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  1. Capture.PNG

    pioneer 5 revamp coming up. Also doing an actual separate core for Explorer 6 instead of just a texture switch. Pioneer P3 Venus and Pioneer P3/Pioneer 2/Explorer 6 TV camera will be released alongside this pioneer stuff. Ironically I’m pretty sure this will *reduce* the size of the Pioneer Able folder as the Pioneer 5/Explorer 6 texel density was way too high. 

  2. 9 hours ago, GoldForest said:

    Anybody else missing the Mariner 10 probe core? I can't find it at all. I've updated to the latest patch too. I've tried all the search words I could think of, even went through my command list. Nothing. 

    I messed up the config while updating the names/tags, however I believe I fixed this a few days ago. Do you have the latest dev version? If so, then I might’ve missed something, but I’m pretty sure it should be good now.

    EDIT: It was still messed up as of the time of this post. Apologies. However, it should NOW be fixed.

  3. 33 minutes ago, Beccab said:

    The real Voyager or the cancelled Mars Voyager?

    I’m referring to the real Voyager. I think we plan on doing the later at some point, but it will not be me who does it

    7 minutes ago, Entr8899 said:

    Is the BDB x Coatl partnership official? :P

    We have some collaboration planned. Details are to be revealed later.

  4. 8 hours ago, biohazard15 said:


    My SurveyoRanger finally retires in favor of actual Surveyor!

    (Please tell me you're making Viking after it. Please. Pretty please. Pretty please with cherry on top!!! AFAIK, there is no mods that add a proper Viking, so we kinda NEED it.)

    I have no plans to make Viking. Coatl has a Viking in development and so I feel it wouldn’t be the best to “poach” that. I have done enough Coatl probes already lol. Plus Viking is pretty complex and it looks like a pain in the ass.

    After Surveyor I don’t have any immediate plans to do any other landers, but if I did it would be Mars Polar Lander/Phoenix/Insight as I already started on those. 

    I will say tho some of the Surveyor surface experiments I have planned will add some parts to BDB that use dmagic orbital science surface experiments, which currently aren’t in BDB, so that will hopefully give players more incentive to kitbash probe landers.

  5. 8 hours ago, pTrevTrevs said:

    Isn’t this a photo from Ryan Nagata, the spacesuit replica builder? It sure as heck isn’t an in-flight photograph.

    I do recall a photo was made by Ryan Nagata with Surveyor but I’m pretty sure it was a different photo. I’m pretty sure Apollo 12 took pictures of Surveyor. The Apollo 12 crew landed near Surveyor III and visited it. They retrieved a few parts from it for study  (the soil scoop experiment and the TV camera, they might’ve retrieved more but I don’t recall what). I assume the camera on the LRV took this photo, assuming it’s real. EDIT: just saw some people say it’s a composite, that’s probably true but still a cool photo.

    Also just to clarify, when I sent that picture to tease what I’m working on next I am referring specifically to Surveyor, and not anything else Apollo related in that picture.

    Alongside Surveyor, I also plan on doing unflown Surveyor proposals, like the Surveyor B Lunar Orbiter and some other experiments and other parts for additional engineering/scientific mission proposals.

    I do have something else in store for Surveyor, but don’t get your hopes up, as it’s rather unlikely (but still possible) that I’ll do it. A Surveyor proposal called for a small robotic rover that could be deployed from Surveyor. As wheels are the bane of modders and the fact this would require a new dependency (as the stock wheel system doesn’t support tread type wheels) I am unsure if I will end up doing it.

    Here is the planned part list: https://github.com/CobaltWolf/Bluedog-Design-Bureau/issues/1232





  6. 11 hours ago, Beccab said:

    Hell yes! DMSP is probably one of the least kitbashable probes that I know of, so this is amazing

    For sure!! Believe me, I have tried. DMSP also covers a wide array of different satellites that use the same bus. The DMSP 5D (ran by Air Force/Space Force) and TIROS_N/NOAA/POES (ran by NOAA) line of satellites ran from (earliest launch) 1976 all the way to 2014 (last launch) with several of these satellites still operating! These satellites were launched on a ridiculously wide array of launch vehicles (Thor Burner DSV-2U,  Atlas E,  Atlas F, Titan 23G, Delta II, Delta IV Medium, and Atlas V), although a majority were launched on Atlas E.  It is a shame that its difficult to kitbash DMSP/TIROS N satellites as they represent such a major chunk of weather satellite history, so it will be good to have these satellites. Also some fun proposals for the bus I am looking into.

    Also, new texture for the 5m DCSS based on Demosat/Topaz launches!


  7. 1 hour ago, Entr8899 said:

    I don't think you uploaded the white version of the tank or the SAF version of the new fairing. There is a "SOFI" B9PS module on the tank, but the only option is orange.

    EDIT: The RL10B2 doesn't fit on the single engine mounting plate, the nozzle extension clips into the tanks slightly.

    Yes, I appear to have forgotten to set up the SAF fairing. Not sure why the switch isn’t working, I’ll look into that. As for RL10B2, 90% sure that was only used for DCSS.

  8. Nearly forgot to post, more progress with Centaur!

    The interstage switch is done:


    And also I have started to model the Atlas II hydrazine roll thruster:


    I'm thinking that once I finish the roll thruster, I'd have enough to start getting this stuff in game. But that would also mean there would be a period where Centaur II/III will be finished before Atlas V is (along with the 400x adapter). But that stuff is next on the list after Centaur.

  9. Starting on the Centaur single-engine mount. Saw some stuff on an aft bulkhead subsatellite carrier so I thought it could be a fun thing to do a switch of:


    The inner rim seen above is 0.125m. IRL, I believe it was most notably used to launch Marco A/B on Insight's Centaur. Luciole has cubesats that are based on Marco iirc:


    They can just barely barely fit there!

  10. A little suprise on its way: Baby Centaur (a small, centaur-based, hydrolox kick stage)! There were a few versions of it but I chose to do the tordial version due to its resemblance to Blok D:

    I had to deviate slightly from the design to make it play nice with other parts (like interstages and the Centaur avionics, but it looks mostly as intended:


    It can be used with the Centaur avionics but it also comes with a toggleable 0.9375m upper mount for situations where it does not need the Centaur avionics. It also can be used with jettisonable insulation panels (like the default Centaur):


    This is still pretty WIP so it might change down the line. There's definitely still some stuff I want to add, like more piping and some greebles.

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