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  1. Sounds like what people said when Musk founded SpaceX.
  2. I am curious. I hold the opposite. It seems that the dev team has put a lot of effort into optimizing physics. KPS2 may perform better than KSP in low graphic setting on potato machine. But if KSP2 disappoints everyone, then KSP will live forever.
  3. @Rakete I don't think there will be new content for NF/FF anymore. KSP 2 will release next year if everything goes as plan and won't be supporting mods for KSP 1. Laser and light sail had featured in other mods, I remember Nertea said he don't want to replicate things alredy exist or overlapping with KSP 2.
  4. How can I scale up an existing fairing? Looks like resaclefactor only work on fairing base ...
  5. I guess reuseing existing assets from FFT Frisbee engine to make a 5m radiator truss (switchable length) is not a bad idea.
  6. Will be hidden from the parts list in VAB, but existing craft remain intact until Nertea decide to remove those files.
  7. Can I config solar tracking panel as static panel? (Stay in default position)
  8. @Judicator81 I found a small issue in ur branch, the following localized entries are duplicated: #LOC_B10_MMSEV_baseNode_vertical_... #LOC_B10_MMSEV_baseLander_...
  9. New texture look fantastic, but pure white paint for KRDA container feel less 'RDA' . SDV-1 Logistic module's contain indicator is upside down in VAB. Didn't found the muti join for 1.875m parts, or there is no plan to includ? Since these parts are can use on interplanetary trip, a large dust shield may be worth to make.
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