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  1. I updated to 1.10 less than a week ago, and I just noticed that there was a "Magnetometer Boom." added to the science parts list. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, here's a picture. I had just installed it on my flying Minmus car prototype, and yet I have no idea how to use it. More specifically, I tried to use the "Run Magnetometer Report" action group - along with the other science data groups (they were for the same key - 3) - but nothing. I then extended the antenna, but it only gave the option to retract it (aside from Autostrut and same vessel interaction). Below are the action group options. What exactly is this thing used for, and how? If there's a problem with the game/version, then how do I fix it? I have Version 2917 installed, by the way.
  2. In has been confirmed: the Mun Landing was faked, and the footage was actually taken on Dres.
  3. Press F to pay respects to all those brave kerbalnauts who died in nine years of pure awesomeness.
  4. My proudest (and my most nail-biting) moment was when I did the Jool-5 in an SSTO. https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/T-6-Cannonball - craft file of the beast that pulled it off. https://imgur.com/gallery/luIEBS9 - imgur album
  5. I sent a small two-stage rocket in orbit of Kerbin, only for the final stage to crash into the VAB. AFTER completing orbit. I'll end up less than a km away from the launch pad, but I've got my sights set on the VAB. Say your prayers, VAB engineers. DIRECT HIT. Otherwise, the camera wouldn't focus on that part of the building. No damage to the building, but it was a small rocket anyway. At least I hit it after full orbit. Reason (skip if you just came for the action)
  6. Need I say more? More below if the answer is "yes." I bet lots of you are curious about how far your planes can go from their starting point when their tanks are full. However, I doubt all of you want to waste time just taking them out for test runs - one plane at a time. This thread is to finally know, once and for all, how to calculate your planes' range? In the spoiler below, you'll find SPH shots of a few of my aircraft - none of which are SSTOs. What bugs me is that the delta-V count for the engines don't really give a clue. If they are, then I obviously missed it. Could someone point that out, please? I also noticed that the Regional Jet Challenge had the range equation as the following. However, I don't know if it's accurate. Speed in this equation is the given cruising speed at the recommended altitude. Is there any way to calculate the range of my aircraft without needing to download any mods? Thank you.
  7. I was cleaning my SPH of old craft files (mostly other people's creations and other spacecraft that currently have replacements), when I stumbled upon my first career plane. The aircraft in the SPH. I know it's fully upgraded in this picture (taken today), but it was the best I could do at the time I made this. Has a part count of 30, which includes a thermometer. Perfect for your first survey missions. Just be sure to land it right. Curious on what it can do, I decided to take it out for a spin. Recommended Cruising Specs Altitude Above Sea Level(m) 9,000 Surface Velocity (m/s) 270 Estimated Usage Time Over 2 hours It was evening at the KSC when I took off, which meant I was entering the dark side of the planet. However, much to my surprise, I saw some sunlight when I had less than 1/3 fuel capacity left. To be honest, I wasn't expecting the range on this plane to be this high. I don't know if pilots were allowed to go on EVAs when I first made it, but I wasn't going to just let Jeb take the easy way out of this test flight. I made sure I was over land when I descended, touching down smoothly. Still in one piece, so that should count for something. Only 1/4 fuel left, and about 1,187 km (that's 737.6 miles) from the KSC. Pretty impressive, isn't it? Pretty much your best choice for your first Kerbin temperature and crew report surveys. Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/First-KSP-Plane
  8. I did months ago. By the way, have you tried flying my asymmetrical aircraft (craft file on KerbalX)? Took me a few tries to land it in one piece, but I did it.
  9. Yeah. What exactly is the goal of this game here? Travel 100 km from the KSC as fast as you can? Go as long as possible on one full charge - on the Mun? Carry at least five people to the mountains west of the KSC quickly. What? As for my entry, they don't call it the Speed Demon for nothing - and look who volunteered to drive it. As you can see, it has an unreasonably high top speed thanks to this rocket booster. It was originally installed to get up the steeper hills on the Mun. Has solar panels and a TCS unit, but I don't use them during the Kerbin rocket tests since they tend to fly off quite easily. Also, my rocket comes with an alternator. Here's the craft file for the speed demon AND the rocket that takes it to the Mun - https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Speed-Demon-NO-MODS
  10. That's not a challenge; that's last week's tourist run. Test picture of Bill and Val taking off from the Mun. I made at least two spaceplanes capable of landing on the Mun, refueling, and landing back on the KSC runway. Mun Hopper: Mk. II - https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Mun-Hopper-Mk-II Mk. III (current variant) - https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Mun-Hopper-Mk-III Laythe Speeder Craft file - https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Laythe-Speeder I don't currently have any pictures of it on the Mun, but I would assume that it is capable of getting there - given that it has more delta-V in LKO after taking off than the Mun Hopper. Hope I didn't make this look too easy.
  11. From the creators of "The Airliner," and the "Around Kerbin in 80 Minutes," Dusted from the shelves of KerbalX Hokies Aerospace Presents (wait for it) B-343 (Picture taken today during a test run. Plane originally built December 2019) SUPERSONIC Long-hall, low capacity airliner Recommended cruising specs (used MJ Autopilot for the speed and heading hold; altitude was too bouncy) Altitude: ~14,000 m That's almost 46,000 feet, putting you in Class A airspace if you're in the U.S.A. Recommended Cruising Speed: 1,000 m/s Range: 4,280 km Fuel: 10,700 units Consumption rate: 2.5 Keep in mind that the consumption rate dropped over time as the altitude and speed remained constant. Also, I had to hold the altitude manually. If I used the MJ autopilot for altitude holding, I'd be bouncing up and down forever. Occupancy: 20 (4 crew + 16 passengers) Originally designed to fly the KSP Board of Directors through Kerbin at high speeds. They don't want to use SSTOs like the Poseidon or the Olympian, since not everyone who will use it (especially attendants/family members/others) are medically qualified to fly in space. Price: 138,804,000 Craft file here.
  12. Last time I built a subsonic Mk. 3 airliner without cargo bays, I had a bit of trouble keeping the plane balanced due to its CoM. Also, I was going for an occupancy of over 30 here. Do radiators (and batteries) count as cargo? I installed them inside the plane so that the large wings won't blow up mid-flight. Plus, kerbals can jump out of the plane that way - or get on it without having to go through the cockpit.
  13. Hokies Aerospace Introduces The Airliner (We're bad at naming not-so-kickass aircraft, all right?) Short-hall, low capacity airliner Recommended cruising specs (used MJ Autopilot) Altitude: 5,700 m Recommended Cruising Speed: 310 m/s Range: 1,761 km Fuel: 5,000 units Consumption rate: 0.88 Keep in mind that the consumption rate dropped over time as the altitude and speed remained constant. Occupancy: 36 (32 passengers + 36 crew) Price: 124,230,000 Also comes with features such as: Kerbnet access from the probe core Which also means it can be remotely controlled Internal radiators to keep the wings cool A rear exit, with a ramp that opens Do not get anyone out through the rear hatch while the ramp is closed. That's how we lost one our volunteer jumper. Rest in peace, Fermal Kerman. Craft file (current version): https://kerbalx.com/Mars-Bound_Hokie/Airliner
  14. GUSBLES KERMAN'S MISSION LOG: Y65D206 - 4H45M There's not really much to report here, only that we left Jool's SOI and we're about 2 years and 126 days away from reaching Kerbin's. We also have 3,354 m/s of delta-V left in our tanks; more than enough to safely land on Kerbin's surface. Like I said, not much to say here. As for our friends on the Anubis I, they just circularized their departure orbit around Jool an hour ago. They plan to make their exit burn in less than a year, and then Kerbin will be getting a lot of its brave men and women returning home.
  15. Kerbal Kerman needed to prove to his investors that his new space program was capable of achieving LKO or better. This meant he either had to build a rocket that can deliver a small payload and at least one man or build a spaceplane. Since he was tight on cash and not that skilled in aerodynamics, he decided to build the rocket himself. Unfortunately, in his stimulant-induced construction streak, he got several wires misplaced which caused the rocket to explode when he released the launch clamps. When his investors returned to see his presentation, all they saw was his charred-up corpse inside what was left of a poorly-designed rocket. George Kerman will die after being struck by a car.
  16. CHAPTER FORTY-ONE: STILL ALIVE (1 YEAR, 80 DAYS LATER) Somewhere in Kerbin’s Scorcher Desert, dozens of men in orange jumpsuits were working alongside a small two-way road. Though they had earned the privilege to come here today, they were not there by choice. The men in jumpsuits were inmates from Seifert Prison, which was located almost 30 kilometers from where they were right now. To ensure that they would not attempt to escape and/or harm any passers-by, several guards with rifles stood watch over them – their leader being a former army captain named Cedric Kerman. He was rumored to have been harsher towards some inmates he didn’t like – and even making false accusations against his victims – while turning a blind eye to the actions of military veterans who were incarcerated. Among these men was former Special Forces Major Victor Kerman. After his court martial on Laythe ended up in his conviction for genocide and obstruction of justice, he was dishonorably discharged from the military and incarcerated in his own base’s brig. When the transfer window back to Kerbin had opened, he and several other prisoners – who were also convicted on charges related to the Clivar Genocide – were loaded on a troop transport and sent home. Though the captain of the ship had promised them that their shuttle landing would be private, he was mobbed by the press when he had disembarked on Kerbin’s surface. He was then kept in a holding cell for a week while the media demonized him – and his sister (and, for some reason, her alleged boyfriend) – and then flown to an undisclosed location for his appeal. Unfortunately for him, the courts did not rule in his favor. His lawyers had argued that he was doing what he was assigned to do, which was heavily favored by the general public at the time. They also argued that he was a political prisoner of “traitors to our planet,” and “whiners who would rather let irredeemable savages kill our own species.” Though millions had expressed their support of Victor, millions more had strongly criticized his actions against the Clivar tribe and his involvement in covering them up. In the end, Victor was sentenced to 30 years in prison with the chance of parole after 20. He still had the chance to appeal it all the way up to the SCOK – the Supreme Court of Kerbin – if he desired, but that would take a long time. It was no secret that Victor was Special Forces before his arrest, so he was generally avoided by the other inmates. In fact, in the first year since he arrived at Seifert Prison, he had risen through the ranks to become the leader of one of the more powerful prison gangs. Though he was known for directly ordering a genocide of an entire Native Laythan tribe, he had eventually learned about Irpond Kerman – the woman who had leaked the evidence of the Clivar Genocide to the public – and her crimes. He was disappointed that the media was still smearing him, yet Irpond had a higher kill count when a great majority of her victims were innocent kerbals. Due to Victor’s good behavior during his incarceration, he had earned the privilege to be put on (supervised) work details 25 kilometers or more outside of the prison perimeter. Today’s assignment was to dig ditches alongside a back road in the desert, so that the road wouldn’t flood in the event of a heavy rainstorm. Just as Victor was done with a 10-minute drink break, a car had stopped near the prisoner transport van. “Hello, officer,” a blonde woman in sunglasses and a red sundress said as she got out of her car. “Who are these fine young men?” “Prison work detail, mam,” one of the guards answered. “I’d stay back if I were you. Most of these men are EXTREMELY dangerous.” “Hmm… they don’t look that dangerous to me,” the woman told the guard. “Not with YOU around.” Victor then turned his head to look at her. “That voice,” he told himself. “What’s going on?” asked another inmate named Dustin Kerman. “That woman who just stopped,” explained Victor. “I think I’ve heard her voice before.” “In what, your dreams?” joked Dustin. “No,” said Victor, then he dropped his shovel and approached the woman slowly. “Oh, hello there,” she told Victor. “Inmate, get back to work,” the guard ordered. “Please, he doesn’t seem to be a problem,” the woman assured the guard. “And what might your name be?” “Victor Kerman, mam,” he answered. “Wait, you mean you’re… VAL’S brother?” she asked, surprising Victor. “How do you know that?” “EVERYBODY knows that… soldier,” the woman said, seeming to taunt Victor. “Have you, by any chance, ever been part of the Kerbal Space Program?” “Why, does she look familiar?” the guard wondered. “As a matter of fact, I DID work at the KSP when I was younger,” she answered. “Too bad I was never a kerbalnaut, like your sister… and her boyfriend.” “Boyfriend?” gasped Victor. “Val never told me she had a BOYFRIEND.” “Hey, stop talking and get back to work.” “Now, if you excuse me,” the woman spoke, “I have a man to please back home.” “Wait a minute,” said Victor, leering at the woman. Before she knew it, he knee-jabbed the guard in the groin and swiped his gun before aiming it at the woman. “Where is he?” “W… what?” she stammered. “You heard me!” shouted Victor. “WHERE IS HE?!” “Inmate, drop the weapon and get down on the ground, now!” another guard ordered. Victor fired a shot in the air before pressing the barrel against the woman’s head. “Tell me where Jeb Senior is, or I’ll blow your brains out RIGHT NOW.” “I… don’t know what you’re…” “Drop it, or you die,” an officer threatened. Five seconds later, Victor surrendered as the guards restrained him. “Put him back in the truck,” ordered Cedric. “My apologies, madam.” “IT’S HER!” shouted Victor, headbutting one of his captors before running toward the civilian. Cedric then drew a handgun and shot him in the chest. “Nice shot,” the woman told him. “We need a medic here, NOW!” yelled Cedric. “Inmates, GET DOWN!” “Mist…,” groaned Victor as a medic ran to him. He pointed at the woman, who was making a quick getaway in her car. “She’s… Misty.” Outside of Kerbin’s sphere of influence an hour later, Pod 5B31 was still drifting through space heading for home. For the most part, things were quite uneventful for the crew inside. Hadgan was well-behaved the whole time; in fact, he had repeatedly told his teammates that he had predicted a hero’s welcome when he reached Kerbin’s surface at last. For the most part, aside from the usual maintenance to ensure the pod’s smooth operation, working out, photosynthesizing, and sleeping, there was not much for them to do. For Jeb, the trip back home was more depressing than he cared to admit. By the time the pod had made the interplanetary transfer burn from Dres’ orbit, there were still no signs that either Jeb Senior or Misty survived the capsule explosion. They were both declared dead after the search was called off, and Jeb Senior’s will had been put into effect. Bruce Kerman, the CFO of Jeb’s Junkyard, had been named the successor to the company’s CEO position. Though the will had mentioned that Jeb had stated he had no interest in the company, Jeb Senior had left him with some of the company’s stocks. He had also left Jeb his beachfront manor located next to Krakopolis while selling the other houses he listed as residences – sending the money to Jeb. Since the Krakopolis manor had a working runway and hangar, Jeb Senior had transferred ownership of his aircraft – which included a docking and refueling-capable three-person private spaceplane, a supersonic airliner along with a subsonic one, and even a Laie – to his son. Jeb was essentially a rich man now, provided he gave his father’s law firm proof that he watched a “post-mortem” video completely. “Hey, Jeb,” said Jeb Senior when the video began. From the timestamp and the environment past the window, Bill had figured out that it was filmed on Eve before Misty kidnapped him. “In case you didn’t figure it out already, I’m currently on Eve trying to escape Misty Kerman. If all goes as planned, I’ll be safely off this rock, Misty will either be dead or incarcerated, and you’ll never have to see this video. However, if something DOES go wrong and she kills me, I want you and your two friends from school to watch this.” The video first thanked Bill and Val – and, later, Bob – for staying by Jeb’s side throughout his life. Jeb Senior then asked that the last part of the video be watched by Jeb only, but his friends stayed anyway. “I know you might still hate me for not telling you about your mom and sister, and you have every right to be. When you found out about your mother’s crash, I guessed that, by saying that Vanessa was a stranger, you wouldn’t think that she was a bad mother and grow up to hate her. I now realize that it was wrong of me to hide the truth from you; had I told you this earlier, you would understand why I did what I did to keep you safe. Perhaps we could have come to an understanding… and we would have more open channels of communications. Who knows, maybe you could have warned me about Misty EARLIER – and I wouldn’t be in THIS mess.” Val saw a tear forming under Jeb’s eye as his father’s image continued. “I guess what I’m trying to say is… I’m sorry for not being upfront with you when I had the chance. I may not have been the coolest father in the block – nor did I care if I was the richest – but at least you’re alive and well. Maybe when you have your own children, you’ll understand exactly what I went through and won’t repeat the same mistakes I made. “Jebediah Kerman Junior, best of luck. Love, your father.” For almost ten days after seeing that message, Jeb said nothing to anybody. Even after that, he was way quieter than usual. Sometimes, instead of watching some shows or playing games with the other crewmembers, he would strap himself to his bag scrolling through his photo gallery and looking at pictures involving his dad. Now, he was asleep while his friends were watching KIA Note 2.0 on the pod’s television. “Hey, Bob,” said Bill, then he noticed his friend reading something on his kPad. “Whatcha reading?” “Nothing, just some tabloid,” sighed Bob. “Some tabloid?” wondered Bill. “Why, do they have a science section now?” “No, but it has a government conspiracy section,” answered Bob. “Why am I not surprised?” commented Bill. “Let me guess, they’re making mind-control devices using technology from the Tundra UFO.” “No, it’s that the military built a killer robot named ‘Kane,’” corrected Bob. “Kane? What exactly is its function?” questioned Bill. “According to this, it’s supposed to destroy all enemies of the central government,” said Bob. “However, I think that it’s an exaggeration.” “Oh, you think?” sighed Bill. “This article also mentions that they employed A CRIMINAL as its lead programmer,” added Bob, “but no names.” “DEFINITELY bogus,” said Bill. “Everybody knows that the central government doesn’t allow convicted felons – or ANYBODY with criminal records, for that matter – into military projects.” “You coming or what?” Val asked from across the pod. “One minute,” replied Bill. “We’re about to watch the next episode of KIA Note 2.0. Wanna join?” “Hold up, did you just say that there’s a KIA Note 2.0?” gasped Bob. “We finished watching the regular series months ago.” “That’s right,” said Bill. “They made a sequel series, and so far it’s pretty good.” “I’ll bite,” said Bob, then he pushed himself to where Val was working out. “Anything important happen that I should know about?” “The first episode was somewhat like the original series; some guy finds the KIA Note lying on the ground and starts killing people with it,” started Val. “It’s not Lightyear, is it?” inquired Bob. “I thought he died.” “No, it’s not. He’s an engineer named Edison Komas, and the series takes place 10 years after Lightyear died,” clarified Val. “You do see Gobluk in this series, though. However, in the next two episodes, he did some experiments with the KIA Note. One of them involved putting pages of the notebook into a printer.” “Oh, so you can print out many names at once,” Bob figured out, and Bill nodded. “Genius, except you forgot the part where you need the faces too.” “When he tried that, only one of the criminals whose names he typed died,” explained Bill. “So, he had the printer print out the images right next to the names. That still worked when he shrunk the face pictures.” “In the last episode, he was drawing plans for lead panels” said Val. “Hey, engineer-for-a-boyfriend, why he would need that?” “I don’t know if the writers did their research prior to writing the episode, but it looks like he was working on… radiation shielding,” answered Bill, scratching his chin. “Radiation shielding? Why would a KIA Note user need radiation shielding?” questioned Bob. “Probably has something to do with him putting notebook pages into a printer,” said Bill. “Looks like we’re about to find out.” Bob strapped himself to the wall as the episode started. “Why da ye need such large walls?” Gobluk asked a young man with glasses on. “I understand if ye trying to hide the notebook, but that size seems like overkill if you ask me.” “Because I’m trying ta hide moore than just the notebook, Gobluk,” said Edison Komas, the man with the glasses. “Have ye ever been ta space?” “No. Why would I?” wondered Gobluk. “Two words: cosmic radiation,” explained Edison, showing the shinymonkey a hexagonal model on his computer. “Though I don’t plan to take it farther than low-Kerbin orbit, there will be some sensitive equipment inside this thing when it’s complete.” “First, ya type their names and put pages of the KIA Note into your printer. Then, you paste the faces of your victims next to their names,” said Gobluk. “What exactly are ye planning?” “The TL;DR version: a targeting satellite,” said Edison. “If everything works out as planned, I can use the KIA Note from anywhere at anytime.” “Can’t you already do that?” questioned Gobluk, pointing at the notebook next to Edison’s computer. “Yeah, Eddie,” agreed Val, raising an eyebrow. “Why do you even need a satellite if you can carry the KIA Note with you?” “I can’t be seen carrying this around,” said Edison, holding the notebook in his left hand. “Already, Kerbnet sleuths have figured out that the cuel-prit lives in the same longitudinal zoon as Nye Island.” “Already, huh? How did they do that?” “Apparently, the times of death of my first few victims were outside of my day job,” Edison told Gobluk. “The last user of this KIA Note could manipulate the times of death,” countered Gobluk. “Why not just do that?” “I am aware of that feature, as I am using it to continue to kill criminals while I work on this project. If my targeting satellite works, I can kill MORE people FASTER… and I can pick out targets quicker.” “Pause it,” asked Bill, and Val froze the image. “Anyone here know what he’s going for?” “I do… not… know,” stammered Val. “He’s going to hide the KIA Note in space,” said Bob, “and he… is… installing a printer.” “Bingo, he’s installing a printer loaded with KIA Note pages,” confirmed Bill. “But why not remotely control your HOUSE PRINTER?” inquired Val. “Seems like a lot of work just to kill your victims faster.” “I could be wrong, but he wants the ability to select his victims from cyberspace while he himself looks normal in front of everyone,” Bill figured out. “He could have the satellite kill HUNDREDS of people while he’s at work for ONE DAY. Heck, he could even wipe out DOZENS of prison inmate populations in a matter of hours.” “Assuming that killer satellite works as he planned,” said Val, then she received an email on her kPad. “Do you mind if I read this for a bit?” “Go ahead,” said Bill. “You know, this new series sounds awesome,” Bob commented. “I mean, the original Kiraken started out as an elite high school student who happened to be a cop’s son. This guy’s an engineer… and an adult.” “And after testing out the notebook’s power, he made big plans for it,” added Bill. “Then again, it’ll take a lot of work – and trial and error – to program this thing… let alone BUILD IT. He’ll also need to launch it in a way that won’t look suspicious.” “Oh no,” Val gasped in horror. “What is it?” wondered Bill. “Vic’s been shot.” “SHOT?” replied Bill. “He’s in critical condition, but the doctors think he’ll make it,” added Val, and Bill sighed in relief. “How the heck did that happen?” “A guard shot him while he was… assaulting a woman with a firearm,” read Val. “Impossible,” said Bill. “Vic said only men were in that prison; both inmates and employees.” “That woman was a civilian who passed by while he was placed on work detail,” explained Val. “Sorry to interrupt,” said Bob, sounding drowsy, “but what’s this about a work detail?” “Talking about Vic,” said Bill. “That’s funny,” Val spoke, looking confused. “Vic asked that woman where… Jeb Senior was.” “Why would he do THAT? Jeb’s dad’s ashes are EVERYWHERE by now,” questioned Bob. “Indeed, Bob,” agreed Bill. “Why WOULD Victor attack some RANDOM woman and ask her where Jeb Senior was?” “Uh… can one of you wake up Jeb, please?” Val requested. “Will-do,” said Bill, then he pushed himself to the sleeping bags. “Jeb, wake up.” “Uh… whazit, dude?” Jeb replied drowsily. “You might wanna read this email Val received. It’s about your dad.” “Pass,” sighed Jeb. “Come on, Jeb. Just five minutes, and then you can get back to sleep,” Bill begged his friend. “Why would I do that?” mumbled Jeb. “Because Jeb Senior could still be alive,” said Val, and Jeb jolted out of his bag. “WHAT?! He’s still alive?” “What makes you say that?” wondered Bill. “Before Victor lost consciousness, he said that the woman he attacked was MISTY KERMAN.” “MISTY?!” shouted Bill. “Why would he think she’s Misty?” asked Bob. “Another inmate in Vic’s work detail said that Vic recognized her voice,” said Val. “Her voice? You mean that your brother met her before?” inquired Jeb. “I don’t know how Vic remembered that, but we met her at the space center when I was ten,” answered Val. “Maybe she said something that… oh no. She accused me of framing Irpond so I can cover for Vic.” “Yeah, so?” wondered Jeb. “My guess: she must have told Vic that she knew he was my brother. He then knew FOR SURE that the woman who stopped was the same woman who killed a lot of people – and the one our parents warned us about when I was a kid.” “If what your brother said about that woman he assaulted being Misty is true,” gasped Bill, “then she must have stashed Jeb Senior somewhere.” “Are you sure that claim is even accurate?” interrupted Bob. “Victor could have sustained some psychological damage as a result of his incarceration.” “He didn’t hallucinate that woman, Bob. Everyone saw her,” argued Val. “Who, for all we know, could ACTUALLY be some random passer-by,” countered Bob. “Perhaps,” said Bill. “On the other hand, of all the women Victor could have imagined that woman as, why would he pick Misty?” “Yeah,” agreed Val. “Vic reportedly made no attempts to seduce her, but he… ah, yes, he asked her if she ever worked at the KSP. After he stole the guard’s rifle, he pointed it at the woman and asked her where Jeb Senior was.” “Which means that he knew that Misty was with Jeb Senior when the caps… WAIT A MINUTE,” stammered Bill. “Am I the only one asking himself how they survived the capsule?” “Looks like you were right to assume they survived that explosion after all,” said Val. “Or at least one of them,” reminded Jeb. “Even if that lady WAS Misty, there’s no guarantee DAD’S still alive.” “Good point,” said Bob. “He could have died when the capsule went ka-boom, or she could have killed him sometime afterwards.” “Now I wonder what exactly the recovery crews dug up,” said Bill. “Or if the EVA suits were designed to withstand that kind of heat,” added Jeb. “I’ll tell Mission Control about this,” said Val. “Bill, Bob, Jeb, know anyone who could help us look for Jeb Senior and Misty?” “Rob’s a no-go,” said Bill, “and I don’t know anyone living in or anywhere near Scorcher Desert.” “I do,” Bob told him. “Guscan’s living there now.” “Great,” said Val. “We’d better move fast. If I was Misty and some inmate recognized me, I’d skip town… or even the planet.” “And I think I know what plane she’ll use,” added Bill, accessing Spaceplane Monthly on his kPad and showing his friends a picture of a large spacecraft. “What the heck is that?” asked Bob. “If rocket boosters and private jets had a baby, that’s what,” said Jeb. “Yeah, you gotta admit, those are some big rocket engines,” agreed Val. “What IS that plane supposed to be?” “My pod’s alleged successor, the T-6 Cannonball,” sighed Bill. “Designed specifically to do the Jool-5 in one piece – with some docking capabilities on the side.” “Well, that explains the giant rocket engines,” commented Jeb. “I’ll take one.”’ “Shouldn’t be too hard with your inheritance,” said Bob, “which… might… be… void if your dad turns up alive.” “Technically, the will DID say it would take effect ‘In the event of my death or disappearance.’ I also recall the will having a contingency clause if he turns up alive after being declared dead,” Bill mentioned. “How do YOU know all this?” wondered Bob. “You’re not his son.” “I got bored and decided to read Jeb Senior’s will,” explained Bill. “Plus, he… paid for a new department in the KSC under my name.” “Oh, so THAT’S why there’s a Bill Kerman Building at the space center,” said Bob. “Hold up, Bill,” said Val. “What makes you think she’ll use THAT thing and not something… LESS obvious?” “Oh, you mean like a smaller spaceplane?” asked Bill, and Val nodded. “The most popular docking-capable private spaceplane model – named the ‘Private Spaceplane,’ for some reason – can only do four out of five Jool moons.” “Why does it necessarily matter?” questioned Jeb. “Oh, I get it,” said Val. “Since that thing is supposed to land on THE FIFTH moon as well, few cops – if any – would DARE get near her if she landed on Tylo. Besides, since the demand for Jool tourism dropped after the Fallout Zone incident, not many people are going to be in the Jool system to capture her… or Jeb Senior.” “That sounds like a great plan, only SEVERAL problems,” argued Bob. “For starters, has that thing ACTUALLY done the Jool-5?” “Well… no,” Bill admitted, “but this article said that the ‘thrust and delta-V calculations seemed promising for a Tylo landing after all the fuel and oxidizer tanks were loaded on Minmus.’ In other words, the Cannonball looks like it should be able to land on Tylo after refueling on Bop.” “But it hasn’t done it for real though, right?” asked Bob, and Bill nodded. “Second of all, wouldn’t that thing need to refuel on Duna or something before blasting off to Jool?” “No, since one test run ended up with ‘enough delta-V to make it to Jool on nuclear engines alone after Minmus refueling,’” quoted Bill. “It can do a straight shot to Jool, if it wanted to.” “Another thing: wouldn’t Misty get seen trying to hijack it?” “And on the small chance Dad’s still alive, wouldn’t he run for the guards as soon as she sets foot in that hangar?” added Jeb. “She could have brainwashed him, like she did to Dilford,” suggested Val. “Let’s just hope she didn’t skip to the part where she shoots him.” “Bob, call Guscan and tell him to start looking for Misty,” said Bill. “That would be great, but there’s no guarantee he will,” argued Bob. “Heck, he might not even know what she looks like.” “Now that you mention it,” said Jeb, “wouldn’t he recognize DAD faster than he would Misty?” “There’s a greater chance of MISTY being alive than your dad, since Victor recognized HER,” explained Bill. “Besides… wait, do you still have that email your dad sent you?” “What email?” “The one that came with a picture of him and Misty.” “Forget it, Bill,” said Val. “If it was from his dad, he probably trashed it.” “How do YOU know that?” asked Bill. “He told me.” “Uh… about that…,” stammered Jeb. “What?” questioned Bill. “I… might have… I… exaggerated… a bit.” “You STILL HAVE your dad’s emails?” gasped Bill. “He probably just forgot to trash them,” Val guessed. “I mean, when was the last time he cleaned out his inbox?” “No, I didn’t forget,” confessed Jeb. “I… never deleted the emails from my dad.” “You LIED to me?” gasped Val. “We can deal with that later,” Bill told her. “Where are they?” “I put them in a folder,” said Jeb, turning on his kPad and showing his friends his inbox. “See, I made a folder labeled ‘Dad.’” “Just look for the one that came with a picture of him and Misty, and send the attachment to Bob,” said Bill. “Bob, when you get the picture, show it to me so I can make sure it’s her. Once you get confirmation, contact Guscan and send it to him.” “You got it,” acknowledged Bob. “We need to warn the manufacturer that their Jool-5 prototype is in danger,” said Val. “Bill, who’s making that plane?” “Let me see… how about that, it’s a joint project between WinterOwl and C7,” answered Bill. “Now we know who to contact,” smirked Val. “Let’s just hope Misty’s going for the Cannonball, or else she’s out of our reach for good.” Meanwhile, back in a small town close to the Scorcher Desert, the woman whom Victor had threatened earlier was approaching her house after shopping at the grocery store. She had taken extra precautions to make sure nobody would follow her, but nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary today. When she was done checking her house to make sure nobody had entered – or was still waiting inside – she unloaded her groceries from her car and locked the door behind her. She had been sure that nobody had followed her or intercepted her before removing a blonde wig, revealing jet-black hair underneath it. Looking at herself in a nearby wall mirror, she had a shocked expression on her face. “Misty?” a man’s voice shouted across the room, and she ran over to kiss him. “We have a problem,” she told her captive husband. “Someone RECOGNIZED me.” “Who?” “Val’s brother, and he’s BOUND to have contacted Bill by now.” “What do we do?” “Not to worry, my love,” assured Misty, resting her hand on a stack of magazines. “By the time he gets here, it will be too late.”
  17. Kinda easy to keep the engines off when there's no air for them to use, isn't it. Anyway, I tried that and saw the heat gauges only covered the internal radiators. For another test, I flew higher (~9,000 m altitude) and slower (~280 m/s). That seemed to work. So far, so good. Even better, the overheating warning for the FAT-455 wings didn't turn on; only for the internal radiators. I don't know how far this bad boy can go on one take of fuel, and it might take a great chunk of my day IRL to find out - and today's my birthday. Any other suggestions on how I can keep the wings cool enough to not blow up (TCS, fly higher/lower, go slower/faster, add something)?
  18. I will not deny that I might have an issue with how I fly this thing, but I will contest that the two different wing types have the same temperature tolerance. The individual wiki pages for the FAT-455 and the Big-S Delta Wing give different temperatures, and they were last updated at least two years after the page you sent.
  19. Main wing. Just edited my OP for clarification. Just what specific airspeed/altitude did you have in mind?
  20. For those of you who don't know what part I'm talking about, it's this bad boy right here. If you do know what I'm talking about, then here's the problem. I'm building a 4-engine airliner that can carry up to 36 people (and has a probe core for remote-controlled use). However, whenever I get up to the desired altitude and airspeed (5,000 m MSL at 300 m/s or more), the wings tend to overheat. One of the test runs ended up with a wing exploding, in fact. The airliner (first prototype) during its ascent. Neat that it can get past 343 m/s, huh. Has Big-S Delta Wings for more fuel and lift. I then added radiators to the cargo bay - as well as some batteries to increase power capacity (and a ladder and some lights for passengers who want to walk inside the plane), and made sure they were on before taking off. However, that was no good as my wings were THIS CLOSE to blowing up after that test. Any ideas how to prevent the large wings from overheating? I'm thinking about adding some small TCS units inside the cargo area, but I don't know if they'll do any good. I'm also open to ideas regarding flight characteristics (e.g. don't exceed x m/s, stay above y km altitude unless going over a mountain). EDIT: It's the main wing that's overheating. The delta wings have a heat tolerance of 2400K
  21. Questions: When you say "Every Celestial Body," do you mean EVERY celestial body in the Kerbol system, or just the Jool system? If you mean EVERY celestial body, then that means I need to send probes to: Moho Eve Gilly Kerbin Mun Minmus Duna Ike Dres Laythe Vall Tylo Bop Pol Eeloo What kind of probes are we talking about here? Surface/orbital? I have a ring station that can hold 91 people in orbit of Laythe. Once I make it to the end of the tech tree, couldn't I just deploy that and I'm done? I also have a Duna mobile base with a 19-kerbal capacity. I could just send three of those, and I'm all set.
  22. FROM THE OFFICE OF WERNHER VON KERMAN Two days ago, we have received confirmation from the Anubis I crew that they have established a stable orbit over Tylo. You may be asking what happened between when they made their last entry and now, and so the details on how they got to Tylo orbit from Laythe's surface are in the following spoiler. To not overheat the nuclear engines, and so the tourists can get various views of the moon, the plane started with a 200 x 500 elliptical orbit after making its capture burn at orbital periapsis. A day of sightseeing later, we had one last item to fulfill from our "World's First Milestones" contract; to perform an orbital rendezvous over Tylo. Luckily, since Middle Finger Station was already in orbit, we decided to send the plane there to let the tourist - and our kerbalnauts - rest. The Anubis I after it completes its rendezvous with Middle Finger Station. Nice view of the sunrise, isn't it? Docking successful. We have three rings already in Jool's sphere of influence, and one more on the way for Bop. All that's left is to launch one more for Vall, and the set is complete. I can't wait for the scientific data they're bringing back home, but I've heard that Tylo looks like "a dead Kerbin." Now we're starting to wonder if it's really worth setting up a colony there, since that place looks impossible to take off from and/or land safely on. Heck, even if we could, would we be basically going to a "kraken-ravaged version of our planet?" While that debate goes on, our personnel on Kerbin will work towards making our Anubis II idea a reality. I am aware that the T-6 Cannonball prototype had completed the simulated Jool-5, but that's not the real thing. Wernher Von Kerman Year 65, Day 116 3H15M
  23. I decided to practice for this challenge with Bill's Car, the plane that kicked off the Around Kerbin in 80 Minutes challenge. However, by the looks of this picture below, you can tell that the results were less than favorable. Engines overheated mid-flight and exploded, making it clear that this plane is unworthy of the challenge. Plus, I went above 1,500 m surface altitude after clearing some mountains three minutes prior to the engines blowing up. Wish me luck in making a suitable replacement.
  24. ANREY KERMAN'S MISSION LOG: Y65D74 - 0H25M Took longer than originally planned, but I finally made it to the surface of Laythe. At least I arrived four years earlier than my "Waiting on Dres for my next transfer window" plan. As explained in my last Tylo Trek entry, our plane got hit with an unexpected Laythe encounter on our way to reach Pol. After we hit the moon's SOI, we played several rounds of aerobraking ring-around-the-rosie before achieving a stable low orbit around Laythe; our periapsis altitude didn't get below 45 km. That move saved us about 1,000 m/s of delta-V that would later be used for flying through the atmosphere. Making our final re-entry trajectory, flying towards the islands surrounding Crater Island. Flying toward our landing spot, with our nuclear engines on so that: We put our alternators to use Increased thrust. After a bouncy landing, I got out of the plane and repacked the drag chutes before planting a flag. Me behind the Anubis I / Neptune VI landing marker. My original plan was to fly around Laythe and gather some science while being worshipped as the first woman to solo to that moon in an SSTO. However, my exploration plans have been cut short on account of: The good data being harvested by the previous Neptune missions (especially V and VII) The Neptune VII and its crew are still in Jool's SOI, by the way - and will stay there for a while. We have a tourist whose contract has already been fulfilled (minus the return to Kerbin) Specifically, he paid for a Laythe orbit. The Anubis crew needs to go to Tylo for orbital reconnaissance Some lame Jool orbital crew report contract Picking up the crew of a Pol space station All that's left to do is refuel on Laythe's surface, take off, and on with the mission.
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