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  1. Version 4.0 is up ----- Updated for the latest version of the game. Thanks for all of the thousands of downloads and the positive messages (in other threads too)!!! ---- Glad to know that this has (positively) changed the experience of several KSPers. Enjoy
  2. Minor update regarding an engine typo. Enjoy and thanks for the thousands of downloads
  3. Hi there and thanks my friend. Just to clarify: as described at that beginning, this mod is about all KSP 1.11 stock-parts & DLC making-history content. Furthermore, it's compatible with 99.99% of other mods. If you have extra parts from different mods, they won't be numbered. Nevertheless, the stock-parts are still numbered, which means that even in that case at least you will have the stock parts numbered (i.e. in order) whereas extra parts from mods will still be aggregated at one side (e.g. bottom side) of the list (so they are still somewhat-influenced, although their names don't change because this mod is not about changing the names of extra mod-parts (and it's up to each individual to decide which extra part-mods to install, if any)). Hope this helps
  4. By replacing the name, the parts are presented/shown in order (and not in a random way) so that you can find everything you need quickly (as explained in more detail in the original post). Enjoy!
  5. It is compatible with like 99.99% of mods, probably that one too (given the way it works). Enjoy!
  6. Have you researched all science experiments? All of them should be in order if you have (including parts 09 and 10). Btw Base game + DLC Making history parts are included, not breaking ground, but even if you have these items you should still be fine (i.e. these couple of parts will be together at the end even if they are not numbered) so that should do the job because the effect should be the same. Enjoy!
  7. Fully updated for 1.11 and fixed minor things. Enjoy! Thanks for the thousands of downloads. Thanks friend! Fixed. I like the original parts. Thank you and everyone for using the mod. Glad that it helps you and that it saves people a ton of hours! Thanks everyone for the thousands of downloads.
  8. They are different. There are some similarities, but there are also substantial differences, some of which are: 1) different order of parts between the two mods 2) the original names of the parts were not paraphrased in BOPN (unlike the other mod), just a number was added in front of the name so a user can always refer to the original name of the part 3) engines are ordered in BOPN (whereas in Community Parts Titles it clearly specifies that many engines' names were not changed, namely: "Engines are still in chaos"), 4) other parts were still left unsorted in Community Parts but here it was aspired to cluster literally all the parts as much as possible (including major and minor parts) etc. ---and many other dissimilarities. In general, community parts title is cool too, but it didn't meet all the things I had in mind (I am a statistician and generally speaking I like literally all parts to be in as much logical order as possible in order to produce something which is complete), so I decided to make this mod instead (as I had its concept in mind for some time, and some of its ideas were different to those of that other mod) so that I spend some time to order the parts but never have to do it again; I decided to also share it with the community in case people were interested in using it (from what I see it has been downloaded thousands of times). Feel free to use the one you find as the most suitable to you. On another note: While this mod is compatible with 99.99% of KSP mods ever made (including all those major mods), generally speaking I am a person who doesn't like mods, however I use mods such as this (or KER) because I think they don't give any advantages nor change the mechanics of the games, instead they make the game more user-friendly. So one can feel free to use this mod even if they previously had 0 mods installed (especially if you would like to keeep the original names of the parts).
  9. For example, the order is done in such a way that 1) the tanks are ordered according to their size (no need to scroll down for much time to find the tank you're looking for) 2) parts with similar characteristics are next to each other (e.g. the wings are next to each other, air intakes next to each other, stack separators, etc) 3) engines according to their type (vacuum engines, sea-level/multi-purpose engines, SRB , jet engines) 4) engines according to their weight (within the aforementioned types), and many more Generally speaking, the order is done in a kind of a natural/logical/elegant way (which becomes apparent once downloaded) so that it makes it much easier to directly find any part you are looking for, it also puts stuff with similar characteristics together (so that you can put your thoughts in order when you build a vessel and check everything you need step by step and thus find out if you missed anything), simplifies the comparison process (e.g. if you want to determine which engine is the most suitable one for your vessel, you can compare engines by directly checking which engine is one step above or below the currently chosen engine), etc. Sample screenshot:
  10. For anyone interested in using it: I made this mop which sorts all parts within their original categories (including tanks, by their size), thus there is no need for any sub-categories (custom or not):
  11. UPDATE: I ended up making my own mod and decided to share it with the community in case other people would like to use it as well:
  12. Sorts all parts (including DLC Making History) within their original categories in a logical and elegant way (by adding two digits in front of each part's name; thus there is no need to paraphrase the actual name at all). No need for any custom sub-categories. Never again will you have to search for ANY part (fuel tanks, wings, adaptors, engines, etc), as you will instantly find it without wasting any time. Never again you will have to scroll down to find a similar part as it will already be next to the one you used. I used some hours of my time to make this mod, so that you don't have to use any of your time to find the parts you are looking for anymore. NOTE: Module manager is required. Download automatically from CKAN, or manually from spacedock: https://spacedock.info/mod/2072/Better Order of Parts: Numbered (BOPN) P.S. Just decided to share this with the community in case others are interested in using it and in fact it looks like there was a desire for such a mod as from what I see it already got thousands of downloads.
  13. Ok, thanks! Good job, this a nice mod, I was looking for something like this for some time now, well done!!! However, I wish that some parts would be ordered a bit differently (according to my taste), including a different order of the engines. Therefore, I might end up making my own mod to have my custom arrangement of parts. Cheers
  14. I haven't installed it yet, but I had a quick search at the cfg and when I looked for some DLC parts such as the "KV" command pods, or the Engine Plates and I didn't find them. Is this on purpose or was it by mistake?
  15. This does not include "Making history" parts, if I understand well?
  16. Thanks for your response. Yes, I have tried these pre-set options but they don't fit my needs and thus I need to order the parts of each list manually. Therefore, I am looking for a mod that permits me to do that job.
  17. Is it possible to re-arrange the stock parts of the game within their categories, with (or without) a mod? I am not talking about creating new custom categories, but about changing the order in which the parts appear in their original categories. UPDATE: I ended up making my own mod and decided to share it with the community in case other people would like to use it as well:
  18. True, I tried to land with multiple legs and I noticed that some of them exploded! I tried again and eventually I tried to land with 0 explotions, but I had to burn a bit of extra fuel for that. Lol, most interesting thing I learnt today XD (as I am still relatively new to KSP). Nevertheless, I suppose that they plan to hopefully fix the issue of the landing legs in the future, so perhaps there are going to be days when using landings legs would be more useful than landing on the engine bells?
  19. Is there any way to determine the optimal (or an approximate good range of the) number of landing legs that you need according to your ship's weight and the target planet? I am trying to land on Eve.
  20. I am relatively new to KSP and I tried to find out how much delta V is required to ascent from the surface of Eve to orbit so that I can use KER and build a vessel accordingly . The results were confusing as the numbers that I found around the web were very different especially due to some of them being outdated (according to my understanding due to version changes). In addition to that, I figured out that there is a big misunderstanding about how to read delta-v maps when it comes to ascent values. I found posts where people claimed that delta v maps only use vacuum values (including for surface-to-orbit values), but I also found other posts reporting that the delta-v maps use atmospheric values when it comes to surface-to-orbit values. Furthermore, I found threads where both opinions were posted at the same time and some people were saying that the others were wrong as they didn't know how to read the maps (e.g: https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/8s2y4m/hey_guys_just_a_bit_confused_here_deltav_related/ ; Chaos_Klaus' post). I still don't know what's the correct one. The combination of all these is that it's get confusing for non-veterans like me to understand what's the required delta-v to go from the surface of Eve to orbit. What is an updated estimate of this value? Please also specify if the number that you report is calculated in atmospheric or vacuum settings
  21. Thankfuly I have a decoupler to get rid of the griders (and the heat shield, as well as most of the struts that I used) after I deploy the parachutes and before I land on Eve. If I remember well I only used four struts that connect the main part of the ship with the grider (the decoupler is between and I didn't want the connection to break; there was a bad angle between the decoupler and the grider in the third photo that I uploaded). Ok, I see you guys explained to each other what you meant, nice.
  22. New design worked all-fine The ship was shaken a bit but nothing was broken
  23. Thanks for the suggestion! By the way, how manyof them would you consider being reasonably enough? --- just looking for a vague approximate number instead of going way off the norm
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