module, and planting of the flag. While we’re excited to see how exact your replications can be of the Apollo 11 mission, adding your own unique Kerbal twist to things is also welcome. For video tutorials on building these historic vessels, please see the Tutorials section below. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 1. Your video should be uploaded in the highest resolution possible natively to this Reddit thread. Gifs will not be accepted. 2. When capturing in-game video, audio is preferred but not required. 3. The deadline for video submission is Tuesday, July 9th by 11 p.m. Eastern Time. 4. If your video is selected to be featured in one of the videos and you would like to be credited in the credit section, please include the following statement in your submission: “I would like my Reddit handle to be included in the credit section of the video.” Any Reddit user handle that’s flagged as inappropriate will not be shown. If you would not like to have your handle shown, we will reach out to you via direct message to confirm. HISTORIC BUILD TUTORIALS: If you have the Making History DLC – Saturn V Build (including Lunar Module) - (thank you Raiz Space!) Another Saturn V tutorial if you have Making History DLC (more detailed) - (thank you Admiral André!) For Enhanced Edition console players If you don’t have Making History DLC, you can use this mod Downloadable craft build if you don’t have Making History DLC Lander Module Tutorial (If you have Making History) THE FINE PRINT: Inclusion of your video submission in the final video is not guaranteed. We appreciate all of your work and creativity Kerbalnauts! It's time to take one giant leap for Kerbalkind! It's time for a Mun Landing!
  6. Welcome to the first annual KSC Car and Air show. This is a special contest for builders of cars, trucks, planes, and other wacky stuff. It is a community driven air show where KSP players can upload their craft here to be a part of this event. After all the slots are full, I will set up all the stuff in a save file, and then I will announce the winners of each category. I will also share the save file with everyone else, so they can find all the craft in one place. Have fun! Uploading guidlines: PLEASE INCLUDE A CRAFT FILE!! Also, please include screenshots, a good description, and the category of entry. (Cars/trucks/small aircraft/large aircraft/crazy wacky stuff) No more than 1 entry per category per user. STOCK ONLY! (Ven's stock revamp and BDarmory are allowed, as well as Airplane plus, KAX, Tweakscale, SXT.) DEADLINE: THERE IS NO DEADLINE! HA HA HAHA!! Open slots: Light Aircraft: 0 SLOTS OPEN. SUBMISSION IS CLOSED. Heavy aircraft: 0 SLOTS OPEN. SUBMISSION IS CLOSED. Cars: 3 slots open. Trucks: 4 slots open. Wacky stuff: 5 slots open. Sponsors: Thanks to our sponsors, Forests Inc., And Bullseye LLC. ALL RIGHTS GO TO SQUAD for the images. Current entries: "Heavy Aircraft:" Haruspex. (Condor) Thor_Wotansen. (Borr) drtricky. (ABH-17 Rapture) ShadowWolf56. (Boeing 737) Skylon. (SB-1 Dragonfly) EpicSpaceTroll139. (Airbus A380) DarkLion. (Batwing-SSTO) Draconiator. (KTR-10NP) DunDun92. (KC-1 Transport) ImmaStegosaurus. (AN-12E) "Light Aircraft:" Triop. (F-20 TigerShark) NotAnAimbot. (F-2F) LazySoUseHyperedit. (Cessna) TheEpicSquared. (AF-1) GDJ (Kraken-MK1-Disarmed) DunDun92. (F-10 Striker) Mumbro Kerman. (F-16C-50 Fighting Falcon) Draconiator. (Kerbtrolite-K-1) PaperAviator. (MIG-21) Draconiator. (IHNCWTNT) (I have no clue what to name this) "Cars:" Azimech. (Charger RT-31) tgaerospace. (TSG Zelion) qzgy. (BAC-Mono type 5) 53Miner53. (Formula-Solar-Stock) GDJ. (Avro-G-Prix Special) Dark Lion. (Kustom-Krazer) doggonemess. https://kerbalx.com/LevAerospace/M8-SpyRover-II-ORV(M8-Spy-Rover-II-ORV) "Trucks/tanks/trains:" KenjiKrafts. (10-15-Hllensturm-HDMT---32) Qzgy. (Mallard V3) NotAnAimbot. (Wolverine-2A1) EpicSpaceTroll139. (Oskar-Mayer-Wiener-Mobile) 53Miner53. (Deora-II) Ozelui. (Cargo-mate tractor) (Exo-Trailer) "Wacky stuff:" PaperAviator. (Canada Goose) EpicSpaceTroll139. (E-50A - Triton) DarkLion. (Bo) HB Stratos (BAC-Concorde) Andetech. (ADX-FJC Flying Car)
  7. Hello everyone! We had a blast doing this contest and we are so happy to see the response of the community. We had 93 article entries and they were all increidible and, although it wasn't possible, we would've loved to put them all in the magazine. So before we say anything else we just want to give a huge shout-out to all participants, we really enjoyed reading through all of the articles and we encourage you to do so, too, by visiting this thread. You won't regret it. Yesterday we closed the poll of the contest and we contacted all winners to let them know they were chosen by the community. And the are winners are... (drum rolls...) ... How Do Astronauts Wear Their Helmets? by @Angel-125 Can Jeb Fly? by @Acea KSC releases report of hopeful exoplanet by @Cpone IS JEBEDIAH KERMAN AN IMPOSTOR? by @leoc1108 These authors will have their article will be published in The Kerbal Chronicles, will get themselves kerbalized by our Lead Artist, along with their own chosen or designed flag in a Shapeways exclusive and one of kind figurine, and have a name they choose included as astronauts in Kerbal Space Program,as well as getting a special printed limited edition of The Kerbal Chronicles. Congratulations! We want to also congratulate these authors, whose articles were among the most voted 10 (yes, there was a tie) and will also get a special printed limited edition of The Kerbal Chronicles. A Kerbal’s Tale by @root NEW PROBE CORE UNVIELED! IS THIS THE END OF CREWED SPACEFLIGHT? by @Kuzzter Why do the Rockets Boom? by @Mr. Me INTRA-ORGANIZATION SPACE RACE DEVELOPS AS TWO ASTRONAUTS STEAL MUN ROCKET by @GregroxMun Surprise Proposal Stuns World! by @Just Jim Jebediah Kerman Resting Comfortably After Risky Attributectomy by @JonathanPerregaux Rocket Program Saved by Invention of Life-Saving Technology by @The_Rocketeer The Kerbal Chronicles will be available digitally to everyone, but only these four winners will see their own articles featured, along, of course, with their names as authors. Thank you all for participating!
  8. The grand jewel army forces are in need of modernization so we are now recruiting officers to test and develop weapons. pick a branch(below) to build for. be creative! there are a few rules such as: 1. keep it relatively low part count. 2.no copying designs 3. space branch needs no launchers to get into space ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Branches Space this branch builds ships to fight in space stock only Sea this branch builds ships to fight in the sea BDA permitted Air this branch builds aircraft to fight in the air BDA and airplane plus permitted _________________________________________________________________ I will judge these aircraft versus : other submissions , my craft, and compare maneuverability between aircraft (land support may come soon) Aircraft that have passed @Bottle Rocketeer 500's KS-99SP https://kerbalx.com/BottleRocketeer500/KS-99SP has been approved for high ranking personnel transport however the sparrow is preferred the sparrow by @lapis (me ) not biased but is just easier to handle than the KS99SP https://kerbalx.com/lapis_space_program/Sparrow @TheFlyingKerman's https://kerbalx.com/TheFlyingKerman/LKA-1CIII an exellent recon aircraft.
  9. Incredible! We received 93 article entries and we couldn't be happier! We can't express enough gratitude to everyone who participated and sumbmitted articles. They were all fantastic, but unfortunately they were too many and we had to choose the best 30 articles based on originality, humor, epic character, quality of the article and our own criteria. But now is your turn to choose the winners! You can vote for your favorites here! These are the finalists:
  10. Hello everyone! Do you remember the Bug Hunting Contest we made for the pre-release of Kerbal Space Program: Loud and Clear? In case you forgot, it consisted of participants making quality bug reports on the pre-release project on the KSP’s Bug Tracker. The QA team would then nominate some 'bug report finalists' based on the relevance of the bug and quality of the report, and the winners were able to add a name to a kerbal or waypoint random name generator. Finally, during the 1.2 launch party that we celebrated on KSPTV with DasValdez, the Ultimate Bug Hunter was announced and received a special reward. Once more, we want to give a huge shout out to everyone who participated and congratulate the bug hunters who could name a Kerbal or a Waypoint in the name generator. These are those hunters and the names they chose: @Carcara - "Cristiano Kerman" (Kerbal) @Spanksh - "Entrance to the Upside Down" (Waypoint). @DV-13 - "Vasya Kerman" (Kerbal) @LameLefty - "Lefty Kerman" (Kerbal) @Newnard - "Lashel Kerman" (Kerbal) @Draradech - “Schiaparelli's” (Waypoint) At last but not the least, @Anth12 won the Ultimate Bug Hunter titel for reporting a great amount of different bugs! He send us this picture with his reward: Congratulations and thanks to all the bug hunters! - The KSP Dev Team
  11. Hello everyone, Halloween is coming and it happens that Kerbals celebrate Hallogreen around this time, as well! As we announced in KSP Weekly, we want to show our community how much we appreciate you, have a good time with you and give away some plushies to show our love! That’s why we want you to participate in this HALLOGREEN CONTEST! What’s the contest about? You just need to upload a picture of yourself disguised as a KSP themed character (can be a Kerbal, a planet, a vessel or anything you can imagine). Upload your picture on Twitter and use the hashtag #HallogreenKSP tag us on your picture in Facebook or post your picture in this thread. All pictures need to be submitted before Monday, October 31st How will we decide the winners? We will make a shortlist with the best 5 costumes (based on the originality, creativity and quality of the costumes) and let the community vote for their favorite! The winner will be announced on November the 2nd and get a Jeb Plushie! Happy launchings!
  12. Hello everyone! We have new winners for the Bug Hunting contest: @LameLefty http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/12243 - a great spot, since it only affects one gender! LameLefty decided to add the name "Lefty Kerman" to the Kerbal name generator, so a lucky kerbal will be named after his find! @Newnard http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/12130 - Very detailed report and a great example of how to make one! Newnard de4cided to add the name "Serenity Valley" in the Waypoint generator. The third winner is a user with mjn as his bugtracker name http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/12173 - Please contact us if you want to add a name to the Waypoint/Kerbal name generator! The last winners are going to be announced in the next days and afterwards the Ultimate Bug Hunter will be chosen! Cheers! The KSP Dev Team
  13. PLANE CONTEST Hello, I'm making a little contest with the FASTEST , COOLEST , BIGGEST , STRANGEST planes you have ever build. RULES: 1. Every participant can have no more than five planes, so choose your best ones! 2. After submitting your planes I will choose between 0-100 points. You can vote for every plane but not yours. 3. Post a screenshot of the plane with it's name, highest speed on the navball and different abilities. (screenshot: F2) If there's anything you want to ask you should ask me in the comments section! Wish you luck!
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