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  1. Hello, I am a bit tired of KSP at the moment, so I have been thinking of reading some fiction. Do you know about books or shorts stories in which the protagonist (through some means) is transported to a medieval world and uses knowledge that is commonplace in the 21st century to bring about a massive change? Basically, a 21st century human 'uplifting' some medieval peasants. I know of the 1632 series of novels, but any other suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.
  2. It's always a delight reading your mission logs Are the VonKermans going to build a 'Buran' analog? Or are they satisfied with their existing fleet of medium lift launchers?
  3. An uncrewed jool mission departed to it's destination today. Scientists at KSC have been suspicious about the presence of Oxygen in the Laythian atmosphere, hence they are sending a Jet Technology Demonstrator to check for oxygen, and if conditions are nominal the Jet plane will be used to scout for a landing site for the crewed mission after collecting science from nearby biomes. Once it's bingo on fuel, parachutes will drop it safely on the landing zone with all the science data safe. The deorbit motors of the Laythe Jet T/D being used to boost the vehicle to check flight characteristics.
  4. Ugh it's like 3700 m/s. To be honest, since I am using ISRU, just the core tank would have been enough to comfortably make the trip. Or I could ditch the core stage and main engine and push the IPV with the lander engines alone (margins would be very thin in that case). So today I realized that the Jool transfer window was only 6 days away. I did not want to waste this opportunity. However my original plan was to make a 'uncrewedJool 5' (if that made sense) for max science recovery without crew. But I decided against it, and instead sent up a 'SnapKitty Exploration Tool (SKET) to explore the Joolian moons from orbit (maybe land on Bop and Pol) and return with the science. I also got a chance to verify my 10 ton rocket SSTO. The rocket SSTO is launched! The Payload: SnapKitty Exploration Tool with chemical kick stage. The SKET is a nuclear electric probe designed to explore outer planets (Sponsored by the World's First Record-keeping Society) . The botched landing burn, and the accidental water landing. I have always thought that the Vector engines need to be more efficient in vacuum. They are SSME analogues, thus they should at least have an ISP of 340s in vacuum for being so heavy and goshdanged expensive, imho. Also, this rocket SSTO has a cross range of a brick. If I could add some wings and control surfaces, maybe I would get more flexibility while landing.
  5. Yes it took me 5 launches for the VEPM(tm). I was nervous about double docking initially, but I think this to be more stable than single docking under high thrust and less threatened by the Krakken. Launch 1 : The core module with service module attached. Launch 2, 3 and 4: Drop tanks 1, 2 and 3 Launch 5 : Satellite bay. I got bored of drop tanks. Launch 6: Drop tank 4 Despite calling them drop tanks I don't think I will be 'dropping' any of those. This docking operation was a painful, yet a rewarding experience and I don't have the heart to eject those tanks in the cold unforgiving vacuum of space. The stack will be refueled in Ike orbit and brought back in its entirety to Kerbin orbit where it will be reused for the next Duna/Dres mission The reason its called the IPV Bruh! is because Valentina got bored waiting for the maneuver node that was still 48 days away. So she plotted a course and ejected to Duna orbit. But, if she had followed the original plan, she would have been in space 53 fewer days than her current travel time and unlike the scientists who are busy at the Lab, she has nothing to do but wait, wait and wait. And the government classified her and her crew as pirates. That's why the entire population of Kerbin is right now 'Bruh!'ing her on literally every online forum over the Kerbnet because they think she was making a point against the establishment, and they relate to her (Obviously that was not the case! Valentina was just bored, thats it!). Thus, the spaceship is now unofficially named 'IPV Bruh!'. The general public is cheering on for her and the crew and wishes them the best of luck much to the chagrin of the government which is now looking for a scapegoat.
  6. I completed my first interplanetary vehicle "IPV Bruh!". It launched its heavy butt to Duna and will get there in 292 days. Interestingly, another launch window 43 days from now will get its payload to Duna 8 days before. Here's the IPV Bruh! The satellite bay contains 4 comms/ science sats and 1 resource survey satellite. A closer look at the satellite bay. Please keep in mind that it has been autostrutted to infinity and beyond, else it would rip apart everything. I dunno why, but no matter how much I reassure myself that this mission will go okay, there's a part of my brain which keeps screaming in my ears that the crew's gonna die. Let's see how this plays out.
  7. My KSP time is halved, as my laptop's charger failed a few days ago. Moreover, since there is a 15 day lockdown imposed in my city, I can't get it repaired, or buy a new one either. Until then I am stuck using my roomie's old laptop. It has only 4 GB RAM and an AMD Radeon R5 M330, so its just about useless. It heats up like a stove within half an hour of playing the game. But it is still better than nothing. Nevertheless, over the past few days I managed to get quite a few things done. I undertook another surface sortie mission to the Munar surface, and one to Minmus. The science haul was phenomenal. Also, I love this vehicle! I wanted to recover the science, but I did not want the crew to come back. They are busy researching on the science lab at my 'Gateway' polar Mun station. So I sent a sample return vehicle to get the science. I managed to get almost 7600 science points and unlocked most of the tech tree with the last few nodes remaining. But, those last few nodes are worth 23,000 science points. So I guess I will have to work for it. There was also a contract for dropping a base on Minmus, and I was planning a fuel refinery on that icy moonlet anyway. I made a fatal mistake, however. I used Convertron-125s.... The most useless part in my opinion. Grossly inefficient and wasteful, and always overheats! I started assembling the propulsion stage of my Duna ship and experimented with 'double docking' and I must say, I LOVE IT! I was a bundle of nerves when I docked the drop tank to the core stage, but it was very satisfying. I also got one really cash-money contract to Gilly. This, along with other Eve-Gilly contracts would be worth 10.7 million! That's as much as my treasury at the moment. Mortimer would be pleased~ Also, what is the best way to level up my crew? How much can I level up my kerbals (1 star, all of them) in the Kerbin system alone?
  8. Well I dont know if you can consider this a song, but this has been ringing in my head all day.
  9. I finished the 'Gateway Station' and completed the second Mun surface sortie, visiting an collecting data from 3 biomes. This sortie, along with a previous one netted me 4500 science. The Surface Sortie Vehicle is at the top, followed by the fuel depot/docking hub/batterypack section. Then we have the Hab and Lab section, followed by the docked Crew Transfer Vehicle. The surface sortie vehicle in action. It is nothing too impressive. Just a bare bone vehicle to collect science and level up the crew. Has 3000 m/s of delta V just about enough to land, hop on three nearby biomes and get back to orbit to the station, so that's pretty neat, I guess. I had planned to extract every last drop of science by using the Mobile Processing Lab, but the first Duna transfer window of this career is in 110 days, and I wanted all the science ASAP to unlock the parts that I would need to fully explore Duna and Ike (ISRU equipments, resource survey stuff, Better comms, Rover wheels, etc..) So the crew was instructed to return back to Kerbin with the science. There's still some tech nodes to research, so I plan to send a couple surface sortie missions to Minmus to mine the science that I don't have.
  10. It's too early in the season to be honest. Usually by now its mid-season and teams have their cars fully figured out. But this just being the third race of the 2020 season, drivers and engineers still have some catching up to do with their respective cars. Red Bull had some major balancing issues during Qualifying at Hungary which led to steering issues and violent vibrations in the cars, so I was concerned. Thankfully they sorted it out before the race. Ferrari built a cheaty power unit that allowed them race victories in the last season, this time not so much. In fact the difference is such that Hamilton lapped both Ferraris at Hungary yesterday. Eh, I was comparing the Racing Points to the Ferrari because the Ferraris were just behind at 5th and 6th in Qualifying. The Ferraris had absolutely abysmal race pace though, compared to the 2 Mercedes and Max Verstappen (Red Bull). And Hungaroring is a track which depends more on the aerodynamics of the car, not the engine. Just the opposite of the previous races at Austria which HEAVILY relied on power units. That's why Ferrari had better qualifying results. Ferrari is going to be so humiliated at Monza, even more than Austria considering Monza is the lowest downforce track on the calender..... ***** Now, to the complaining part: So, the Hungarian F1 GP happened yesterday. However a few hours before race started, I had an argument with my roomie about Fernando Alonso joining Renault. It was an intense argument and she lost. Being the vengeful spirit that she is, she did not let me watch the race and commandeered the TV to watch a soap opera.... I was waiting 2 weeks for this, man. 2 weeks. I just watched the live standings on google and pretended in my head that I was actually watching the race...
  11. Formula 1 Hungarian GP Qualifying happened a few hours ago before I went to sleep. And Mercedes, which have been nigh untouchable since 2014, once again got the first two position, and will finish 1-2 in the race most likely. Now, here comes the interesting part. Racing Point, a team which would be one of the backmarkers, or lower midfield in the last few seasons, supposedly copied off the 2019 Mercedes F1 Car for their own 2020 car. And shockingly, they qualified 3rd and 4th!! Only behind the OG Mercedes and *0.4 seconds* FASTER than a FERRARI!!!! Red Bull, which was supposed to perform well in this race had only 1 driver in the top 10! Digest this : A 2019 Mercedes is better than ALL the other 2020 cars. If Mercedes had not bothered to develop a new car, it would still win... I am not mad at Mercedes. How can I be mad at brilliant engineering? But what are the engineers of other constructors doing? Sleeping? Like DUDE, What the HELL! they all look like a bunch of amateurs compared to Mercedes....
  12. This one is pretty neat. I am very interested in your project and look forward to what you create
  13. Does it hurt the male porcupine when he mates with the female porcupine?? I mean, he has a soft underbelly, she has sharp spikes on the back.....
  14. Science is gaining knowledge much faster than society is gaining wisdom.