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  1. Resupply mission to the Serenity space station with the new Kraken Resupply Craft. It is a technology-demonstrator of the new fairing-pressure vessel concept and has enough snacks in it's pressurized volume to feed 6 kerbals for 150 days. The 'PteroDuck' crew spaceplane almost rammed itself into the Liberty space station while rendezvousing. Luckily no one was hurt and the station is safe.
  2. Chapter 1: 'SILENCE, Mission Control! I don't wish to do science anymore, I just want to be happy..' (The surface of the Mun. Dauntless-1 mission. Year 1, Day 344) "Oh, so NOW you are worried about safety? You sent me to the surface of the Mun on a garden chair, had me drive 600 kilometers under the harsh sun and NOW you are worried about me? I have not been able to eat for 19 days because I can not lift my helmet visor up in vacuum of space, and NOW you worry about my safety?" Bob Kerman, one of the best minds of Kerbin ranted over his radio. His radio cackled after a few momen
  3. This melody makes you introspect. Its not just a song, its a gosh-danged therapist.
  4. KSP 3 is just going to be Crusading Kerbals 1 (ck1). You play as a character of Kerbin who has to get his space agency to the top by hook or crook. Steal scientists, destroy opponent's launchpads, ASAT strikes, bribing government officials, 'accidental' death of your rival, everything is allowed. You will even be able to create bloodlines when you colonize and become the God Emperor of Duna and Laythe. <I think it will be a decent spinoff, to be honest>
  5. I decided against watching the Desert triple header, believing it would be HAM-BOT-VER again, but YIKES! Glad the HALO worked and Romain survived, the guy's seat was lodged in between the barriers i think. Also, Perez missing the podium
  6. I have no issues with what that drunkard said. People talk krap about me all the time, I really don't care. What got me upset was the fact that my family and relatives shunned me at the drop of a hat for angering that guy. They took the side of a drunkard over me and did not have the courage or did not care enough for me to stand up for me. The marriage ceremony is on the 11th of December, and I have been invited. I will go, of course. It is my sister's marriage, missing it is not an option. But after wishing her a happy future I will walk to the kitchen and do whatever the caterer want m
  7. I designed and tested a Munbase for a crew of 3. At the living requirements of 2 seats per crew, one crew member has to sleep in the science lab. I am not very happy with the placement of the giant solar panels as it clips into several important parts.. I also need to provide a docking node in the front to allow for further expansion of the base.
  8. Now that my old cats are no longer with me and the backyard is free feline real estate, a turf war had broken out. This guy won the exclusive ownership of my backyard and let me tell you, he's straight outta Wakanda. In our culture, cats are usually considered as inauspicious, but black cats are considered the Bogeyman. People don't mess with the black cat. They say that if you hurt a black cat, you will be cursed in life and never find salvation. People are also wary of guys who are 'accepted' by a black cat because they fear that they might catch bad luck. <I have been getting w
  9. I am trying, but oddly the more I force myself to forget the harder the memories hit me.
  10. Today was an auspiscious day. My cousin sister got engaged to a guy, the guy belongs to a rich family and I was invited. So, a huge feast happens on engagement day usually and since I love eating (not binge eating, just trying different foods) I had fasted for a day before the engagement. So here I was, at the hotel where the engagement ceremony was being organized. The groom's family had spared no expenses. I congratulated the bride and the groom and their families and socialized a bit. The food was served buffet style, and I headed to the Buffet spot after a while. However I bumped i
  11. I constructed a space station thingie using the Konstruction mod for the first time. Those welding docking ports are pretty neat! I have installed the main habitation + science lab and Power/heat management truss. How should I expand it more?? I was thinking of adding another Truss which will act as 'shipyard' for assembling and maintaining Orbital Tugs and Duna spaceships. I am playing on 2.5x Kerbin so reusable orbital tugs are a must have if i dont want to go bankrupt. I could also add a couple of fuel tanks. Anything else that I should add?
  12. Old photos. They are of no use and looking at them only brings back hurtful memories. I can't bring myself to throw them away either.
  13. I made a small science helicopter for transporting Kerbals over short distances. The maximum speed was 218 km/hr. Not bad for a first attempt. The only problem is the tendency of the craft to roll.
  14. Yes, I know about the DynaSoar. That was on my mind when I designed this craft. But instead of X-20, I ended up with a ESA Hermes. Pterodactyl is a nice name, if a bit mouthful. Not bad, considering one of my choices was "Wingy Mama". Because it 'yeets' 3 kerbals to orbit? That's reasonable... But 'Pterodactyl' or a version of it would be the name of this craft. Thank you for the suggestions.
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