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  1. Also having problems with contracts disappearing. Very annoying.
  2. Hi. So, new update new problems... Again. After having chosen a bunch of contracts, one of them to rescue a stranded Kerbal in space, I do my thing and park next to to wreckage. I notice that I don't get noticed that I achieved another of my contracts which is to park to vessels next to each other in space. Strange I think... And then I check what contracts I have, and they are all gone! Including the one that wants me to save the stranded Kerbal. His wreckage is there, but the contract is nowhere to be found, as if the game choose to delete all contracts. Why does this happen and how do I avoid it? There is also still problems with contracts regarding testing boosters at the launch pad. This is an old bug that is yet to be fixed. And seriously, test your patches. Every time there's a patch, I'm on here reporting bugs... Getting tired of it.
  3. New patch, new problems. The camera freezes after being in the VAB for a moment. After a minute or two, I can't rotate the camera or move my vessel. This also happens if I pause the game while in the VAB. Only way to fix is to go back to space center. It's annoying having to do it every one or two minutes while building a new vessel.
  4. Ok. So what we have in common is that we both have vessels landed... I thought landing on other objects in space is one of the main objectives of the game. Now we can't do that. Another wonderful patch... With every patch there are new problems. I sometimes wonder how this game was allowed to be sold on the PlayStation Store.
  5. Ok. So after having read some on the forum, I'm not the only one experiencing this. Others have come to the conclusion that if a flag is within viewing distance from your vessel, the game just tanks the framerate. So now my question is; How long are we going to have to wait for you to fix this, a problem that you introduced with the latest patch?
  6. As usual, the new patch comes with problems on PS 4. When landed on the Mun, and with another vessel in orbit waiting to dock, I enter the Tracking station to select the landed vehicle, and the framerate just tanks after the game has gone through a loading screen that takes longer than usual. I can't do anything but slowly turning the camera. I can't enter pause menu, the map, nothing. The only thing I can do is close down the game. The same thing happens if I switch to the vessel from the map. The two vessels where launched on different occasions. I have no debris in orbit. The two vessels are the only one's that are out and about. I've planted three flags on the Mun. The landed vessel is at the moment on the night side of the Mun. You have to do a better job at testing these patches before putting them out. Every patch has been delivered with new bugs. Please look over your testing phase, because something is clearly not working as intended.
  7. For months people have been reporting loosing control over Kerbals on EVA after transmitting science. This is a game breaker. I know Squad is wholly aware of the bug, but after months, nothing has been done. When are you going to fix this game breaking bug!?!