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  1. Did u make the Delsit system?

  2. Ok. I understand wanting something to be done, but SOME of us have lives outside of our computers. I was just at summer camp for eight days with no internet or computers. Give us a break, some of us do things in life. Sorry if it sounded harsh but I'm being honest... -NTS
  3. No, sorry. I've been at summer camp July 13-21, and I'm back boiiiis.
  4. I'll be 'on hiatus' for a couple days in Lassen Volcanic National Park.

    1. GRS


      K, Good Luck mate.

    2. ILoveStars
    3. Shawn Kerman

      Shawn Kerman

      very cool

  5. 1st Place: Temperate Brown Dwarf Temperate Subgiant Temperate Saturn 2nd Place: Cold Cthonian/Freezing Megajovian/Superhot Binary Asteroid Cold Earth Hot Jupiter Last Place: Hot Moon-size/Other Burning Hot Mercury/Hot Mars Cold Neptune/Freezing Uranus New poll will be put up eventually for determining the overall winners
  6. HM. I do have discord, what server is it? BTW, closing the poll tomorrow when I wake up