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  1. For the longest of times I thought I bought the KSP game and the making history expansion together (which btw, isnt possible cause it wasnt out yet back then) and I always wondered what mods people where using for certain boosters or other things. Never really could find it but also didnt wanna bother anyone so I didnt ask. Then breaking grounds came out, bought it and had extra stuff. I was happy. Then a few days ago (about 5 years after first buy) I notice that it has info on Breaking Grounds in the main menu. >>Hmm.jpg W h e r e is the Making histor
  2. So after a break from KSP I decided to launch the game once more. I saw an update, installed it and opened the game. Excited as I was for a possible fix for the deployed science message spam I read the patch note. I couldnt click it away. I couldnt scroll. Anything. So I alt-f4'd out of it and restarted KSP. This time the resolution was 1/4th of my screen but it worked. Read the patch, set the settings to full screen and yay, I can play (maybe finally land that asteroid). To my big suprise, I dont have any savefiles anymore. None. 500 hours of hard work, gone. Now what? Is there a
  3. So I was doing it right in the beginning lol, although I put more antennas on for symmetrical purposes. Man. Thanks for the info.
  4. I was thinking this too. All my first missions were single flight (manned and unmanned) runs cause I was too stubborn to go into orbit first haha. Now that I do though life is so much easier. But for real, Ive landed on, and returned from The Mun, Minmus, Duna and Eve in a single flight. But with Eve I got stuck in high kerbal orbit on return and had to refuel. So, I dunno.
  5. I was gonna say the same, then I remembered the difference between cargo bay and service bay. Try putting 2 servcebays around it. Place science Jr. first and then the service base over the Jr.
  6. It cant be dying. I havent even visitedall the planets yet. Only have till next April to actually do everything. *shrugs*
  7. Well Ive launched 64 satellites this morning (32, at once and did 2 flights) to kindof recreate Starlink. Right now Im trying to land a class C asteroid but 4 hours in and Ive only got it in 80km orbit of kerbin lmao. An asteroid does not slow down much that I can tell you
  8. Im currently trying to land on Duna for the first time. I gambled it had an atmosphere (forgot to actually look it up lol) and eventhough it did I learned it was a very low atmosphere the hard way. So second try is on its way as we speak.
  9. The biggest lesson KSP has taught me is that I need to rethink everything I do. My vision isnt always the best way. Adapt and improve. Keep trying and eventually Ill succeed. I started my second playthrough a few weeks ago and remembering the intens struggle I had half a year ago I now coast through the first part of the game quite nicely. This means I actually learned stuff. Thank you KSP.
  10. So Ive been looking around in KSP and here to find a way to turn off the messages from deployed science cause its getting out of control. I am halfway a Duna mission and I got 1047 messages saying I got 0.001 science. I am pretty ocd so it needs to go. Lmao Anyone that can tell me how? Im probably blind and not seeing the obvious so if this is the case I apologise in advance
  11. I'd give it an 8/10. It was quite steep but really rewarding at the same time. Not impossible but sometimes it requires a lot of trial and error, rethinking and reinventing yourself. I can see why some people might not like that. I mean I once went to my moms birthday and I sat there cranky staring at the floor. My mom asked me what was wrong and I told her about me trying to dock for the first time and trying ot for 7 hours straight and failing miserably. It was all I could think about. But its inspiring too. And gave me some insight in where my strengths and weaknesses are in gen
  12. From this: folds to this omg Im so happy. No more clunky landing pods that are unstable and weird. huraaaaaay EDIT: I had to re-do the foldable engine thing because weight (obviously) is a thing. I found out the fuel pipes extend with the folding engines so I used the largest alligator hinge and actually landed successfully on the moon. This was amazing.
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