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  1. It may be a bug in Kopernicus then, the spawner we use is not rooted in stock code at all (and thus isn't really eligible for a fix in KSPCommunityFixes). I'll take a look at it for next release.
  2. This might be fixable from Kopernicus's side, not sure. A few questions to investigate that angle: 1.) Is this with the stock asteroid spawner or the Kopernicus one? 2.) Were these asteroids ever potentially generated under a different spawner than the current one? 3.) I am understanding correctly this happens when craft are attatched to a comet, yes? If so it's possible it's some sort of stock bug, which would make it relevant here in KSPCommunityFixes more than Kopernicus. But unsure, just trying to get all the details straight.
  3. Yeah, there are a few things you can do to avoid this... ideally it would never happen but as it is we have workarounds. The easiest if you don't have a massive (non-stock) system is to delete the KopernicusWatchdog.cfg file and just not use the watchdog, because you won't need it. The general range at which the watchdog is required is unknown, but it's safe to say if you have planets "well beyond stock eeloo" you probably need it. If you do need that watchdog hack to keep from sinking on distant bodies, my advice is to use the patched ContractConfigurator I make available here: https://github.com/R-T-B/ContractConfigurator/releases It should filter the watchdog from missions. It currently has a small cosmetic line ending error I am tracking down on the mission descriptions, but other than that it is flawless. In it's default state, missions will be stock like, just broken up into categories (and no watchdog). And the little line ending text bug is way less annoying then getting an unfullfillable mission. It also filters out other silly possibilities, like "Mine ore on gas giant" etc...
  4. Yeah that's our biggest bug right now. I'm working on adapting some of scatterers GPL code to fix the shadows using a similar shadow system to what it does, but what to touch bases with blackrack first to ensure I have proper permission and all. Even though it's GPL, it's just polite to ask before borrowing code ideas like that. I'd hope next release addresses this, eta within the month. Until then, use scatterer long distance shadows mode to fix this. Yeah I tried fixing this one but it introduced other bugs, so we just decided to live with the work around of "load again." Sadly a lot of this is janky hacky code (even in KSP itself) so stuff like this can and does happen. This is possible. The stock generator in kopernicus does not understand comets at all (Some day I'll fix that but it's low on the priority list)... You can switch to stock mode to get the stock game generator that understands them if you are in a stock-alike system. You do this by changing Kopernicus_Config.cfg parameter "UseKopernicusAsteroidSystem" from "true" to "stock" without quotes.
  5. oh dear, let me generate a new one. Lolzers. https://discord.gg/kWbESYk2rz PS: That was in my thread, so thanks people for letting me know it's dead... for aparently months. MrPoker, you are a lifesaver, lol.
  6. It's not very active, but if you join our Kopernicus discord I know blackrack has a channel dedicated to his mods there (both eve and scatterer). Here's a join link: https://discord.gg/WMbmpeHD
  7. Thanks for updating, and sorry for getting back to you so late. I'll touch bases with that mod's author soon. To everyone else: Work has been a bit intense lately, but I've not forgotten you guys. I'm trying to work on the shadow bug now, and hope for an updated build that will fix that in stock config (no scatterer) soon.
  8. I'm not entirely sure what I am seeing. EngineLighting mods can cause affects like this though. Can I get a log file? I am looking at your logs now, will edit with my findings. Sorry it took so long to get around to. EDIT: JanitorsCloset is throwing a metric ton of exceptions. Please make sure it is installed correctly and up to date with all dependecies, or alternatively, remove it. Then post a new log if still having issues. I'll try to be more prompt this time around, lol.
  9. This is where I'd start. It can cause a loading exception on it's own. It's having problems writing out the config file for some reason, it appears to be failing to locate the directory of the KSP install itself. Can you try a different install location just to rule that out? Any odd characters in the install path may cause this, and it's hard to make out your path from your screenshot. For everyone else, there is a new bug I am tracking... listing it here: https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/issues/521 Basically, the inland KSC< "Kaikerbanur" is messed up badly. Just as an FYI. I am tracking it but as of now don't have a fix ready. Hope to have one by next release, though.
  10. Yeah that one I can't do much about, as the transfer planner is stock code. Unfortunate. I could filter it like I did in the past, but that messes up other mods, so... You might be using the Ultra shader level? If so, try it at "high" or lower, less bugs with that. "Ultra" is known to cause a few odditites, as we never really properly supported that mode 100%. Otherwise, I will look into it. Could be a more major bug than just with the Ultra shader, would appreciate feedback.
  11. Hello! That appears to be a bug with KopernicusExpansion, not Kopernicus. It's a rather old mod, but there is an up to date version of at least parts of it here: Bear in mind I do not maintain that mod, but happy to point you the right way!
  12. Looks like leftover logspam from a debugging build. It is of course harmless, and was being used to test/debug the asteroid system. Will be patched shortly though because no, it should not be in the end user build. This is why patching at 3am is bad kids, I blame work... R-T-B released this now release-90 New in this latest version release-90: 1.) A fix for some less severe but still annoying logspam regarding asteroid probabilities. (We don't need to know the probability for an asteroid spawning every moment, KSP...) Known Bugs: 1.) Not exactly a bug, but worth mentioning: The Kopernicus_Config.cfg file is rewritten when the game exits. This means any edits made while playing the game will not be preserved. Edit the file only with the game exited, please. 2.) At interstellar ranges, heat can sometimes behave strangely, sometimes related to map zoom (be careful zooming out). It is best to turn off part heating when traveling far far away. 3.) When zooming out all the way out in map view at interstellar ranges, the navbal furthermore sometimes behaves oddly. We are working on this and nmonitoring all the interstellar bugs actively. 4.) 1.) Very Old craft files may complain about a missing module. This is a cosmetic error and can be ignored. Reload and re-save the craft to remove the error. Known Caveats: 1.) The 1.12.x release series works on 1.12.x,1.11.x,1.10.x, and 1.9.x. The 1.8 release is for 1.8.x. 2.) Mutlistar Solar panel support requires an additonal config file, attatched to release. 3.) If you use the "AddWatchdog.cfg" file, A fake celestial body isthen used to fix the distant landing-gear sinking bug. This body is called "KopernicusWatchdog" and will a.) intentionally keep it's distance from you at all times and is b.) invisible. The body is usually hidden from in game processes, but this is new territory having to use another moving celestial to correct a bug, so there may be side effects. Also, Principia does not work with this fix at this time, unfortunately. Those users may try "MakingLessHistory" mod, the old workaround. 4.) When using the ultra/atlas shader, ocean effect customization (color etc) is unreliable. Please use only high shader level (shader level 2) or lower if working with stock ocean effects. This does not effect scatterer or other ocean rendering mods.
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