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  1. As I understand it, Kopernicus simply tricks the game into thinking whatever changes you make to the solar system are stock and the game itself then picks up from there.
  2. I hope this is not too off-topic, but here is the thread for the discussion of stock Kopernicus that I made
  3. The Kopernicus mod is perhaps the single most relevant mod that KSP has ever seen. It is quite literally a game-changer, but is has one major issue, maintenance. Kopernicus is an incredibly complex mod that requires constant updates, but precisely because of its complexity, said updates require a massive amount of work, work that is done pro bono by volunteer devs. As such, I would like to suggest a petition for the game devs to take over. Updating Kopernicus first requires that one understand how it all works and how each update affects the code. The volunteer devs have to figure that on thei
  4. Hmm, I'd assumed that a discussion about the future of the mod would be on topic, but if it's not, then a new thread it is!
  5. I would like, once again, to suggest a petition for the game devs to assimilate this mod into the stock build. It should be obvious by now that the mod community is simply unable to keep up with the required updates, I mean 1.10 is just on the horizon (ignore the pun), and yet the mod still lacks 1.9 compatibility. Kopernicus depends on the free time of volunteer devs far too much, while the stock game keeps getting constant updates from PAID devs and given how much of a game-changer (and I do mean that literally) this mod is, I wouldn't imagine it would take too much convincing. I mean serio
  6. That is exactly why the game devs picking it up would solve a lot of headache. Kopernicus is a community mod released AFTER a new game version is released, and in order to maintain it, one must first come to understand the matter and what changes the newest update brought to the table, but if the game devs pick it up, they'd know that by default, and potentially, to a level no mod dev ever could, thus making it infinitely easier to maintain this feature.
  7. Maybe we should petition the game devs to integrate this mod into the stock build. I mean they ARE still releasing updates. Why can't this be one of them? It's not like it would be the first time a community mod was noticed by the game devs, and this particular mod is vital to an entire genre of mods. And I said it before, given how important this mod is, it is unfair for an entire community, and to the mod devs themselves, to end up reliant on how some people spend their free time.
  8. Game gets stuck on loading M2X RATO. I've tried clean and verified install multiple times, but it keeps getting stuck. Any fix? Edit: NVM, after trying yet again, it seems to have worked.
  9. If the coding is hard, then perchance some tutorials would help. Show folks how it all works (to whatever degree possible) and let them decide whether they would in fact rather not help. Starting from the assumption that they most likely won't is making the decision for them.
  10. Then have I been wrong this whole time? Has everyone who could, did? Could more people working on it, not have helped release this sooner?
  11. Oh, I did by no means mean to say that the devs are incompetent, far from it. I apologise for the misunderstanding. I must have been more tired than I realised when I wrote that. To clarify, what I mean is that a mod as vital as this, and which is also version-locked, shouldn't be dependent on when the devs have free time. It makes an entire community reliant on the free time of one or more people, which is not fair to either party and creates unnecessary tension and frustration. The devs have a right to use their free time as they wish, but the mod can not be left hanging either, hence why I
  12. You've misunderstood. I am not complaining. I don't deny modding is time-consuming, and I am grateful. Again, it is not my intention to pressure or rush anything. Mod-making should take as long as it needs, but precisely because it is so time-consuming, am I suggesting seeking help. Are there really no people willing to lend a hand in maintaining and updating this mod in this great community? THAT is what I am saying.
  13. Before I begin, I have to say that I fully understand and appreciate the effort that modders put into their mods, for free, out of their own free time and with no recompense whatsoever. That said, something has to be said about the time it took for this mod to be updated. Were it any other mod, it might not have mattered as much, but this is not something that can be overlooked. This mod is not just version-locked, it is a vital dependency for an entire genre of mods. I am not here to put pressure on modders, I am here to point out that if you can not release an update for such a vital mod wi
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