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  1. I'm playing 1.8.1 modded, I wanted to set a new orbit for a probe I launched days before but I could not add manouvers, I tryied to do so with other older vessels and it was the same. I then launched a new probe into orbit on which I could set manouvers, I warped fast some days in the track station and returned to it to see If I still could but I didn't. My track station is level 3 and every vessel I tryied this on was connected to KSC. LIST OF MODS (Loader Info from persistent.sfs):
  2. If you have time to do so, can you send me both your save files "persistent" in your save directory? I need a big game with many mission in order to test a code I'm working on, you would save me a lot of time (GAME MUST HAVE NO MODS !!). The required files ("persistent.sfs" and "persistent.loadmeta") can be found in Programs(x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Kerbal Space Program/ saves/ your game title.
  3. I don't know what "xmitIncomplete" is, I don't get the difference between "isEnabled" and "canComm", finally I don't know what will be displayed in EVENT and in UPGRADESAPPLIED These are my doubts, can you help me please? MODULE { name = ModuleDataTransmitter isEnabled = True xmitIncomplete = False stagingEnabled = True canComm = True EVENTS { } ACTIONS { StartTransmissionAction { actionGroup = None active = False } } UPGRADESAPPLIED { } }
  4. I think I might have 'solved' it: Kerbalism divides science experiments into 2 different types: Sensor reading experiments , which can be transmitted, and Sample experiments which need to be recovered or analized in laboratories, my conclusion is that Mystery goo and Materials bay lab are sample experiments. Here is a quote by Kerbalism Wiki, science section:
  5. Ok I have this probe on a stable Mun orbit, it has completed Mystery Goo experiment for both high and low space, it has also half completed the Material Lab. experiment which got depleted by the orbit trajectory. Summing up, there are more than 50 science points to transmit, communication is stable, not 100%, more like 30% (100% when it connects directly to KSC), it can transmit science but it doesn't. 'Kerbalism' mod let you see your science progress thank to a menu in the right top corner, it says that data is still on the vessel, but not in R&D, as I can assure you. WHY IT IS NOT TRANSMITTING? I use lot of mods I already tried to restart the game
  6. Thanks to ''Kerbalism'' all experiments have duration time displayed in 24h day time, I Can't find a way in settings to change that time to Kerbin's day-time, Is there one? (except calculating) Maybe I can change something in the mod files
  7. days on Kerbin last 6 hours but clock time shows a 24 hours cycle, I want to set the clock back to a 6 hours cycle, how can I do it?
  8. I noticed that in-game, KOS can't save scripts and cannot see those that I wrote while the game was running. IS IT NORMAL? Am I forced to restart KSP?
  9. I built a probe where apparently solid state rockets do not work properly, in my pictures you can see two different probes, they are thrusted by the same engine from BDB, the "Vessel Viewer" (VV) display shows that thrust is not aligned with center of mass even if the editor shows the opposite. The result is that in space, one probe rotates because of the bad thrust, the other one is fine (mistery goo one) even if VV displays the same thrust error. So my questions are 1) Why isn't the engine's thrust straight aligned with the Center of Mass? 2) Why does it influences only one probe? I'm using this engine: HLR-2911 "Vicenza-11" Solid State Thruster images: http://imgur.com/a/oBwkpP7
  10. Win 10 64bit KSP 64bit I used ckan to install theese mods, there should not be any conflict, , some mods as scatterer and Airplane plus are not up to date (1.6.1) but they work fine. Logs: https://gofile.io/?c=faHafV
  11. I cant run properly Breaking Grounds probably because of my many installed mods, Robotics does not show up, neither Environment changes. The only working feature is space suites for Kerbals. So my question is: Do you know any mod which may cause conflicts with this DLC?
  12. It may be a stupid/outdated question; Why isn't there a "Blue Print" modifier option nor a "Edge Detect" one like in the Original Versions of KVV? I find it impossible to create such images without those options :|
  13. I'm playing a game with no extra ground stations, I set 3 relays on geostationary orbits, with 2.00 G Antennas, which should do it, but when I launch vessels (with 2.00 G antennas too), I still cannot communicate with the Space Center.
  14. When I launch a Rocket, the game runs correctly until I stage /the rocket explodes, at this moment FPS drops and then the game runs with low steady fps when I restart the launch it's ok (until it happens again) but if I load a quicksave (made after the FPS's drop) nothing changes and it still runs badly. I use Visual mods and various parts packs which never caused problems, I use GTX 970, i4570 and 16 GB RAM I don't think it is about pc components, there is something wrong with the game that happens when The FPS ratio drops and never corrects. I GOT A FRAME RATE OF 7/8 FPS
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