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  1. This is a good idea, but i am more concerned about bigger atmosferic and weather effects, like tornadoes and hurricanes. There could be violent storms and powerfull wind, which forces the player to cancel the flight, or to launch before the storm arrives. To make it more easy to predict bad weather, could be added meteorological stations and scanners to deploy on the surface or into orbit of a planet. I had an idea about volcanic and tectonic activity in KSP 2, but, that way KSP 2 won t be Kerbal Space Program anymore, but Kerbal Interplanetary Research Program... (image from new horizons mod for ksp)
  2. I wonder if the devs working on ksp 2 read all this and listened to those suggestions... Well, we'll see that when it will release! For those who do not know: Yes, KSP 2 is comming out: -Trailers already on youtube -Matt Lown made a reaction -Scott Manley made an interview at gamescon where the announcment was first made -A steam Page has already been made -And much others to see! I personally cant wait!
  3. Talking about simplerockets, SimpleRockets 2 mobile is out now, and it really works! The only problem is that it still needs a lot of updates as it is the first,or second version... That means that maybe a KSP mobile could be posible... or even a KSP 2 mobile!
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