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  1. Sorry for the long time for a reply, kinda ditched from the KSP scene. Vulture doesn't support these no. I need to update Vulture at some point due to Scatterer's config syntax change but for now I'm still very much in "hiatus" from KSP modding, so don't expect it anytime soon. Sorry.
  2. Yes, this bug is still present with the latest version by the looks of things. Scatterer is still a dependency. Tried it out with Scatterer and EVE and I'm still not seeing this. Same during the daytime. (just pretend those cloud seams don't exist for now) Unsure what's causing that issue honestly. You mentioned AVP, maybe that could be the cause of it.
  3. 1) The system was intended to be a beginner system that most/all people could reach. If people want me to extend it out I could easily however. 2) Checked this out, while the surface is WAY to reflective (which I can fix with alongside an gas giant revamp I'm planning, wink wink), it doesn't seem to be "flat" - there's definitely shadows and highlights. 3) Yeeted a plane to Palleo and I agree it looks kinda black, especially for the pressure it has. I'll fix this like above. 4) I'm able to focus just fine, if you can't this sounds like a bug with Kopernicus more than Vulture. Thank you for the kind words If you have any other questions just shoot them my way.
  4. Vulture v1.0.3 just got released. This release adds brand new cloudmaps to Palleo and Desolation, making them look better + removing the dependency on BoulderCo. If you don't play with EVE you can ignore this. Enjoy!
  5. This is done using AtmosphereFromGround. The waveLength field specifies the color itself, I'm not sure what exactly you need to put into it but you can just mess with the values in Kittopia until it looks right (thats what I usually do lol)
  6. Thanks for catching this. Completely forgot that BoulderCo is separate from a standard EVE install. I've pointed out on the forum thread that BoulderCo was required, and I'm going to begin work on making custom cloudmaps for the pack itself. Sorry about this!
  7. I don't plan to but if it becomes requested enough I will once I know what I'm doing to do it (replacing Kerbin is a lot harder than you think - lots of arguing with PQS configs). I've actually already started work on a new planet pack that will replace the stock system that I'm using to learn this process.
  8. v1.0.2 is out now with some more atmorim fixes. Thanks to @R-T-B for continuing to work to help fix this stuff along with @Caps Lock for writing a patch used inside the release. You can get it from here.
  9. Alright, I've marked Scatterer as a dependency. Anyone who has played the mod should also install it now after updating their Kopernicus. Sorry about this.
  10. If you look in your KSP.log you can see By the looks of things you misspelled referenceBody in your orbit node, spelling it "refrenceBody" instead.
  11. It adds a new star system, doesn't replace it. It's ~40 irl au away from the sun. This fixed the timewarp bug but broke a few other things lol. I've messaged you on the Kopernicus discord about it EDIT: Please for now stay on the previous release of Kopernicus. A lighting bug will appear if you use the latest.
  12. Thanks for all the amazing responses so far, wasn't expecting this to be as well received as it has so it's really nice to see I've been made aware of a bug about timewarp not working around either Lucid or Saber (the gas giants). I did some digging and this is unfortunately an issue with Kopernicus itself and not Vulture, so there's not much I can do about it. Kopernicus Devs are aware so once I have an update I'll let you guys know! For now the best solution seems to just be to go into the tracking station to timewarp, as that seems to still work fine. Sorry about this!
  13. The Vulture System The Vulture Star is a main sequence star similar but more massive to Kerbol. It holds 6 planets, all with individual backstories. The Vulture System is my first ever full Kerbal Space Program project, taking about a month to complete. Github Repo Donate Bodies The Vulture System has 6 planets and 13 moons, making for a total of 19 celestial bodies in total. Features 19 detailed bodies with their own individual stories and high amounts of care put into creation. Two gas giants with detailed moons. Hints toward life and the previous existence of it in the system. Scatterer / EVE support. DistantObject support. PlanetShine support. Installation Requirements: Kopernicus (Should also work with the Bleeding Edge however unrecommended). The Mod Itself (Download Latest Release Here) Scatterer - Not technically requied, but due to an unfixable bug with Kopernicus is extremely recommended to prevent this from appearing. You simply need to install Kopernicus (and it's dependencies) + the Vulture System into your KSP's GameData folder. Vulture should work with 1.9.1+ Recommended Mods: EVE - Adds clouds to both Palleo and Desolation. Make sure to get the stock configs (BoulderCo Folder) for this too! Planet Shine - Makes your vessels reflect the colors of the planet. DistantObject - Makes the planets visible from a distance. Interstellar Extended - Interstellar travel parts. These mods follow a similar installation process. Credits Kopernicus Discord Server - Main place I went to for help and feedback. Great community. @Caps Lock - Made Vulture's sunflare and gave a lot of feedback. Support The best way to get support regarding Vulture is to make a reply on the forum thread (where you are now), or to make an issue on the github repo. Cool Screenshots Licence Squad requires all addons be released with a licence. Vulture is licenced under Apache License 2.0. For a basic rundown you can go here.
  14. Some of my favourites from my ever increasing screenshots folder.
  15. Managed to compile that Astrogator project you sent pretty much immediately, so I started messing about with my .csproj file. After a while I managed to get my mod compiling and sending debug info, so was my fault. Thanks man For any one else who happens to be struggling with this kind of thing too, adding this to the top of my file will make it work. (targeting net 4.7) <PropertyGroup> <OutputType>Library</OutputType> <AppDesignerFolder>Properties</AppDesignerFolder> <RootNamespace>MyMod</RootNamespace> <AssemblyName>MyMod</AssemblyName> <TargetFramework>net47</TargetFramework> </PropertyGroup>
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