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  1. Hello I'm trying to organize my booster pairs stages so I can visually match boosters to their representative decouplers while staging. Placing the mouse cursor over a part highlights it but I'm looking for a more efficient way. I'm thinking color coding nodes in staging sequence or some other way of identification but I can't find it in Kerbal. Is there a mod for this job? By extension, if there isn't such a mod what's the best place to learn about making mods? Regards
  2. Thanks, that makes sense, it is a physics simulator after all. Although this makes me think are calculations reduced based on performance or are they always reduced under such condition. That is, are calculation reductions the same between a low spec and a high spec PC for example?
  3. Thanks, @James Kerman, that explains it. In my case i did ran out of propellant early. I could've improved my maneuvers on early save but figured why not try it. It's a fun game!
  4. traxtor

    Can't add maneuvers. Why?

    Don't mean to spam but just in case anyone finds this helpful. I had the same issue in career mode after starting a new career on a higher difficulty. Upgrading the tracking station to lvl 2 fixed it for me, without having an antenna. I haven't tried it past Mun though so perhaps you'd need an antenna for further distances. Also, I can't 100% guarantee difficulty settings affect this anyway. I may have simply missed it the first time.
  5. Hello I'm trying to land a vessel on Kerbin by using only the atmosphere to slow down. My PE is 61km and AP is ~300km. While orbiting around Kerbin my AP and PE slowly reduce as expected. It's a slow process and I'm trying to warp time but due to low altitude I'm limited to 4x. If I go back to the tracking station on Kerbin and monitor my vessel from there I can warp time faster but my orbit doesn't change. I tried a few passes and PE and AP didn't budge, as if there was no atmosphere to slow down my vessel. If I go back to flying the vessel then orbit changes as expected. Is this a known issue or am I doing something wrong? Thanks!