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  1. A stray we adopted had a baby. She was in hiding and only now allows me to get near her child. Edit: Sorry @CatastrophicFailure, I put the right link. Also, a few more pics~ The Mommy. Sorry for the blurry pic, I had to take it from a distance, as I did not want to disturb the mother when it was nursing. The box was a bit small for them, the Mommy demanded a new bigger box, and I obliged. The Daddy (most likely). The poor fella had been trying for ages to court the Mommy, looks like he succeeded. You can tell from his cocky sneer as he sits on my second hand scooter seat as if he owns it. And this tom cat is HUGE and STRONK! He once badly injured a dog who had cornered him before I could intervene. There are 2 more stray cats who frequent my place, I have no clue why and how do I keep attracting cats. If only I attracted Success and Good Luck at that rate...
  2. This song got into my youtube recommended just when I needed it the most. Before this song, my motivation was at an all-time low, to the point that if my life ended tomorrow, I could care less. My motivation is still at an all time low, but better than before.
  3. The title is pretty self explanatory. I want to find the general equation to calculate the payload capacity of a particular rocket (with a certain delta-v) to an orbit of x X y km with a Beta inclination around a planet of radius r and mass M. I hope to find a solution for an airless body before moving on to bodies with atmosphere. Thanks in advance!
  4. Oof! They spelt his name wrong on the memorial flag? On the Mun? Looks like Jeb planned this in advance, and is now rubbing salt on Bill's family's wounds.... RIP William Kerman.
  5. I would rather not.. recycled stuff is not the same as the original. Its not 100% efficient, you always lose something..
  6. Turns out I am good at making friends, but very bad at keeping them ... what should I do?
  7. I recall installing a mod that provided contracts like 'Complete the Mun 3 course (flyby Mun, Moho and Duna); Complete the Moho 3 course.....' But I cant recall which mod provided those contracts. Does anyone have an idea about what I am talking about?
  8. Well, KSP at its core is a puzzle based game (if you play career mode). You are given an objective to complete, and you have a set of parts to use to complete that objective. It's up to you how you use your pieces. If something like tweakscale is made stock, then it sort of dampens the 'puzzle theme' of KSP. Sure, I think devs can implement it in such a way that changing size beyond a certain limit would need you to research a new tech node, but thats just my opinion. In my case, 60$ translates to 4200 INR. That's a 5th of my salary. I dont spend that much money on a game(I am bit of a miser ), but this is KSP 2 we are talking about!! There's still time to save up the cash I need. Even then, I would be very cautious. Like someone said, "The higher your hopes will be, the harder they usually crash."
  9. I was rummaging through the source code of "Flyby Finder". At the part where the creator was writing the orbital parameters, he wrote the 'mean period' of the planets (orbparams[0,9]) in terms of rads/day. orbparams[0,0]:= 168609380000; {MOHO grav parameter, m^3/s^2} orbparams[0,1]:= 250000; {radius, meters} orbparams[0,2]:= 9647000; {Sphere of influence radius, meters} orbparams[0,3]:= 5263138304; {semimajor axis, meters} orbparams[0,4]:= 0.2; {ecccentricity} orbparams[0,5]:= 0.122173048; {inclination, radians} orbparams[0,6]:= 0.261799388; {arg of periapsis, radians} orbparams[0,7]:= 1.221730476; {long. of asc. node, radians} orbparams[0,8]:= 2.89499662; {mean anomaly at 0, radians} orbparams[0,9]:= 0.24500338; {mean motion, rads/day} orbparams[0,10]:=0; {atmosphere is dangerous below this height} I don't get how that value was obtained! Can someone please help me out?
  10. HERAKLES: To the Unknown; A JNSQ Exploration mission log. KSC has had tremendous successes over the past decades,sending landers and orbiters almost all the celestial bodies in Kerbol system. In the recent years, there has been tremendous push for crewed missions beyond LKO. Several architectures have been designed for our return to Mun and Minmus, and Duna-Ike exploration. Some are practical, some are in the realms of fantasy. But all of them suffer from one major roadblock: Cost. HERAKLES aims to overcome this constraint through reusability and increased reliability, as opposed to competing mission architectures. What is HERAKLES? HERAKLES is a multipurpose reusable space vehicle concept which can be used for regular payload delivery to and from the surface of Mun and Minmus. It started out as a study to develop reusable upper stages to deliver payloads to GTO and Trans Munar Orbits but soon evolved into a complete Kerbin system exploration package. It has the potential to land a significant payload to the Mun's surface and return back to Low-Kerbin Orbit for refueling and inspections. Why is it necessary? With the recent advent of reusable 2 stage boosters to launch payloads to LKO, it started making less sense for the upper stages to be expendable. Reusablity coupled with rapid turnaround and Munar ISRU would dramatically reduce expenditure for missions beyond LKO. On validation of the Herakles Upper Stage in Kerbin's sphere of influence, this has the potential to become the space transportation vehicle of choice for Duna exploration and within the Jool system. With much more flexibility and less complexities involved as opposed to competing designs, HERAKLES promises a safe, reliable and cost-effective alternative to the present trend of space exploration. ****** "That was.. alright, I suppose." Mortimer took off his glasses. "But do you think it's enough to fire everyone's imagination? I mean, most folks out there who would rather support researching and utilizing 'Reliable and proven' technology. How you gonna convince them?" "Well, that's the exact reason I have used 'reusable' and 'reusability' 5 times in this little presentation." Linus replied. "You have got your priorities right! Your proposal is accepted!" With the sound of the gravel and chuckles all around the auditorium, the HERAKLES was formally adapted by KSC as one of the competing architecture for Duna exploration.
  11. Ah well, that would have been in a real bad taste if that happened. I mean it would not have been cool and the worst part is that this possibility did not come to my mind. I seriously dodged a bullet there. Yeah, HR is waiting for a chance to pounce on me. I recently had a disciplinary hearing because they suspected I stole some hydrogen peroxide from the inventory (I was planning to, I won't lie) and I was saved by the Head of my Department who vouched for me. It later turned out it was the janitor who took it and did not tell anyone. They only found about it when that stuff scorched that poor guy's forearm. Sadly, no. But I try my best.
  12. I was not intending to ask her out, I just wanted to scare her silly. And then as a last ditch effort to extract a draw from the jaws of defeat I asked her out for the evening hoping that she would get awkward and I wont feel that bitter about my humiliation. I never thought she would agree to it! But I am not mad about the accidental date. I am pretty excited. Best case scenario: both of us will have fun. Worst case scenario: She will punch me in the face, lightly. its a win-win!
  13. I dunno how I should put it. But 2 of my friends are about to leave work, because they found permanent government jobs. They seemed happy and hopeful for their future. I was happy too for their sake, but I was a little sad too. I know I am being selfish, but I can't help it. We talked about our time together, I bawled my eyes out like a man. It's like The Office (US) Season 7 Finale. But instead of Michael leaving, it's Jim and Dwight who leave. Michael is still at Scranton. I am a bit sad, yes but very happy too I guess. I think the shock of the news destroyed a couple of my brain cells because I tried to prank my senior. She entered my lab at the exact moment I was about to get out. So, she ended up smacking the door on my face, by mistake. I stumbled and then fell down on the floor, supposedly unconscious(it was an act). She was scared and tried to wake me up, I did not respond. (I was LOLing internally). And then she rolled me on my back and then tried doing CPR. IT WAS PAINFUL. Her small hands were like freaking JACKHAMMERS! She was not using her palms to apply pressure, instead she was using the hard bone at the wrist. I tried to keep my screams quiet but finally I just HAD to 'wake up'. She did not stop however. Kept going at it for a full 5 seconds and then she asked me if I was okay. I said yes. She asked what day it is and before I could answer, she splashed my face with water. And then laughed for the next 10 minutes. Yeah, she realized I was pranking her. Apparently my poker face broke for a second while I was laying on the floor and she noticed it. The negative side of this prank debacle: My chest hurts. The positive side of this prank debacle: I have a date for the evening. So, I guess it was a mixed day for me.....
  14. Request cup set. I certify that I am over 18 and over the age of majority in the country where I reside. And by the way, just for the sake of my curiosity, what are those cups made up of?