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  1. So I downloaded the latest release, along with Firespitter and Module Manager, and the only new passenger fuselage is the FS2CF; did I mess something up or is there no longer a larger passenger cabin in this mod? The main reason I got KAX was for the 2.5m cabins ^^"
  2. Excuse me, but why are consoles getting updates that PC doesn't? Ar you screwing over you loyal PC fans, @SQUAD, or is they're something we're missing here?
  3. Well, no, the folder is there, as "io_object_mu", but it just doesn't appear on the addons page
  4. @taniwha "the io_object_mu-blender2.79 directory. Best is just io_object_mu"
  5. I changed it to what you told me to when you last replied several weeks ago, and it still isn't showing up
  6. Well now it's not even showing up as an option in user preferences
  7. https://imgur.com/5LVhGHM The error that shows up when I try to enable .mu files https://imgur.com/a/7r2vkBH The error that shows up when I try to load in .craft files
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