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  1. It had some issues last I checked in certain large configurations, but overall, yes. They may even be fixed in large configurations, unsure (it was 10x and larger). Yes. the way github orders them is not the most intuitive for end users.
  2. It's released in bleeding edge. It will be pushed to stable soon, within next day probably.
  3. This is correct. CKAN will work properly for 1.11 if you uninstall MFI and then install Kopernicus.
  4. A simple one that changes the stock planets only slightly and is very popular would be outer planets mod. (OPT) Link. New release drop as well. Will be on CKAN shortly: Kopernicus R-T-B Unified "Bleeding Edge" Edition Release 63 R-T-B released this 1 minute ago This is R-T-B's "Bleeding Edge" branch of Kopernicus, intended to support the latest features, KSP editions, and also the latest bugs. Please keep in mind this branch may be more buggy than Prestja's mainline Kopernicus branch, but it also supports more KSP versions and has more features imple
  5. You seem to have 1.10.1 version Kopernicus installed. Uninstall Kopernicus completely, and try again to install it.
  6. 0.2 update with more science, namely I added a proper star surface temp, and adjusted light output based on some actual fomulas rather than "eyeballing it." Thank you @WarriorSabe Tomorrow I'm going to figure out if I want to start tidally locking bodies to their moons, or if I just want to leave things alone. Technically as the system is set up, everything duna-inward should be tidally locked to the Sun, which I'm not fond of. Tidally locking to a moon on say, Kerbin-Mun, prevents that. Duna is already good for a moon based tidal lock due to Ike's size, pretty sure.
  7. Honestly, it's a weird experience, but certainly more real for if they were born on a small body orbiting a red dwarf like seems most likely given the solar layout. I'm curious if anyone finds it fun, as a side effect... Also, I've been told the atmos are totally not realistic. Yes, I know. But Kerbals gotta breathe.
  8. We've thought about bumping 1.10.1 to stable status, but the truth is, there is no reason to mark 1.9.1 for "bugfixes only." The common source build system I use makes maintaining it easy going forward. I should be able to support the latest features relevant to 1.9 on it forever.
  9. What's that? A planet pack from the Kopernicus Dev himself? Yes, and it's presently what I am playing. Though to be frank, this is probably because I suck at KSP. Best thought of as a form of a "realistic physics Kerbolar system, easy mode edition" this mod does the following: 1.) Resizes Kerbol/Suns mass to be more like a communist utopia red dwarf star, this means much more mass and gravity with the same radius. Light output is also slightly tinted, but not too much, as my understanding is it would mostly diffuse out to a whiteish hue from aparent intensity (fun fact, Kerb
  10. I forgot I even did that when I first setup Principia... I guess you just proved why it's important to link to your page! heh, thanks.
  11. Are you downloading the correct version? There are several builds for each version. Here, I will link the latest for 1.11.0: https://github.com/R-T-B/Kopernicus/releases/download/UBE-release-62/KopernicusBE_1.11.0_Release62.zip Should be sometime soon, this weekend worst case.
  12. Those are good reasons and precisely why I asked. Thanks. Will comply. Also not questioning the concept, but how do your zips work? They don't seem to be a "platform dependent installer" at all.
  13. What is Principia's policy on bundling your mod builds with another planet pack that basically depends on it? Is that considered an ok practice? Or do you prefer me to point users to your page? (and deal with the inevitable "helpmes" when they fail to install it?).
  14. Good catch. I will patch that next release. My suspicion is they would freak out if you approached a different star.
  15. I'm looking at whether or not the multistar solar code needs a serious optimization attempt ala what I did with the scatter culler. How you can help: I already have some stats, but if you are willing, you can do a "before and after" test by moving solarpanels.cfg out of your Kopernicus folder (thus reverting to stock code) and then moving it back in (using the new multistar code). Compare FPS and report. I would appreciate it from anyone willing. Working on comets now.
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