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  1. Oh I am progressively more proud of my accomplishments in this game which is the coolest part of it. - sent a fleet of 3 ships to duna in 1transfer window. - coordinated series of launches to build and refuel an orbital station around the mun. I think 7 launches is what I took to get it up? Will take much more to keep it fueled however. - my space comm network so I hardly lose probe control now. - learning to get my rendezvous ever increasingly efficient and painless best part is It will only get better.
  2. Haha, maybe it had some subconscious effect on you. Worst thing for me was when I took Jeb on EVA on Minmus and needed to go to a nearby biome to get science. So i used his on suit RCS pack to save time and boy I went fast. I was in a hurry. On return I opted to not land lightly and somehow thought he would "slide" into the dirt. Instead Jeb bounced and he floated for a long time. and bounced again, and floated... for a long time. If you don't know, when a kerbal falls you have no control of him until he comes to rest and gets to his feet. On Minmus this can be a very long time of bouncing floating, and sliding down hills. So ALWAYS quicksave before you make a maneuver or you will be going back and redoing a lot of work, that or waiting for Jeb to slide to the bottom of a hill. OR this. I get my carefully designed rocket to the destination only to remember I didn't turn off SAS for the 20 day transit time and now I have no electrical energy to control it to point the solar cells toward the sun and I can't make the capture burn either.
  3. I believe I found the problem I ran the validations and removed engineering redux mod to no effect. reran the validation. even uninstalled and reinstalled the game. nothing Here is how I Solved the issue: As i indicated I had multiple probe cores attached to the payload in addition to the one I intended on controlling the thruster and so i could de-orbit after detaching from the payload. in vessel naming I set the thruster's probe core type to debris. Mostly because that's what it most resembled. It has no other purpose than to get a payload up and then to crash into mun. I could have called it ship, but it wasn't carrying any person. After I set the vessel type to probe and went to the launchpad, not having made any other changes, the vessel now has perfect comms. Why didn't the other probe cores take effect? I had 2 other probe cores attached to parts of the payload, these were so that I could fly these solar cell laden girder's into place onto my station. The naming priority on these were set very low, thus the entire vessel would be debris until these parts were detached. As i never left the atmosphere they were never detached. Moral: Do not set vessel type to debris if you intend to fly it.
  4. Engineering report warns about the direction the control module is facing.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. There is no comm on the pad. Since the probe cores are all inside the faring I couldn't look at them but I decided to pop the faring on the pad and see what was actually going on. \ partial control from the probe core, and no kerbnet access.
  6. Here is my rocket. It fly's stable. In fact it flies straight up every time. In flight there is NO comm indicator and it won't respond to any steering commands. The pitch roll yaw indicators during flight don't move at all. Staging works fine. Turning on RCS hasn't resulted in improvement. I Added the fins later to no effect. in fact, when steering I don't see any movement in the fins or the gimbal on the engine. It is commanded by this probe core. There are two other probe cores on board the payload. Not sure how those interact. Adding more reaction wheels did nothing, turning on rcs did nothing, deleting the other probe cores did nothing. What's up with this rocket?
  7. This was enough. I hadn't thought to move the station out of the way and try the thrusters, i just assumed i had completely lost control somehow. You've all helped make the universe a cleaner place.
  8. Thanks for these. I love videos like this and your video on great circles is something I was trying to figure out. THANK YOU!
  9. As you can see I have my station attached to a thruster, but I cannot control the thruster to de-orbit it after un-docking from the station, even with the presence of those relays. I am playing in career mode and I have a level 2 tracking station and can afford the next upgrade. Question: is there anything I can bring up on the next part of the station that will allow my thruster ship to communicate with KSC to allow me to control it and finish a de-orbit burn? the thruster ship is has a probe core, and the little antenna seen in the picture there, plus a big reaction wheel. the only thing it doesn't have is more power outside of the small charge that is in the core. If I have to re-fly to do it what do I need to add to the thruster? EDIT: I found that the reason I couldn't steer was due to a problem I posted about later in this thread, having to do with setting the vessel type to debris: