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  1. Do one of the challenges or a career, but in RSS (or via a rescaling mod), keeping the parts limited to stock physics (so no mods like SMURFF or RO).
  2. Greetings. This was a one-off mission that I did earlier this year, across the duration of February 2020, but one I had been designing since mid-2016. Below is the original information I posted on the Jool 5 topic, as well as the album to view the full mission at.
  3. Hey, I am having trouble with the download on my Mac. The file downloads as a .zip, but it extracts into a ".zip.cpgz" file. When I click that file, it extracts as the .zip file again, creating an infinite loop. I've already tried the Unarchiver and Terminal to no avail, so can you check if you uploaded the file to GitHub correctly?
  4. Would it be possible to add a way to create the pulse units away from Kerbin? Like perhaps via conversion from Ore and/or Uraninite?
  5. After 4 years of on-and-off work, I am ready to present my Jeb's Level Jool 5, performed in a 6.4x system. The mission was flown in v1.7.1, but was partially designed in v1.1.2 (which means that some old part models are present). I used Kerbodyne Plus for the launcher (Behemoth Aerospace Engineering and SpaceY both glitched out on me), but kept stock outside of LKO. I did use several in-flight QoL mods: MechJeb (both via AR-202s and "Mechjeb and Engineer for All"), Bon Voyage, AutomatedScienceSampler, Kerbal Alarm Clock, and Kronometer (10.5 hour days, ~640 day years). Sigma Dimensions was used to rescale the solar system by 6.4x, using Galileo's parameters from RESCALE. Hanger Extender and Editor Extensions were used for construction. I flew with 5 kerbals, with Jebediah taking the first steps on Tylo, Bill doing the same on Laythe, Bob on Vall, Valentina on Bop, and Karry on Pol in the end. The original plan was different though, with Valentina taking the first steps on Laythe, Bill on Vall, and Bob on Bop. The launch costed $29,567,650.00. No extra refueling missions were used; everything was done in a single launch, without ISRU. I also brought a Jool atmospheric diver, Laythe plane, Laythe ComSat/refueling tank, Vall rover (that became a ComSat instead), Tylo Rover, Pol ComSat (ComNet was not enabled, though), and an unmanned lander that ended up landing in Dres's canyon, due to a vastly overbuilt transfer stage. The delta-V values for many, but not all (I'm not perfect), maneuvers are scattered throughout the provided album. Upon recovery, 49,430.1 science points total were obtained from the Jool system. The mission album is below (I apologize if any unnoticed grammatical errors are still present). Enjoy!
  6. Hello, I have a question pertaining to the "no cheats" rule. When I move my Jool-V ship from the VAB to the launchpad, it rips itself to shreds the moment physics initiates. However, I have found that if the "unbreakable joints" cheat is activated for a second or two while the ship settles down into its clamps and then deactivated before launch, after that, the ship is perfectly stable, even in flight. My question is, would that be permitted when I do the real mission, or would it fall under "using cheats during the mission?" Thanks.