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  1. @Raptor9 thanks! You were right on the money with FAR. I never would have thought that would be the culprit. I removed it and I'm back to happily learning how to fly with your designs. Again, awesome stuff, thank you so much for what you do!
  2. Thanks for trying, I guess it could be just me. I pretty much suck at flying so maybe I'm taking off too rough and damaging them somehow. I can usually get up and fly around OK, it's landing back on that runway that's kicking my butt. With the gear behaving like it is, I'm just bailing the pilot out to parachute down to complete my contracts.
  3. If I put them up and down immediately after take off they seem to work, if I have them there for a bit I get an error that they can't be deployed while stowed. I tried to get as low and slow as I could to make sure the game wasn't preventing those two for some reason due to my height / airspeed, but no luck. I don't think I have any mods that would mess with the gear, and it's only those two in the middle of the craft. The outer ones extend and retract fine no matter what I'm doing.
  4. Love your work, I'm enjoying learning how to fly utilizing your designs. I'm currenty working on the X-6 aircraft. I can't seem to get the middle two landing gear to come back down if I retract gear for flight. Should I just be leaving them down the whole time? I would move them down out of the aircraft in the hangar but can't figure out how to keep them level with the others.