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  1. I am interested to know what your views are on 5G technology? This thread could very well be a rabbit hole so no politics please ladies and gents. Just your opinions ideally supported by facts. Thanks I wait in interest..
  2. Haha i wonder what their analysts would make of this? ok were invading:)
  3. If they have sufficient technology to decipher the message then the human race has a very serious problem.. Think about the crap that has gone out over the airwaves in the past century. For example, Eurovision song contest:( we are all doomed.
  4. I like a happy ending. Good job Carl i'm glad it all worked out for you:)
  5. Sterilization might be a bit harsh.. But i guess don't want the little blighters breeding off world heh...
  6. The problem with truth is that it can be subjective. What may be true to subject A may not be true to subject B. We can see this in science, physics and such if we look back historically at how science, information has and can evolve. Lots of people in this world are it has to be said cold hard liers and may so do it for personal gain etc. There is no getting away from this fact. There is of course also the situation where the truth is hidden from us and without intentially lieing sometimes mistruths are passed down generations from parents to children, teachers to pupils and so forth. Totally unintentional they believe it is the truth.. Truth is sometimes overated.
  7. This sounds like the blueprint for a great story. Sort of George Orwell themes in there We could include a role for my dog a kind of '1984' vs 'Animal farm' spin off:))
  8. Very true. We automatically think an alien intervention would bring negatives, but maybe as you suggest positives can come through too... If we did away with lies i know for one my dog would be most pleased. She gets blamed for a whole host of things:) Bless her
  9. Its tiny.. Aero tests i presume but not sure tbh
  10. If its a game your talking about then maybe consider the AI will not let stupid humans make stupid decisions. (In your code of course) The distance you would have to decelerate from said planet is well, astronomical in real life. Its quite pointless to discuss in depth physics here to be honest because real life, physical world doesn't make great games. There would be a lot of down time staring at stars.... I like simulators though but i am in the minority. Probably not on this forum..:) If you can use Newton laws which is pretty simple tbh. You wont go far wrong for what feels right. It will still be demanding though some coders here might advise you the best way.. Obviously on real life, interstellar travel at speed of c requires you to consider GR and SR. I think this may break your computer and the benefits will not be worth it. I wrote a program in python regarding planet/comet collision using only Newtons eq. The pc didn't like it one bit..... but python is probably not the best and my field doesn't require me to code a great deal.
  11. You know what despite its obvious flaws it was a great piece of engineering for the time, quite remarkable for sure. Now iconic. I for one will miss it...
  12. Target communication networks, power grid, food and water supplies, moral. When everybody has had enough negotiate. Repeat untill task is resolved. Of course all done in the name of democracy. We shall call this 'liberation' Job done. Pretty much the current blueprint for war in the 20 th century really..
  13. I love these fun problems and a good post. Apart from the obvious thermo losses i really like this. Carbon dioxide for the plants, water for us and the plants and very approximate 16.7MJ of energy for the propulsion. Great post:)
  14. Your on dangerous ground here because a photon cannot go any faster unless you go against Einsteins GR and SR, regardless of your relative position.