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  1. I am a bit ashamed to admit this but i have no clue where to even begin.
  2. I am not sure if this is the right place to post it, but I have a query. You see, I am studying at a private coaching center, and because of the pandemic, they are providing online classes through Microsoft Teams. We are only allowed to attend the classes that are assigned to our batch. Those classes are scheduled from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. However, I have discovered a workaround that lets me join classes of other batches too! I have not informed the administration of this exploit, and I have not told any of my friends either. Why would I give up an advantage like this? Now, there are
  3. Yeah, I am preparing for the banking sector as well, despite having an engineering background. I have work experience in a national lab which specialized in Metallurgy and material science and I was all set to get a permanent job in that laboratory. However, office politics and Covid got me kicked out and it has been a grind ever since. I used to design stirrers and ball mills using CFD-DEM and now I am struggling to get a clerical job in banks. It is tough being unemployed when my sibling and my cousins are doing well. (I should not be jealous but its tough not to). My social standings is l
  4. How would you define a prototype? In this case, would the prototype mean a pressure vessel? Or a full sized mock-up including life support, power and heat management?
  5. Anthem of the KSP Modding community, especially the big shots like Nertea, CobaltWolf and LinuxGuruGamer..
  6. I don't think I will live long enough to fall in love with the smell of hydrazine.
  7. What would be the ISP of a pressure-fed kerolox rocket engine with regenerative cooling and active tank pressure management? What would be the maximum thrust we could obtain from such an engine before it gets impractical?
  8. As a child, I used to stuff the trash under the bed when I was told to clean my room. Now that I am a bit older, I am doing the same thing, but this time instead of my bedroom, it is KSP and instead of bed, I hide trash under payload fairing. These are modules of a future interplanetary base. The module to the far side is a Laboratory module which has a Science lab, a LOT of batteries and solar panels. The module on the near side is a Habitat module with living space for 8 and an airlock which can house 2 more. There are some issues which don't allow kerbals to disembark from the airloc
  9. It is still showing 'Hatch Obstructed'. I also tried to move the kerbal to another crew cabin (hitchhiker can) and then back to the mk1 crew cabin, right clocked on it and selected transfer crew -> EVA, but the result is still very much the same.
  10. I made an airlock module using a mk1 crew cabin and a payload fairing. When I clicked on the hatch and selected 'EVA', the kerbal within exited. Afterwards the kerbal boarded the cabin. When I tried to get him out the second time, the following happened. "Hatch is obstructed, can't exit." But he exited just a few minutes ago... Is this a bug? Or is this how hatches behave around fairings? I am using KSP 1.11.2
  11. Launch Company name -> Launcher Rocket name -> Rocket-1 Engine name -> Engine 2 Looks like these people went to the ISRO School of Naming Stuff.
  12. @sevenperforceHis rocket nozzles are rectangular. Wont it cause flow separation and turbulence at the corners?
  13. You know what else uses negative mass? Alcubeirre warp drives. You call him crazy but this man must have made an interstellar warp ship and get all these juicy futuristic aviation concepts from aliens. Open your eyes, sheeple!!! PS : On a side note, is anyone willing to mod these engines and planes into KSP? Or make replicas of his SSTOs? Should I make it a challenge?
  14. I am willing to overlook the 'orbital velocity = ground speed' goof up if that guy could explain to me what magic fuel he is using in those little forward thrusters that could decrease orbital velocity by 5000 miles per hour (2.2 km/s) with such a little tank. In his diagrams, the little tank in the nose section is approximately 6 ft long and 3-4 feet across. If that small tank+engine could change orbital speeds of a 225,000 lbs vehicle by 2 kilometers per second, wont it make much more sense to use that to get into orbit at the first place? And WHY would he need the forward thrusters any
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