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  1. It has really small bodies by nature, correct? It may run up against this kopernicus bug which to date I haven't found a fix for: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/issues/460
  2. To show how performance has improved in 10x rescales with the new culler: Here is an absolutely huge draw-distance forest that is being distance culled to 5000m. Unfortunately the act of culling nearly 20km of trees (KSP tries to draw that much, don't ask me why, probably some kind of rescale bug/thing) is kind of heavy, but it's even worse to draw them. FPS without the culler is around 20FPS. FPS with is below, quite a bit more playable (~54FPS at 4K on a RTX 2080): No, it's not ideal (a lot of the trees that are lagging us are hidden from view behind that hill and co
  3. Kopernicus release-38 R-T-B released this New in this latest version (release-38): 1.) Yet more landscatter optimizations and bugfixes. 2.) Restored the distance culler with a default cull distance of 5000m, because large system rescales need it. Known Bugs: 1.) Old craft files may complain about a missing module. This is a cosmetic error and can be ignored. Reload and re-save the craft to remove the error. 2.) At interstellar ranges, heat can sometimes behave strangely, sometimes related to map zoom (be careful zooming out). It is b
  4. If you are playing on rescale, you'll be happy to know I've heard your pleas and the distance culler will be coming back in next release, which'll be very soon. For users who don't need it, it can in next release simply be set to "0" to disable it, so we get the best of both worlds. It will be set to "5000" meters by default, which should be a good compromise. As it stood, 10x rescale was nearly unplayable without the culler, as the long distance horizons ensured way too many scatters to manage. I forgot to think about rescales when concluding performance was "acceptable," heh.
  5. My only addition to this thread is this: https://gfycat.com/unluckybestkrill And yes I want it for the environment. No, I do not want to launch it into space. And no I do not expect stock to do it. Modder territory. I know well enough there are animals on Kerbin, what else could make the bird like noises at the KSP?
  6. Kopernicus release-37 R-T-B released this New in this latest version (release-37): 1.) Land Scatter optimizations and bugfixes. They now run pretty dang close to stock performance. 2.) Because of the new scatter centric performance, the scatter culler is disabled (it now costs more performance to run than the performance it gained, so what is the point?). The Kopernicus_config.cfg commands for it are furthermore no longer obeyed, but may be left intact without harm. If you want to reduce scatters, I advise using the stock scatter density slider. Kn
  7. I don't know what to tell you without logs. Try deleting KSP.log to regenerate it. Logs should not be that big, and release 36 is supposed to work with 1.11.2. I have a feeling your log is quite old and has a lot of stuff we don't need. Deleting and regenerating it will fix that and make it a manageable size.
  8. No, it's pretty much exclusively users on old builds. I was ready for 1.11.2 days in advance with the latest stable build of Kopernicus. Weird, I know. Kopernicus updating before the release of an update. It's like the bizzaro world has come to us.
  9. Try the latest release. Most people reporting this are a couple releases out of date, and those lack 1.11.2 support.
  10. Yes. The latest versions are autoadapting to minor updates like this. Try that. Do bear in mind the notes on solar panels in the release notes though (for JNSQ, other than possibly a harmless error on loaded craft blueprints, you are fine). Pretty cool that I don't have to do anything. I just tried JNSQ and it works! @Emilius73
  11. I did not expect another hotfix lol. It shouldn't be erroring out though? It should autoadapt to the new minor changes. What error are you getting? Furthermore, nyancats should not happen anymore for an error. I literally disabled that due to confusion between it and April 1st / cat day. It's now a text watermark. Can I get an error report?
  12. You can delete SolarPanels.cfg if using the MultiStarSolarPanels version, but you do not have to.
  13. Figured out a better way to do all those module manager patches, fresh release with possibly faster load times, otherwise identical: Kopernicus release-36 R-T-B released this New in this latest version (release-36): 1.) A minor bugfix for the ModuleManager patches has been applied that prevents them from spawning over 1000 patches that do pretty much nothing, increasing load time. This release is otherwise identical, so the prior releases notes are included below as they are important: New in last version (release-35): 1.) Release bundli
  14. It won't once the game loads, but I should probably look into optimizing the way it handles the solar math upgrade a bit more (this is what you are witnessing). But no, it should only slow you down at all during load, and even then probably only on the first run. Actually, if anyone wants to provide feedback on the MM part of this update, I fully admit I am a novice there. Relevant part that could be optimized: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/blob/master/build/KSP19%2B/GameData/Kopernicus/Config/MultiStarSolarPanels.cfg @hemeac any thoughts?
  15. Generally I advise that yes. It's got a tendency to break less going forward.
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