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  1. If you have scatterer shadows enabled, turn them off. Otherwise, wow that is buggy and though I have no Maxwell nvidia hardware to test with, I will try and see if I can't do something about it. No promises though, just best effort. As a workaround, you may try one of the builds before we rebuilt the shaders. I think 1.30 was the last one. BTW, I am finally all the way better. Based on symptoms I think it was seasonal flu and not Corona, but being careful. It should work in any OS really. Linuxgurugamer tests it in Linux, pretty sure. By the way, my results with it were incredible. Like a 20FPS gain on average.
  2. That's what my server box was showing me. The AMD built shaders were coming out weird or something. They would run fine on AMD though, Only place I could reproduce this bug was on my nvidia server, and not every time. It was hard because it only has a GTX 1060 3G but I could get it to do with just stock scatterer and decent enough FPS to not quit in frustration, so thanks for the report. Was pretty easy to figure out once I knew it was more than just one random user not setting the right settings.
  3. That's a different bug than the one I was talking about, but good to know it at least is stock and something Squad can handle! I'm talking about the crazy bad flickering shadows some have reported on the ground at launch, even on other bodies like the Mun. Not the weird mountain poking through the atmosphere look... don't know how else to describe it, but that's the difference basically.
  4. Hmmm. Weird. I wonder why I don't see it? Maybe I need to play the game more... lol. Sounds right though, because integrated graphics would be the first to do it you'd think. Intel is infamous for doing very little in their graphics "cards" (really just the CPU as you said). Yeah the water shader has always done that. Sharp angles mess it up sadly. I don't know how to fix that, been like that as long as i can remember. The only real option to fix it is to shut off the water shader and go back to stock there, which sucks. Unless blackrack can fix it, maybe? I'll ask him about it. More intertested in those who had flickering ground shadows, like on the Mun and such, etc.
  5. Also offtopic but thank you for showing me this! At first I thought you misspelled "heatspreader" lol. I am totally going to try this now.
  6. Sometimes I swear the physics break down at that point. I mean I know the game isn't supposed to let that happen, but it would explain some things. Anyways, yeah, please test my new hotfix everyone. I mean part count is the big thing we aren't considering. IF you fly in a 300 part count craft even in stock kerbal it's tough enough (I mean yes, WE can do it but I'm talking for an average potato PC). Game is just too singlethreaded to handle big part counts let alone graphics to go with them. Sadly my bigbad 8 core 9900k sits mostly idle while KSP suffers. I genuinely find it hard to justify upgrading the final level of the VAB sometimes. Totally offtopic, but it's the big thing I hope KSP2 fixes.
  7. New release is out. It's simply a shader recompile, no actual code changes, so it has the same version number. Known as the "NVIDIA shadow hotfix," please try this if you have shadow issues and/or are using an nvidia card. Heck, if you are having any shadow issues even with an AMD card, maybe it's worth a try. (note scatterers own shadows setting does not count, it's broke right now) But do specify in bug reports you are using the "hotfix" please, so I can differentiate. Yep that's AVP. If you cross 300 parts it starts to progressively murder you. But very pretty.
  8. Oh, that bug. Sorry, I'm waking up. Yeah, I looked at the screenshot. Same one. So here's what I see: The shaders I compiled on AMD work on AMD cards fine (tested with two), even in OpenGL mode where I normally get sun flickering issues. The shaders I compiled on an NVIDIA card (a GTX 1060 3G in my server system) work on all NVIDIA cards and all AMD ones EXCEPT on AMD Windows in OpenGL mode, where the sun experiences texture corruption. This leads me to believe we need to make two shader packs available, but it's not adding up. For right now, I'm just going to distribute with the ones built on nvidia because the sun glitch on AMD is minor and only occurs in OpenGL mode on Windows (open source drivers may fix it on linux, no idea). I think honestly I am just compiling the shaders wrong somehow on the AMD box (the files that come out are significantly smaller), but maybe there is something more to this. I don't really know as shader land is as I have always said, foreign to me. For right now, I am prepping a new release with nvidia built shaders in hopes it gets things working right for the majority of users.
  9. I mean, what I use for "pretty dang epic" visuals is astronomers visual pack, at 8k textures. Be aware it is a GPU and CPU destroyer though. Your game will slow down a lot. But boy is it pretty. I can barely run it acceptably at the 8k texture version with my RX 5700 XT, which SHOULD be about 50% faster than a GTX 1080 (in truth it's a bit less because AMD drivers suck for KSP due to being largely singlethreaded in DX11), so if I were you, I'd try it but go for one of the lower res texture packs. Should still look pretty darn awesome. Feeling better today btw. Not all the way better but MUCH better than yesterday. This shouldn't be covid-19 if what I am reading is right as all I ever really got was a bloody nose and typical sinus grossness (no fever). Still I'm doing the whole self-isolation thing because who the heck knows? Heck maybe I'm one of the lucky few it doesn't hit hard but I sure don't want to share it! Anyways, should give me some time to work. I'm going to try to replicate the faulty shader bug today with the shadows. I have a GTX 1060 somewhere I can test with... Yes, it does. I think it may be a Pascal specific glitch, maybe since I compiled the shaders exclusively on AMD? I'm going to get in touch with blackrack and get his compiled shaders and see if they behave better. He doesn't have any for EVE, but hopefully scatterer is the only one bugging out right now.
  10. Nah, I was saying I have no issue with it. If a mod does though, just listen to 'em. Makes it easier on everyone. Already feeling a bit better. Hope tomorrow it's gone. If so, it was nothing but a lil' cold and that'd be for the best.
  11. Hmmm. The only thing I am noticing re the shadow bug is you are all using Pascal era NVIDIA cards. Then again those were really popular cards... Not sure if that means anything, but I (who can't reproduce the bug) am running an AMD Radeon 5700 XT card from the Navi lineup, which is quite a bit different (honestly, usually AMD is buggier, so this'd be a first for me, lol). Maybe that means something, no idea. Will look at this again soon. Right now just trying to get over this thing. To all concerned it has remained mild so far and is just slowing me down, nothing more. It's mainly just a PITA. If anything I think I am making forward progress not backwards re recovery. I personally see no rights issue with it... but not a lawyer. They look to be just the binaries with some configs and textures, no biggie. Maybe I'll regret this statement when my head clears, but looks fine to me.
  12. Sorry for my absence as of late, I have the sniffles for lack of a better term, no fever yet, hoping it isn't that nasty covid 19 thing... It's mostly mild and just a lack of energy. Hope it stays that way. Still needless to say I'm in isolation, heh. It is lonely up here. This shadow artifact bug is weird. Could people experiencing it try falling back one or two versions and seeing if it goes away? Maybe EVE as well? There was a shader recompile there that may be messing with things. The goal would be to see where in that mess it happened... Or if it's unrelated to shaders and been there a while. Thanks. Also, since it appears stock is affected by it too, please post your GPU model in case there is a pattern. @StoneWolfPC @dtoxic @7pH
  13. Good to see the RSS-hack I did performs as well as it does. It's not really the best way to handle it, because it breaks scatterer-shadows in a way that can't be fixed, so it probably will never make it into an official release, but I'll be happy to maintain a "patched' version for those purposes until we have a better way.
  14. Also, if you have scatterer shadows on, turn them off. They do something very similar to that and are very broken... possibly for the same reason.
  15. Yeah, that bug was not one it was designed to address. This new shader code deals with cloud clipping, issues with the clouds vanishing entirely at certain angles. Anyways, not saying this isn't a bug because it is, just that it wasn't fixed with this and probably won't be until offiical update by blackrack. See, it is something to do with the transition from local scenery to scaled space. Blackrack understands it better than I. I expect his official release to fix it properly, until then I can't do much about that one really unless he has an idea. It's not a bug I have a firm enough grasp of the root mechanics to really fix, I don't think. Gotta be honest there. As I said this is really blackracks baby at the end of the day. I'm sure he has ideas on what to do, but I don't for this one.