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  1. Yeah, this can be a strange topic, but what if SQUAD add realistic impacts to the planets on Kerbol System? So, asteroid impacts in Kerbin will just make the game more like a "almost impossible challenge." That's my opinion, what's yours?
  2. I see that's an absolute WIN
  3. I am gonna do what's called a pro-gamer move *opens HyperEdit*
  4. Looks like Jeb is gonna have a "epic" space adventure
  5. After the trailer released, i was so hyped for the game release, but when i watched a part on his first minutes, i didn't see the VAB and the SPH (everyone already seen that ). I'am wondering at this time, will VAB and SPH will have a makeover on a beta release?
  6. Oh, i can feel my hype going up and my PC melting down...
  7. Alright, for this first time, i'am asking a question for the KSP Community how many rockets you accidentally destroyed. For my first time playing KSP, I builded a small rocket-missile like, uh.. i forgot staging the rocket cause i didn't know how to play. Now i wanna see your history
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